OPI Shatter Nail Polish

by lou16

You don't have to be a nail art expert to achieve amazing looking nails with OPI's Shatter nail polishes. In the words of my tween they are "awesome!"

OPI Shatter Nail Polish Range

Simple Nail Art for Everyone

OPI Shatter Nail Polish promises to be a hugely popular line of nail polishes for the company.   The first OPI shatter nail polish that was released was the immensely successful Black Shatter and this was brought before it could even settle on the shop shelves with fans everywhere wanting to try it out.

I was visiting New Zealand earlier this year and spied a bottle of Black Shatter on a shop shelf - I had been unable to find any in Australia before that.   I quickly brought it and when I arrived home and showed my daughter I think I immediately qualified for Mother of the Millenium!

Black Shatter was part of the OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish Collection and because of it's popularity OPI decided to release a Silver Shatter as part of the Pirates of the Carribean Nail Polish Collection.    Now there are even more fun colors available as OPI continue to embrace their fun shatter nail polishes.   I can't wait to try more of them.

Have You Tried Any of the OPI Shatter Nail Polishes?

Black Shatter Nail Polish

An OPI Nail Polish
OPI Katy Perry Collection Nail Lacquer, Black Shatter .5 ...
OPI Products Inc.

Black Shatter & Silver Shatter

OPI's Original Shatter Nail Polishes

I've already written about both Black Shatter and Silver Shatter nail polishes so instead of talking about them again I've decided to just leave you the links and talk about the other exciting colors that are available.

Katy Perry OPI Nail Polish Collection
Introducing Katy Perry's OPI Nail Polish Collection including the star of the collection - Black Shatter. Black Shatter looks fantastic over a range of different nail polishes including the other ones in the Katy Perry Collection.

Shatter Nail Polishes by OPI
OPI have two Shatter Nail Polishes available at time of writing and they are called Black Shatter and Silver Shatter. These two OPI nail polishes make it easy to create great nails at home. In fact your friends won't believe you did your nails yourself when they see them!

My Daughter's Nails Using Black Shatter

Black Shatter over Turquoise Nail Polish
Black Shatter over Turquoise Nail Polish

Silver Shatter Nail Polish

An OPI Nail Polish
OPI Pirates of the Caribbean - Silver Shatter Nail Lacque...

New OPI Shatter Nail Polish

So Many Colors Now Available!

There are so many different colors available in the OPI shatter nail polish range now that it's hard to know which ones to try first.   The new OPI shatter nail polish colors include red, white, turquoise, blue and navy.

You can buy all of the shatter nail polishes seperately or in various different sets.

As the popularity of nail art increases the ease of using a shatter nail polish to achieve funky looking nails means (I believe anyway) that there will be even more variety of colors becoming available all of the time.

How To Use OPI Shatter Nail Polish

Funky Nails Were Never Easier to Achieve!

Now I must admit when I first saw OPI shatter nail polish I did think it looks too easy to be true and the reason I thought that is because many years ago I brought a collection of nail art pens.   The nail art pens were some of the first ones available to the general public and were, basically, a waste of money for me.   As easy as they looked when the lady demonstrated them, I could not get the same effect at home.

When I got the OPI Black Shatter home and my daughter wanted to try it out I was pleased to discover it was just as easy as it appeared!

  1. The first step is to apply your base coat.   Now before you move onto the next step you must make sure it is totally dry as if it's not the result will be very blotchy and messy looking.
  2. The next step is to apply the shatter nail polish - now I have used a thin coat and a thicker coat and the thinner coat gives a much better 'crackle' effect.
  3. Wait and watch - within less than a minute (I think, although I wasn't watching the clock) the crackle starts appearing and your nails look sensational.
  4. Optional next step is to add a top coat, I think this would look good if you wanted a nice glossy look to your nails, but I haven't done it myself as I like the matte look that you get without a top coat.

I told you it was easy didn't I?   Now as I've said we only have the black shatter at home and I have to say that it looks great on turquoise, purple (although our purple was a little dark so the contrast wasn't great), blue.   It really doesn't look great on yellow (daughter's idea), but between you and I yellow nail polish just doesn't do it for me anyways!

I suspect it would also look fantastic on both silver and red, really the different variations are only limited by the number of nail polishes that you own!

If you're like me then the different color combinations available are making you want to create all different looking nails, but if you're not sure about what will look good and what won't then don't panic as OPI have help on hand.

Simply visit OPI's website and click on the link that says try it on.   This takes you to OPI's own nail studio and you can put different base colors and try different shatter nail polishes on virtual nails to see what appeals to you before you try it out on your own nails.

Get the perfect nail combo and then find an outfit that'll compliment them.......or should that be the other way around?   Either way with OPI shatter nail polish in any color your nails will be the talk of the night!

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to order some orange nail polish, green nail polish and red shatter so that I can get some seasonal looks in - Halloween will be orange nail polish with black shatter whereas Christmas can be green nail polish with red shatter and who knows what else I can come up with.

Individual Bottles of OPI Shatter Nail Polish

OPI Red Shatter
OPI White Shatter
Only $2.00
OPI Nail Lacquer, Turquoise Shatter, 0.5 Fluid Ounce
GEO Marketing Inc LLC
Only $13.99
Opi Nail Polish Navy Shatter E63
Opi Nail Polish
Only $13.99

More Nail Polish Options

My daughter’s latest nail polish obsession is color changing nail polish, if you haven’t heard of this nail polish then you’re missing out on lots of fun.
Nails are a great way of adding the latest hot color to your wardrobe and in 2012 that means mint! So get some mint green nail polish and follow my tips for a cool look.
Updated: 12/12/2011, lou16
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artsygirl2010 on 06/20/2011

i love opi nail polishes. i have so many! they last really well.

sheilamarie on 06/08/2011

Sounds like fun, but I guess it dates me.

mbgphoto on 06/08/2011

Interesting collection.

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