Paranormal and strange experiences in my life

by BardofEly

I have had a large number of paranormal experiences when I was younger, including ghosts, haunted houses and UFOs.

The ghost of Elvis Presley
I once stayed in a house said to be haunted by Elvis Presley's ghost, as well as having had some strange experiences in a squat in London. The spirit of Elvis was supposed to be haunting a council house in Gabalfa in Cardiff where a family, aptly named the Crowleys, had been holding seances. A middle-aged couple had taken the place over and the husband had had a heart attack after seeing a ghost he identified as Presley. The story was in the local news and a friend got hold of the keys to the place. I stayed the night there and experienced "cold spots" but didn't see Elvis. The full story is told in my Amazon Kindle book Hummadruz and a Life of High Strangeness.
And there have been many more encounters I have had with what could be described as ghosts and also UFO sightings.
On one occasion in the late '70s I was hitch-hilking with my girlfriend Janice on the way down to West Wales from Cardiff. We had been dropped off very late at night past Swansea at a place called Hendy. There was hardly any traffic and we were tired so thought a good idea would be to get away from the road and find a place to pitch the small tent we had.

My old house in Ely

Parker Place

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Elvis in Books on the Paranormal

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Guardian spirits

Haunted ancient earthworks

So we both climbed over a fence into a field where there were a group of trees and what appeared to be some form of ancient earthwork like a long barrow. We put the tent up and bedded down for the night in our sleeping bags. I didn't say anything to Janice about the place we were on looking like an ancient burial mound because I thought it might scare her and she suffered with insomnia anyway.

Next thing I knew, I woke up and could hear horses neighing and people talking but I couldn't understand a word they were saying. It sounded like no language I knew. They sounded as if they were right outside the tent and even as if they were in it. It was really weird and seemed like invisible people on horses were coming right through where we were sleeping or trying to.

I couldn't see anything in the dark anyway and concluded they must be spirits who were from the mound we were camped on. Janice had some Mogadon sleeping tablets in her bag and feeling very awake but knowing there was little I could do about the situation and not wanting to disturb Jan I took one of her tablets and eventually drifted back off to sleep.

When I woke again it was morning and getting light. Janice was already awake and she said she had had a terrible night.

What was the matter? I asked her. "I thought you had got off to sleep fine?" I said.

"Well, I did," she answered, " and this is going to sound crazy but I was woken up by what sounded like horses and people, and they sounded like they were right here, and it was really scary, and there was no way I could get back to sleep after that."

I confessed that I had heard them too and thought they must be spirits and I told her to come and have a look outside the tent at what we were camped on. The moral of the story being don't sleep on ancient earthworks and mounds unless you don't mind being disturbed by ghosts from the ancient past.

Excellent book on ancient sites in Britain

The Modern Antiquarian by Julian Cope
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Hitch-hiking experiences

Strange experiences while hitching a lift

Another hitch-hiking experience I had was also in West Wales but it happened a few years before I knew Janice and had been travelling around with my friend Steve, who was the person who had heard the "hummadruz" in the London squat as well as me. We had been dropped in the village of St Clears in Carmarthenshire and having been forced to give up trying to get a lift were looking around for somewhere we could shelter and sleep rough for the night.

We found an old derelict farmhouse and went inside. There were steps going up into some sort of loft area and I thought it would be a good idea to go up there so with torch in hand and switched on I began to climb upwards.

However, when I got to a certain step my torch went off and it all went very cold.

"Steve," I said this is really weird. My torch just went out when I went to go past the next step but if I move it back it comes back on again."

"This is no time to be mucking about,"he replied. "I want to find somewhere to crash."

"Well, if you don't believe me, you try it," I said and stepping down I handed him the torch.

He did try climbing up, and found that exactly the same thing happened. It was as if something didn't want us going up into the attic above and was going to switch off what light we had to make sure we couldn't see. We were both too freaked out by the experience to want to spend the night in the building and went back out on the road to have another bash at thumbing a lift from any early morning traffic that happened our way.

Poltergeist activity

UFO experiencers

This was not the only time I have seen lights and electrical equipment affected by unseen forces. In my house in Ely when my son Isaac and I were living there there were often strange and annoying phenomena that were similar to poltergeist activity.

Often the smoke alarms the houses were fitted with would go off and there was no smoke or anything esle that could be seen to be causing it. It would often happen in the middle of the night, which was really annoying and eventually I had had enough and took the batteries out so they couldn't work.

I asked my neighbours if they had problems with theirs and none of them did. At around the same time period the bathroom light used to turn itself on, which would mean I would have to get out of bed and go and turn it off again. Sometimes 10 minutes later it would happen again. My son found all this highly amusing but I couldn't say I felt likewise!

Something strange about that house too was the fact that I had two sets of neighbours who had someone who was a UFO experiencer. Next door lived Andrea and Doug and Andrea told me she had seen many of the mysterious craft and even seen alien beings. In the house next to her lived Mark and Catherine and mark too was fascinated with the subject and told me he had once seen a landed craft in Cardiff.

What are the chances that in a terraced street of houses you will get three in a row with people who have seen UFOs in them? I should think it was pretty rare that such a thing happened!

Best books on Poltergeists

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Poltergeist film by Steven Spielberg

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Multi-witness UFO sighting

Starlike objects or moving stars

And on the subject of UFOs one night a friend called Ralph, who worked as a taxi driver and who lived in a street nearby knocked on the door and asked if I had seen what was going on in the sky. At the time, Janice my former partner and my friend Pixi were both also present in the house and we all went out the back and looked upwards.

There were lots of starlike objects moving across the sky directly overhead. If it had been just one it could have been a satellite but there were at least 20 I would estimate.

They were not shooting stars, which burn out fast as they fall. They were all travelling the same direction and at the same pace.

We all saw them plainly but none of us knew what they were. So they were unidentified flying objects, which, of course, are what UFOs are! Perhaps it was fleet of interplanetary or inter-dimensional craft? I'd like to think so!

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BardofEly on 10/30/2012

Thank you, Brenda!

BrendaReeves on 10/30/2012

I love stories like these. I've had some of my own experiences, therefore, I won't ask you what you were smoking. I just might read that book.

BardofEly on 10/30/2012

I don't seem to experience this sort of stuff as I am getting older but not sure what that means! Thank you for commenting, Katie!

katiem2 on 10/30/2012

I recently watched Paranormal 1,2 and 3 with my daughter, frightening stuff, the 4th has just came out in the theater, will no doubt have to watch it. You have experienced a few paranormal moments yourself. Very intriguing and interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)K

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