Personalized Party Supplies for Girls

by TerriRexson

A selection of personalized party supplies for girls from infant, toddler and preschooler girls through to older girls. Create a unique party theme for your birthday girl.

Personalized Party Supplies

For girls of all ages

Personalized party supplies for girls create a unique party theme for a birthday girl. These party supplies can be customized with the birthday girl's name, custom text and a photo for a very cool personal party. 

Birthday parties about about making a child feel special and creating memories for everyone involved. Personalized party supplies take this to the next level. 

Girls will love to show their personal party supplies to their guests and will love seeing their name on the banner. You can add a personal phrase too that fits the child's personality or interests. 

I've included tips on getting the most from your personalized party supplies throughout the page. 

How do I Personalize Party Supplies?

You might feel a bit nervous about personalizing party supplies. But actually it's straightforward and you get to see the result on the screen before you buy it. 

You can upload a photo of your child. Or you can choose from some provided images if you prefer. The picture you choose can easily be resized and centered to fit inside the picture frame on the design you choose. 

You get to choose two lines of text and change the font and color. 

It doesn't take long at all and you do get to see the results before you purchase. 

Pink Mod Monkey Personalized Party Supplies

Infants, toddlers, little girls

Pink Mod Monkey Personalized Party Theme

Pink Mod Monkey Personalized Party Theme

This pink and green mod monkey party theme is fresh and modern. It's very popular for baby girls and toddler girls. 

You get to choose the phrase on the party supplies so you can pick something like:

Cheeky Chimp
Isabella is 1!


Click to order: Pink Mod Monkey Personalized Party Supplies

Sweet Tweet Bird Personalized Party Supplies

Toddler, Age 2-4

Sweet Tweet Bird Pink - Personalized Party Theme


Sweet Tweet Bird Personalized Party Theme

This cute bird-themed party range is perfect for toddler girls. The yellow is a refreshing change from lots of pink, but still very pretty.

A little bird told me
Kelly is 2! 

Tip: Make sure you have enough place settings to put one away as a memento (don't forget to put one aside before the party.) 

Click to order: Sweet Tweet Bird Personalized Party Supplies


Enchanted Unicorn Personalized Party Theme

For a fairytale princess party

Enchanted Unicorn Personalized Party Theme
Enchanted Unicorn Personalized Party Theme

Lots of little girls will love a fantasy-themed birthday party. This unicorn design works well with a fairytale princess party. 

A photo of the birthday girl wearing a tiara or pretty hair bows is perfect for this theme. 

Tip: Make sure you put the personalized tableware out on a party table for display during the party. You want to get the most from it. 

Click to order: Enchanted Unicorn Personalized Party Supplies

Horse Power Personalized Party Supplies

Kindergarten, 4-8

Horse Power Personalized Party Theme
Horse Power Personalized Party Theme

This cowgirl theme is great for girls who love horses and ponies. 

This works well as a theme for kindergarten aged girls up to around 8 if they love horses. 

A cowgirl hat does look cute, but not required!

Tip: If Grandma and Grandpa can't make the party, save a place setting for them as a memento. They'll be amazed at the unique design!

Click to order: Horse Power Personalized Party Supplies

Pink Skull Personalized Party Supplies

Preschoolers through to older girls

Pink Skull Personalized Party Theme
Pink Skull Personalized Party Theme

The pink skull party theme is very versatile. Little girls who like Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates will enjoy it and older girls will think the punk pirate theme is very cool. 

The birthday girl's photo will customize the theme to make it cute or sassy. 

Tip: You can mix and match unpersonalized items from the same range to keep the costs down but still end up with a unique design for your party. 

Click to order: Pink Skull Personalized Party Supplies


Updated: 10/28/2011, TerriRexson
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Digby_Adams on 10/18/2011

What a fun idea! I especially like the fact that it looks pretty easy to do and doesn't seem very expensive. This is a great party decor find. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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