Pokemon Birthday Cake & Cupcake Ideas

by Tehreem

Pokemon cakes will be loved by kids. Learn How to decorate a perfect Pokemon cake for birthdays and surprise parties.

Pokemon animation series is very popular among kids. They love the cartoons, collecting cards and want all Pokemon Themed Items. This Japanese animation series is owned by Nintendo (makers of Super Mario) and is a video game based cartoon which has become most popular after the Super Mario Series.

If your child is a fan of this cartoon then hosting a Pokemon Themed party for him will be good decision for his next birthday.

Pokemon Cakes & Cupcakes For Party Bash

Useful Tips To Make a Lovely Cake

We are here to help you with preparing a cake for your party. Here you will find many cake ideas to base your party cake on. You can make pikachu cake or any other Pokemon your child likes or you can make a cake featuring all Pokemon characters. Whatever you will decide after seeing the page, we will help you make it.

Making an awesome Pokemon cake wont be a difficult task if you know how to make a cake mixture. If not, you'll have to see a recipe for it. From then on, its easy and fun.

Pokemon Cake Ideas

What would you like in your cake?

Choosing what cake you want will be confusing as you will find many cakes that will appeal to you. You can come up with your own ideas or choose some cake from the gallery below. You can portray all pokemon characters or pick out your child's favorite one to base your cake on. Check out some ideas given below:

  • Make a single tiered cake and use single or multiple colored icing on it. Decorate with an Edible Pokemon Image.
  • Characters mini figures can be placed upon the cake's tiers if you are planning on having a multiple tiered cake.
  • Pokemon Cake Kits can be purchased for a complete decoration of cake.
  • You can make pokemon images if you are good at drawing by cake painting or fondant cut outs.
  • Frosting and cake icing can be used to decorate the cake.
  • Make cake images by buttercream swirls.
  • Make a pokeball. It will be simple and you can always add little details if you want.

Pokemon Cake Gallery

Pokemon Cake Ideas to Inspire You

Pokeball Cake
This Pokemon pokeball cake will suit the Pokemon theme

Dragonite Cake
Carved Dragonite cake for a Pokemon party

Charizard Cake
This cake features Charizard Pokemon on a simple round fondant covered cake.

Pokemon Cake Featuring Ash and Pikachu
This pokemon cake will be loved by boys and will be a party stopper.

Learn How To Make Snorlax with Fondant

Video Tutorial on character making from fondant

Pokemon Cupcake Ideas

Fun cupcake ideas for the party

You can alter a single cake with multiple cupcakes. Sweet and cutely designed cupcakes can be ordered or made at home. Making the cupcakes at home will be really fun. Just bake some cupcakes and start decorating them! Here are some decorating ideas for your cupcake party.

  • Cut out some small plates for your cupcakes and place them over the cupcakes. Decorate with cut out figures.
  • Stick Cupcake picks in the cupcakes.
  • Purchase a Pokemon themed cupcake stand to place your cupcakes on
  • Cupcake rings will look great on cupcakes

Pokemon Cupcake Image Gallery

Cupcake images for your inspiration

Pokemon Cupcakes
These cupcakes are topped with Pokemon themed decorations.

Pokemon Pikachu Cupcakes
Pikachu Cupcakes for a Pokemon fan's birthday.

Gorgeous Pokemon Cupcakes
These cupcakes are topped with hand painted fondant disks.

Pokemon & Pokeball Cupcakes
Pokemon character themed cupcakes for a pokemon lover.

Pokeball Cupcake Designed Cupcakes
These cute little cupcakes are made using icing and will go perfectly well with the pokemon theme.

Pokeball Cake & Pokemon Cupcakes

Delicious treat for a party
okeball cake and cupcakes
okeball cake and cupcakes

Cake & Cupcake Decorating Tips

What should you use as toppings?

Many items can be used to decorate your cakes and cupcakes with. Basic cake decorating and icing is done by Fondant, Sugar paste, Frosting & Butter-cream. A great tip is to cover your cake with ice cream! An ice cream cake will be LOVED by all kids.

  • Fondant: Fondant always looks great on a cake. It is a good decoration base and always gives a neat finished look. Fondant character cutouts, Figurines, decorations look great for decoration.
  • Sugar paste: Sugar paste absorbs every color nicely. It creates funky colored cakes paste. Sugar paste always produces good results.
  • Frosting: Frosting is messy to work on with big cakes but is perfect for smaller ones. So, if you plan to make a small themed cake it will look really good with frosting on it.

Fondant colored like different different pokemon characters is featured below. Green, Yellow, Blue and Red Fondarific Fondant is featured. This is good quality fondant and highly loved for its texture, taste and quality.

Pokemon Themed Fondant

Fondarific Buttercream Green Fondant, 2-Pounds

Fondarific is revolutionize the Fondant world! Now you can have your cake and EAT your Fondant Too!

Only $13.69

View on Amazon

Fondarific Buttercream Blue Fondant, 2-Pounds

Fondarific is revolutionize the Fondant world! Now you can have your cake and EAT your Fondant Too!

Only $9.99

View on Amazon

Fondarific Buttercream Yellow Fondant, 2-Pounds

Fondarific is revolutionize the Fondant world! Now you can have your cake and EAT your Fondant Too!

Only $14.61

View on Amazon

Fondarific Buttercream Red Fondant, 2-Pounds

Fondarific is revolutionize the Fondant world! Now you can have your cake and EAT your Fondant Too!

Only $13.94

View on Amazon

Learn How To Make Pikachu From Fondant

Video Tutorial for making a Pikachu using Fondant

More Cake & Cupcake Ideas

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