Avengers Party Supplies & Decoration Ideas

by Tehreem

Avengers will be the most popular party theme for boys once the movie is released. Find everything you will need for an awesome avengers party right here!

Avengers is a much waited Marvel Superhero Movie set to release on May 4, this year. Kids are eagerly waiting for this instalment of Marvel Superheroes movie. As this is something new for kids, so this birthday party theme is becoming a popular choice. Every kid now days wants an Avengers Party to boast about!
Official avengers products have just been released. This page will guide you in planning a wonderful avengers party in a few easy steps.

Call Out To All The Heroes!

Avengers Party Invitations

After you have decided a guest list, start filling out invitation cards. Party invitations can be found in markets in variety of designs. As avengers is a new theme so it might be a little bit difficult to find some cool invitations. However, online party invitations have arrived and are ready for you to buy!

I have featured here the Avengers Party Invitations which came in stock on Amazon. 

The Avengers Theme has become hugely popular among the kids. This page will feature tonnes of ideas to make some special treats for your Avengers Birthday.
Find cool and exciting party favors to compliment your party guests.
Find everything you need for decorating your kids room with the Avengers Theme.

These invitations will call out to all the heroes and will make them super excited for the birthday. Also, you can easily make some amazing party invitations at home! All you will be needing is a little creativity along with some supplies. A pack of Marvel Heroes Stickers and Colored Cardboard (preferably red or blue) will do the trick. Cut out the cards form your colored cardboard and stick on them some superhero stickers. Use markers to write down the party details and Lo! Your invitations are ready to send out!

Note: It is always useful to add a phone number or email address to RSVP. Party invitations should be sent out at least 3-4 weeks prior to the party date

Avengers Party Invitations

8 per pack
The Avengers Party Invitations (8 ct)
Only $9.99

Avengers Sticker Book

Make Your Own Party Invitations
Ultimate Sticker Book: Ultimate Sticker Collection: Marve...
$6.78  $19.75

Try Dressing Up Like Avengers Characters !

Dress up like your favorite Avengers Super-Hero character. Find a collection of amazing Avengers outfits & accessories.

Avengers Party Tableware

When purchasing party tableware, keep in mind the number of guests that are coming over. It will help you buy the proper things and will make sure you have enough supplies for everyone ( a few extras always come in handy). 

An avengers party demands everything that says SUPERHERO! Your party table should be adorned with avengers party plates, cups, napkins, glasses and ofcourse a tablecover. Individual items can be bought from amazon but if its a large gathering the you might prefer getting a party pack. Party packs contain all the supplies you will be needing for your table and matching decoration items. They save the time that you would have spent finding all matching items and are also economical.

Avengers Standard Party Pack is a party pack for 8 guests. It will complete your needs of basic tableware and will leave you free to buy other decorations. This pack includes:

  • 8 invitations
  • 8 dinner plates
  • 8 dessert plates
  • 8 cups
  • 8 forks
  • 8 spoons
  • 16 napkins
  • solid-color tablecover
  • foil balloon
  • 12 latex balloons (2 colors)
  • curling ribbons (2 colors)
  • crepe paper rolls (2 colors)
  • cake candles.

For more than 8 guests you can consider the party pack for 16. It has 32 paper lunch napkins,1 plastic tablecover, Includes 16  paper cups and 16 paper dessert plates. It will leave you free to buy other decorations of your own choice. You can buy themed balloons, confetti, centrepeices etc. 

If your kid likes any one hero in particular then you can choose those items for your table as well.

Other than these items a party table should also have some other decorations. You can spread some confetti on the table and put a centrepiece to give your table a full hero look!

Avengers Table Decorations

Confetti, centerpiece
Avengers Confetti
$1.99  $0.99
Avengers Centerpiece

Avengers Cake & Cupcake Ideas

Make a Mighty Cake!

Cakes are a must for the parties (some people prefer cupcakes though!). Now you can easily make  Avengers cakes and cupcakes at home owing to the ease of decorating and baking. Everyone has an oven in their home so all you probably need is a cake pan and cake batter recipe! Once the cake is ready you can easily decorate it choosing what you like from a variety of options.

Cake decorating kits are easily available now a days. They make the decoration of your cake really easy as they make it really simple. You would find cool toppers for your cake and by just placing them on the cake makes it look beautiful

If you are a creative person and like to make new things then you can cover your cake with icing or fondant and use fondant cutouts, sprinkles, icing colors, creametc for decoration.

Cupcakes can be decorated with cupcake rings or fondant disks. Featured here are Avengers figures which you can use to top your cake and cupcake rings for cupcakes.

Avengers Cake & Cupcake Decoration Idea
Avengers Assemble...for cake!
Avengers Assemble...for cake!

Welcome Guests With These Amazing Masks!

Party masks are a great alternative of party hats for an avengers party. These will make your party seem like a super hero movie coming to life! Kids will enjoy pretending to be their favourite superheroes and will remember your party forever. Also you can embellish them with these temporary tattoos. 

Fun Games & Activities

Keep The Kids Occupied

Games and activities are necessary to keep the kids occupied. Or they will get bored if they have nothing to do. Many avenger games can be prepared for the party. Musical chair and Passing the parcel are some traditional games. Here are some ideas which you can use to make your party fun and entertaining.

  • Instead of pin the tail on donkey you can choose any super hero and play Pin the Shield or pin the mask. Choose super hero posters and cut out cardboard shields or masks.
  • Create a Super Hero Obstacle Course in your yard. Make some easy obstacles for the kids with various items such as upturned chairs, hula-loops, empty card board boxes, various sports items, tunnels etc. The kids will take turns crawling, jumping and passing all the obstacles.
  •  Another great option is to play Avengers Scavenger Hunt. This game comes with 8 search cards and 32 characters to hide. Also it contains 1 empty treasure box to fill in candy or treats. This game will be loved by kids.

Video games are always accepted by kids today, so you can buy an amazing avengers video game which will keep the kids glued to their places. The winner of the games can be given an award ribbon.

Avengers Party Favors & Thankyou Notes

Say Goodbye To The Heroes...

Avengers Party Favors & Thankyou notes will give the children something to remember you with. It will be a gift that they can take with them to remember the fantastic time they spent at your party.

Filled in party favor boxes are available on amazon. Each filled in box contains officialy licensed  Avengers Sticker Sheet, Blowout, Disc Launcher and unlicensed Avengers Wristband and a Black Barrel O Slime. You can add sweets and other items of your choice.

Avengers Party Favor Pack contains 8 Treat Bags, 8 Whistles, 8 Activity Sheets, 8 Backpack Clips, 8 Jumbo Stickers and 8 Bookmarks. You can buy any of them and make the guests feel special. Don't forget to add in a thankyou note! After all, the party wouldn't have been fun without them.

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