Quality Drawer Pulls for Less

by Regi_B

If you have drawers, but need pulls (and you do not like to waste money), this article is meant for you.

Drawer pulls come in all manner of materials and styles.

As such, not all are created equal.

Also not equal is pricing on drawer pulls.

There are ways to save money and still acquire some really great drawer pulls.

Helping you do just that is the purpose of this article.

Happy savings, and happy drawer pulling!

Buying Drawer Pulls...

Shouldn't Twist You Out of Shape
Cosmas 9009ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Twist Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull...

Quality Drawer Pulls:

  • Pull when you pull,
  • Can be knobs ("drawer knobs?"),
  • Or not knobs,
  • May be whimsical, or fun,
  • But choosing the right style of drawer pull for your home is serious business.

The Best Drawer Pull for the Money

This is a question that is weird to ask and answer: What is the best drawer pull for the money?

In fact, most drawer pulls cost a dollar or two. The key then, is to look at value, and not just cost.

With that said, I would call the brushed nickel model shown below by Keystone "the best drawer pull". Why? It brings value to the "drawer equation".

How now on the value? Okay, the price is two bucks and change per drawer pull -- a price which it seems people are happy to be spending.

At this writing, all customer reviewers (more than twenty) on Amazon have given this product five stars.

How to Save Money on Quality Drawer Pulls

So, you want new drawer pulls and you want a good value. That sounds like a good plan to me.

You can save time and money shopping online at Amazon, where they sell dozens of drawer pull models for about a buck.

Offline -- "out here in the real world" -- you have a couple options.

For one, you may actually be able to get free drawer pulls. What you will have to do is keep an eye on your area's FreeCycle.org listings. You just never know what will pop up for free there. Of course, this method will take time and patience.

Alternatively (and not for free, but hopefully for low-cost), try a salvage-based thrift store -- a place that resells home goods donated to them. This may be a Goodwill Store, but in the case of drawer pulls, it is more likely to be a "green-oriented" store. The one near me has "recycle" in its name, for example.

Lastly, be sure to hit up garage and estate sales. You might "luck into" some neat and motley drawer pulls for your home, and at great savings.

Have fun pullin' your drawers. (That's me -- silly as ever.)

Updated: 06/07/2012, Regi_B
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