Review of Wizzley a Revenue Sharing Site for Writers

by katiem2

A writers review of revenue sharing sites for writers. The best sites online where writers like you can begin earning money and enjoying financial freedom today.

I've been around the online writers block having worked as a freelance writer online for many years. I took to writing online as the demand shifted to the internet with digital users growing in vast numbers. The benefits of writing at a revenue sharing site are numerous, possibly more so here at Wizzley. I write for many revenue sharing sites and have left a few that just did not make the mark. Wizzley is my favorite newer revenue sharing website for quality writers. I've put this new site to the test and now after 4 careful years of review I can now recommend Wizzley giving it the katiem2 seal of approval.

A Writers Review of Wizzley

Why writers like Wizzley better than many other revenue sharing sites is because of the many options available here other sites don't offer.

There are a lot of out of work writers just dying to release the content within them. Many of these writers pose as office workers, business men, chefs, teachers and more all the while the writer within them cries to be unleashed.

One of my passions is helping writers who can't seem to find a way to work at their craft find a way.  I've enjoyed working as a writer online for over ten years.  

Yes, you could say I've been around the internet writers block.  What I know is this, many passionate writers are out there, many that don't work at their craft because their looking at it in an old manner. 

Gone are the classic days of true writers struggle. it is now easier than ever to become a published writer writing on a daily basis, full time or part time and Wizzley is the place.

What's A Revenue Sharing Site?

Best Revenue Sharing Sites

First lets get to the question, what is revenue sharing?  

Revenue sharing is just as it sounds, money earned is shared.  A site packed with every tool imaginable is built and shared by the owner and for very good reason. The owner opens it's doors to great writers to fill the site with diverse creative content.

Many writers are far more interesting and productive than a few writers.  You no doubt know of the vast need for content as everybody in the world searches for everything imaginable. It is up to writers like you and I to provide curious minds with the answers they search.


What it Takes to Work as a Writer

To be a successful online writer and content provider you need to possess a few qualities.

The first ingredient or quality one must have to make a living as a writer is the condition of uncontrollable writing, you can not help but write.  A true writer does just that writes. You would do it and have done it for years without getting paid.  Here at Wizzley you can both, write because you must and earn money. There is no better feeling meeting the two vital goals.

  1. Writing and being published for the world to read your work.
  2. Earning money from the very need within, to write.

Writing that Sells

Picking a Niche Writing Market

This brings to mind the question, what do I write? First, join this site by following me here.  Second review the examples I have written and built here.Third, pick from the topics list of those you enjoy and begin. The rest will soon be a fond history of you as an accomplished writer.

Just remember explore anything and everything that interest you, things you have a passion for and it is these topics where you do your best work delivering valuable information to the reader.  

I am including several pages I have created to help you launch your new pages here on Wizzley. My tutorials are to the right and just below.  Leave any questions you have in the comments section of these pages, regardless of the content or question and I will address it.  Together we will get you on the path to becoming an accomplished writer and online content provider. 


There are several options when it comes to adding images to your wizzes. Did you know you can wrap text around an image? Learn how to add pictures to articles.
How to make the most money selling Amazon products create impressive Wizzley pages using professional images that turn a profit with Amazon products learn the simple steps here.
Learn why you might not succeed at Wizzley sadly many won't make the cut in terms of landing on the list of top successful writers enjoying a good flow of traffic and money.
Learn how to write the best article with the greatest money making potential and advertising power. Write marketing articles sending traffic to your products.
What is SEO? Get the simple facts and guide to SEO in plain simple terms. Everything you need to know about SEO here, minus the stuff you don't need to know! SEO for beginners.
I'm going to share with you how you can become a go to and highly sought after online writer. Learn to earn a respected and loyal readership.
Once you get the honored Google AdSense account the last thing you want to do is lose it. Learn how to prevent from having your AdSense account deactivated due to inactivity.
Learn what a DMCA take down notice is, how it protects your internet content and images. Protect what you write and keep others from stealing your work.
The revenue sharing site Wizzley is gaining in popularity with writers from HubPages. Find out why read a former hubber tell all!

5. How to Make it as a Writer

Make it as a writer, earn a good living as a writer or add to your nest egg building a great future.

How to Succeed at Wizzley as a Writer and Author

  1. Read all there is to learn by way of tutorials and videos here at Wizzleys.
  2. Join the forums and introduce yourself.
  3. Read the many helpful questions and answers posted in the forums.
  4. Take your time, NEVER get in a hurry to write or produce articles take your time.
  5. Read the many amazing aritcles by fellow authors here at Wizzleys to get many good ideas as to how to format and lay out your Wizzley author pages.
  6. Look to your right to see a few examples of my work here at Wizzleys.

Best wishes as you embark on your exciting new career as an achomplished author.  

I look forward to enjoying your work here at Wizzleys


Wizzley Articles by Katie

Explore some great examples of Wizzley Pages by katiem2
Learn how to get rid of cellulite and shrink those trouble spots all while doing what you normally do around the house, no creams or potions just real practical science that works.
Learn the significance of hugging, saying I love you and public displays of affection in an on the schools where your child learns.
Many people believe in soul mates as they enjoy the love of their lives making the perfect connection. Many of us are left to wonder or doubt true love and give up hope, but don't

8 Reason Writers Prefer Wizzley

Writers and content providers prefer Wizzley over other revenue sharing sites for 8 basic reasons.

Writers Prefer Wizzley Because

  1. Wizzley is selective picking their writers.
  2. Wizzley requires quality articles with a minimum of 400 words.
  3. Wizzley offers more ways for authors to earn money than do other sites.
  4. Wizzley offers more tools and options to build and create visually pleasing web pages.
  5. The Wizzley staff is professional and quick to address writers concerns or questions.
  6. The Wizzley community includes a great bunch of helpful and supportive writers.
  7. Wizzley is a great place to learn more about advancing your writing career as the many talented writers here have done various other ventures and share their knowledge.
  8. Wizzley ranks well with search engines and is poised to lead the way in providing the internet reader with the quality material both Wizzley and Google expect.

Katiem2 The Wizzley Writer

I've worked at many revenue sharing sites and still do, Wizzley comes out on top up there with the best of them for both the writer and reader.

I write for many other revenue sharing sites.  I earn a good income, enjoy many freedoms and most importantly do what I love. There have been many recent changes in other sites, changes I don't prefer.  I came here as I was referred by a good writer friend of mine, one I trust.  The creators of this site decided a change was needed and created just what we the writers needed to maintain our quality, reputation and income.  I've taken a considerable amount of time putting Wizzley to the test with a few quality articles and now I know, theyre a keeper!  I'm here to stay!

How I Earn Money On Revenue Sharing Sites

Find out exactly how the writers and content providers earn money from revenue sharing sites.

Second, how is money earned?  Both the writer and the site earns a portion of advertising dollars from adsense, chitkca, allposters, amazon and others earning money by highlighting related products on your page and thus this site. Many of these products are hand picked by you the author as they relate to your content.  You can browse through the thousands and thousands of related products to find those you feel good about promoting with your content and or written material.

interesting content brings readers to the site as interested parties searching the search engines for particular content which results often happen to written by you the Wizzley author, or other revenue sharing website. 

I know, it's a bit shocking as so many have tried to over complicate this process selling you something you don't need.  Glad to be the bearer of good news, it really is that simple!

This site is a great place for good writers to post quality content and earn money from the visitors. The site provides you with it's many amazing tools to build great visitor friendly pages earning you a profit from the adds and highlighted products, you share your profits with them.  Simple as that! If you get stuck the community of writers here will help you along, when every writer does well we all do well.

Plus, You also earn a percentage of any authors earnings, coming from the Wizzley profits not you the writer, generated who signs up under you.  These earnings are for the life of the content.  A great deal.  So any writers who sign up under you earn you money but it is not taken from their portion of the profits yet the Wizzley sites portion.  Another great benefit of Wizzley is their willingness to pay you a portion of their profits by bringing quality writers to the site. They realize good writers know other good writers.

Updated: 05/26/2015, katiem2
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katiem2 on 06/24/2012

2uesday, These are all very good reasons why Wizzley is such a great site for writers and content providers. I agree with you on all counts. :) K

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

VictoriaLynn, Sending you an answer via IM. Talk to you there :) K

VictoriaLynn on 06/20/2012

Wow, great info and great layout. Being a freelance writer sure is hard to get started. I just have to keep at it and keep looking for opportunities. Regarding revenue here, I am signed up, but where do I find my stats and earnings on that? Thanks, Katie. Another awesome article.

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