Why Writers from HubPages Like Wizzley so Much

by katiem2

The revenue sharing site Wizzley is gaining in popularity with writers from HubPages. Find out why read a former hubber tell all!

The Ugly Truth -The truth about the site that shall remain nameless and why you too should try Wizzley. Just as it happened to me all those months ago, I'm now hearing about the very same practices being inflicted on others. It's a story all to familiar, one I could be telling myself as the very thing happened to me. It's been so long since Panda, why is it they are still doing the same things. Why are they flagging good authors work as duplicate content. Why is it they keep getting it wrong?

Is Wizzley Worth It?

Is the revenue sharing web site Wizzley worth the effort?

You cannot ban quality writers because they cannot unravel the ancient internet web of long ago. Now, I'm grateful for what happened to me, happy as a clam I commented on TerryG's article, the one giving the automated system, the heart and soul of this site, an out to ban me.  In fact maybe it was the God's or angels watching over me, protecting me from the fall of this site. I'm far better off, making more money and glad to have that monkey off my back.  You won't realize the power of this statement till you do the same.

The Wizzley Sidebar Feature

The sidebar feature allows writers like me to showcase other related articles in a very professional website feel.

Looking to the right you notice other articles or as we like to call them Wizzes. These are all articles I've hand picked to display on this page. Now isn't that fantastic? Yes it is.  While in edit mode I can open the sidebar features module pasting the article urls of my choice. I love this feature, it generates great traffic and it looks really good. This makes my page look more like my very own website. 

Why Katiem2 Left

With over 300 articles at the site that shall remain nameless, I tossed my hands in the air and walked away.

I honestly felt horrible for some time after leaving, the site that shall remain nameless, it was such a bad experience.  It was uncalled for and yet it still goes on to date.  It is not the norm for revenue sharing sites as you will soon learn.

For a very long time I couldn't talk about it. I had withdrawal, I missed everything and every body.  To think they can take an ax to you so suddenly and without cause. They flat out lied to me and about me. I made mention of a title spinner TerryG referenced in something he had written and they flagged me as using and promoting a spinner. In all reality all I had done was make a encouraging comment on another hubbers hub.  I'm getting ahead of myself more later.

I had so many wonderful fans and friends, I loved the work, the community the support of fellow writers, sharing their lives and it all came to a halt in one fail swoop. Side Note, While here note all the amazing tools as I use a few, available to create awesome pages at Wizzleys and make money.  There are more of both options here.  

The drop dead worst part of all was they would so mindlessly smear the character of a honest, caring hard working human being at the core of their lively hood and career instead of dealing with their sinking ship and the honest issues as they were and still are.  

NOTE: The admin here at Wizzley really appreciate the writers here. They are available and offer real time solutions to any questions we may have, which are rare, but still.

This first image reminds me of the site that shall remain nameless

The others are those reminding me of Wizzley
I Am Not Like The Others - Ralph Steadman
What I love about Wizzley is how simple things are not made difficult. 'Export as Text' is a great facility for writers. The 'Print Facility' is great for all. Reasons to use them.

Why Katiem2 Left Hub Pages

I had no intentions of leaving I had worked hard, was making money and felt part of the greater community.

The change hit, they were flagging content as they were cleaning up their act.  Rather they were trying to adjust the automated filters to properly function as they swatted around and flagged at anything with a pulse.

I felt no worries, in fact my mother had suddenly fell ill and I was out of town for some weeks tending to her care. Naturally my fellow hubbers didn't expect to hear from me for awhile as I had shared my mothers condition with them.  

Upon coming home I was reminded by my co-writers to check my articles as they were beginning to flag or unpublish any articles that had not been changed .  I had a few emails from them flagging hubs as duplicate content. Hmmm I thought this must be an over sight.  I felt this as I consistently and diligently wrote all my own content.  The article spinner issue, well, I had never actually seen one much less used one, it may as well been a salad spinner as far as I was concerned.

I knew it had to be a mistake especially after I combed over my hubs, finding nothing. I contacted them by way of responding to all the violation emails they sent me.  They were not helpful in fact threatening, change them or else.  No, problem, change what, tell me and I will...

The problem was as I changed one thing more would come.  The admin seemed to work tirelessly putting out the Panda fire, they were in a panic as if to meet the new criteria and then some.  

The bigger problem was and still is they just don't have a professional or knowledgeable handle on what they're attempting to correct.  The filter natzi (no disrespect intended, just love Seinfeld) is at work and no one's minding the store.

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HP Systems are Failing

Suddenly they were treating me as if I were a horrible offender because they had no other recourse than to admit they had no clue as to what was really taking place.

The thing is they would flag the same things all over again once I complied, removed the problem!  This is what drove me crazy.

I worked very hard to comply and still they kept flagging and flagging giving me time restraints as to when all the changes must be made and all the while there was some real junk published there.  I mean it was bad, really poor writing and quality overall.  Were they blind or guided by some strange double standard?  But you've no doubt seen it with your own eyes.  

I worked very hard to maintain a expedient response to the duplicate content issues. I found these mostly youtube videos, which up till that time were encouraged. Change is okay, I have no problem with change.  I eliminated all outbound links, I removed any pictures that could have been duplicated as that was a big fish.

The complaints grew, things that had been published for over a year and were doing very well suddenly were duplicate content.  

UGH!  I finally had it as my dead line was approaching and breaking the code to their new filter was impossible, they couldn't even explain other than to be rude, put it back on me as if I were trying to pull something off!  

It's so good to be here at Wizzley working with quality tools and people. The ease of writing creative and productive copy here is magnified. I can't recommend Wizzley enough!  There is no drama!

I really love this article list module

Wizzley offers a great way to highlight other articles you've written. This is a cool feature allowing you to add your articles anywhere in the article you choose.
Learn how to add a Wizzley referral banner to your pages. The easy steps to recruit new writers with all your Wizzley Articles.
Read and share old fashioned and old timey sayings wives tales funny hillbilly and other expressions and phrases of the past from all around America
What exactly is a hashtag or what are hashtags in the sense used today in social media. Hashtags are the new 411 on finding what you want.
Tweet statistics - what are they? The thing I love about Wizzley is that they give you the things that you never knew you wanted, until you get them!

Wizzley a Great Sit for Great Writers

The best up and coming site for writers to add their quality Internet content is Wizzley.

Enough was enough, I needed help from my fellow writers, but they would be in trouble for talking to me the black sheep the offender. I did what any concerned hubber would do I took to the forum, asking if anyone else was having all these issues?  I was pounced on by a admin, in the hubbers free speech forum thread.  He flat out called me a liar, stating in the public forum no less, when they had no time to respond in a intellectual or helpful manner via email.  He ranted in a very shocking and unprofessional manner as to how many violations I was breaking and how they had given me countless notices and I still had not corrected them.  Excuse me it takes a while to go through 300 hubs in question!  I was working 60 plus hours a week to comply with the changes.  He made it sound as if these were ancient violations I had actually ignored on an ongoing basis, this was not the case.

Anyway long story short I was banned after that day in the forum.  The reason they banned me was for using an article spinner, which was in direct violation.  I had never used an article spinner, couldn't imagine it! Thankfully, I was invited to an underground support group, which shall remain secret, I was taken in from the cold and given time and support to heal.  They picked me up dusted my off and validated that I was in fact not losing my mind.  In addition they reminded me of all the ways in which I was a valuable member of the online writing community.

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Why Writers Prefer Wizzley

Wizzley's got it together, they're a team of sensitive, bright and knowledgeable successful writers who get it.

Wizzley is easy to use with uber fun tools to both create awesome pages and earn money. They have built a writers revenue sharing dream site.  Since I've been here those from the admin team have actually sent me encouraging messages in my in box. They have politely messaged me to say this is great keep it up and this not so much. They are fare and friendly in the forum. They are real people with the beating and ticking heart of a real writer who does it because they understand what it is to write with a passion and inability to put down the pen, or keyboard as it be.  I will not be flagged for that very long run on sentence while others publish junk not worthy of brain function.  I can say that, I'm recovering from a brain injury.

I'm here because a hubber friend told me about it, you no doubt know Paula.  I was so taken back after hubpages I didn't write anything here for months on end.  I worked on my sites and moved a lot of my work to 6 other sites fellow hubbers had designed primarily just for that purpose.  When a writer with a heart like mine builds a site for me and others like me to park my work because they can't stand by and watch the injustices go on and do nothing I know I'm in the company of good people.  When it comes down to it there are only two kinds of people good and bad.  While good people sometimes do bad things they don't do bad things to good people all the time.  

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What Happened to katiem2

My Car Accident - It happened on July 21st of 2011

It was my daughters thirteenth birthday.  She was sick I knew the day was a bust when she didn't spring from bed like her usual self.  I looked at her and thought, hmm, I need to go on a mission to bring her back a little something special. It is after all her big 13. I told her older sister (15) I was headed out to pick up a miniature fireplace for her doll house to cheer her up.  She loved the idea.  Before I could get there, as I was merging off the highway onto the freeway a semi behind me was not slowing down.  I saw him, looked around for my escape as I instinctively knew he wasn't going to stop. The realization of my fate grew as he was gaining on me. The lanes around me were packed with speeding traffic.  

I was in the turn lane slowing down to make the ramp but he seemed to have forgotten what lane he was in. The trucker was driving as if in the fast lane.  I could only look on, in my rear view mirror, in disbelief as to what was about to happen. The bright silver grill of his truck grew bigger and bigger until I realized its vastness compared to me, I felt very small and helpless.  Please stop I uttered once more only now a mere whisper knowing a miracle was needed, or was it my time?

The Stuffed Animal My Daughter Customized for Me

I never made it home to my sick daughter on her thirteenth birthday.  I woke in the biggest trauma unit in our city.  I was still in shock two weeks In to my stay, in wonderment, am I alive? I could only remember my body slamming into a space and time not my own with tiny bits of glass flying everywhere in slow motion. The sound of ripping metal, screeched tearing at the asphalt until a second impact took me from any shred of consciousness I so desperately clung to.  it was over, everything melted into a warm dark place and I thought, I can't believe I've died on my daughters birthday.

I could see my daughter standing over me, feel her touching my hand and thought, oh my God I've missed her birthday.  I knew I had not made it back.  I drifted back into the lull of the pain killers slowly dripping into my IV.  

There is a new push to allow bigger trucks carrying more weight on our highways and freeways.  I know this is an extremely dangerous change.  I was hit by a very large truck, drug along the freeway as plowing into me was not enough to stop his truck, he drug me until he slammed me into the van traveling in front of me.  It was only then he stopped.  Please visit nobiggertrucks.org to make your feelings known.  I'm fighting it and appreciate any support from anyone!  Thanks in advance!

It's been seven months, I'm still in therapy, I started occupational, speech and physical therapy 7 months ago and am still at it.  I've started writing again and it feels wonderful.  Many of my hubber friends have looked for me and found me while others have not.  It is my hope to reconnect with you all and as always you know I'm your go to girl if you need help.  If you've not yet joined Wizzley do join me and our many hubber friends as we get back to life working as the talented professionals we are.  I've added a banner for you to sign up below.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Staying Focused and Moving Toward My Goals

You are always stronger
Illustration of a Woman on the Top of a Mountain by Charles Courtney Curran
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katiem2 on 08/16/2016

blackspanielgallery, I agree, Google does like mature articles. Plus amazon is a great source for earning money.

blackspanielgallery on 06/13/2016

I too started on other sites, one of which was good at one time, then it went into a tailspin. My work that went to Hubpages was fine, but just add more words and they drop the article. Here things are great. I just have not yet found a way to earn money. But, that was the case in my other experiences until my articles got enough time on the web. Google likes older articles, or so it seems.

katiem2 on 02/17/2013

Kim, Thanks glad to have you here. :)K

Kim on 02/16/2013

Nice, very fair and honestly written.

katiem2 on 02/02/2013

Sue, It's so good to hear from you, come on in the waters fine. :)K

katiem2 on 02/02/2013

cmoneyspinner, I see great potential in Wizzley as a good earner for dedicated writers. Welcome, it's good to have you here. :)K

Sue on 02/01/2013

Aw Katie I'm so glad to find you here, I read your work on the pub, the this is freelance, Xomba, your blog and other sources. You've really built a nice portforlio here. I can't wait to dig in and read. All My BEST, Sue

cmoneyspinner on 01/31/2013

Thank you for the contrast and compare. The article and the comments are enlightening. I have not published an article as yet. I did a little Googling to view the work of some of the writers in the community to give me an idea on why I should write using this platform, what I should I write about, how to get started on the right track, etc. Bottom line is I didn't want to waste my time if there was no income-earning potential. Looks like Wizzley is worth my while.

katiem2 on 01/31/2013

Rebecca, You shouldn't do anything you're not comfortable doing. You are a prolific writer and will do well here in time. I also like Zujava, it's doing well for me as well. I don't have as much content there as I'd like but I plan on adding more.

RebeccaE on 01/31/2013

I have half a mind to begin moving content to wizzley but as yet i am worried about dipping my tow into this.

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