Ripped In 30 - Does this fitness program work?

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Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 has recently been released on to the market. The question on people's minds in "Does it work?"

Working out in the comfort of one's home has always been one way to remain fit and healthy discreetly without having to pay for and visit a gym. One way to exercise from home is by using DVDs that inspire and motivate you - Ripped in 30 is definitely one of those inspirational and focused DVDs.

Jillian Michaels has managed to, once again, deliver a 30 day diet and exercise routine, that grows in intensity while remaining short, sweet and a fat and calorie burner. This article will give you a breakdown of the Ripped in 30 program.

Jillian Michaels

The Biggest loser was a show that took the nation and world by storm.  Watching fairly huge contestants battle with their flab and succeed inspired everyday Joes and Janes that it truly was possible to make a change in their body weight.  Jillian Michaels was a part of this revolution.  She pushed her teams and helped them lose weight time and time again.  She was tough with them but she definitely got results.

Her ability to inspire and motivate the contestants opened the door to her becoming something of a celebrity with a great message that most overweight or even normal sized people wanted to hear.  As a result of this, she has developed a range of DVDs that help people exercise in the characteristic Jillian Michaels' way.  All in the comfort of their home.

If you are based in the UK, then you can get a copy of the Ripped in 30 workout from Amazon in conjunction with another DVD for less than the price of the single DVD - a great price at the moment. Just click on the word (Amazon) in the sentence above.

Ripped in 30

The dream of most overweight, obese people is to lose that extra flab and rejoin the world of beautiful people.  Of course, the world is increasingly filling up with overweight people so soon enough being underweight will be something of a novelty but that is an article for another day.  In the meantime, the Ripped in 30 Workout system is a diet and exercise phenomenon that works in 30 days.

Some of the objections made about the DVD is that it promises results in 30 days when it should recognize that weight loss is a long term thing, not a' flash in the pan' event.  True, it did take time to become fat so expecting to get slim in 30 days can seem impossible.  However, there are numerous reviews listed on Amazon of real people losing weight using this program and nothing else.  I wonder how many of the objectors were personal trainers themselves (Sour Grapes, perhaps? :-))

How does Ripped in 30 work?

There are so many workout routines these days on the market that it can be slightly confusing to choose one from the masses available.  Getting great information about the choice available will help you make the right decision for you. 

Ripped in 30  consists of four 24 minute workouts so pretty simple to fit into a hectic lifestyle.  It starts at Level 1 which Jillian would like you to do for a week before moving up to Level 2 and finally up to 4 (which is insanely difficult - so it may take you a while to actually make it through that level).

She again utilizes her own form of interval training which consists of 3 minutes of strength where small and large muscles are put through their paces, 2 minutes of a cardio, heart pumping routine and 1 minute of abs. The process then starts again with a different group of three exercises.  In level 3, you will do the duck walk.  Come back and tell how you got on with that.

How many calories are burned during a Ripped on DVD?

Now this is a common question that people always want to know the answer to.  So, after tedious research, I have an answer but must recommend that you do not take this as the gospel truth but also do it yourself by wearing a heart rate.  this will give you a more precise answer that is accurate for you, specifically.

The number of calories that people burnt while using the workout ranged from 400(the maximum) down to 240. So you can see there is a range of responses as it really is specific to the size of a person.  Obviously, an obese person will lose more than an overweight person.

A great Investment into your Weight Loss Journey.

This Jillian Michel's Ripped in 30 is a great investment in ones weight, fitness and diet.  There is no doubt that applying yourself to working hard at the exercises performed on the DVD will result in you achieving your goals.

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Updated: 05/20/2012, FitnessG
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