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by lou16

Seagull images star in the ‘Watching Seagulls’ Zazzle Store which features these gorgeous birds on it's range of products.

Watching Seagulls

A Zazzle Store Featuring Seagull Images

I love seagulls and always have.   I’ve always loved being near the water and watching the wave and seabirds, but seagulls in particular just really appeal to me.

I may not be able to capture the smell of salt in the air and the gentle breeze in my hair with my beach photography, but I can catch the cheeky look of a seagull or a jaunty pose of one by the water’s edge.

It’s this love of watching seagulls that led to my having LOTS of photos of them and from there it was simply another step in my Zazzle journey to open a store dedicated to them.

Seagull Posters & Prints

I may be a little biased as I took these photos, but I do believe that any of these prints would look absolutely awesome in a home or even an office.

If the images I’ve selected for you here aren’t exactly what you were looking for don’t forget to check out my Watching Seagulls store for a fantastic selection.

Seagull Postcards

Not only can you use these postcards to post a quick note to someone they can also be used as an invitation – a great idea for a beach party for example.   Another fantastic use for postcards is as artwork.

When I was a teen I remember one of my friends brought a numer of cheap frames and filled them with postcards – her room looked A M A Z I N G !

Seagull Cards

If you know someone who loves seagulls then these blank cards would be a great idea as a birthday card, a cheer up card, a congratulations card etc.   The reasons to send or give a card to someone is limited only by your imagination.

The only hard thing is deciding which card to choose…..

Seagull Gift Ideas

Magnets, Keychains, Tote Bags & More

There are so many different seagull products available at Watching Seagulls that it can be quite hard to stick to buing just one thing.

I have a selection of seagull mugs which are awesome as well as seagull magnets and keychains.

There are still more seagull products like t-shirts, tote bags, messenger bags, candy jars and tea pots to name just a few.

You can dress your electronics up in seagull attire as well with a selection of iphone cases, blackberry cases, ipad cases and ipod touch cases available.   There's never been a better time to love seagulls!

Seagulls Are So Full of Character!

Gorgeous Seagull Prints

Seagulls have so much character at times that they really make me smile.   The image opposite is a photograph that I took at Ohope Beach in New Zealand.   I saw the two seagulls and quickly turned on my camera and focused in on them praying they wouldn't decide to fly off or walk away - they didn't.

Instead I was able to capture them beautifully - why do I like it?   Well the two seagulls look to me like they're a couple who have had a tiff.   They're busy grooming themselves while ignoring each other quite obviously and it just brings a smile to me face.

Other people must like this image too as it's set a personal record for me - a product with this image sold less than 24 hours after being posted.   I was so happy, not just for the sale but because someone else obviously saw some of the personality behind the seagull photo.

More Zazzle Stores

If seagulls aren’t your thing you might be interested in some of my other Zazzle Stores –

I've even written the backstory behind my vintage Zazzle store to share with you below -

Looking Back in Time is the name of a Zazzle store that offers vintage photos and illustrations on a number of products from cards to iphone cases and more.
Updated: 07/24/2012, lou16
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Marie on 03/01/2012

Some very lovely seagull images.

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