Smart and Easy Winter Skin Care Regimen

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There are available simple skin care tips and winter care products that can help retain the normal, natural glow of the skin.

Winter can be very harsh and tough for skin especially on lips, face and feet. Taking care of your skin in winter will ensure that your body breathes happily and does not break in dry, painful bleeding cracks. Taking that special care for skin and going the extra mile will ensure that the low humidity and harsh weather does not play havoc to your lips, hands and feet.

Winter season comes with its own share of problems. Flu and winter blues are not just the only issues that you need to be prepared to combat. Winter brings with it extreme dryness, skin rashes, dehydrated skin problems, chapped lips and feet, under eye dullness, blisters, sores and winter burns. Wrinkles appear deeper and eyes sink in them.

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Winter Skin Care Routine


Don’t let the winter dictate your routine. You can work and travel as easily and comfortably as any other season. Carry your skin care products with you. Cleanse and tone your skin daily. Protect it from sun’s UV rays with a good sun protection cream even in winter and when there is overcast.

Winter can cause excessive dryness in some skin types; if the dryness persists you should consult a dermatologist. If dryness accompanies itching resulting in rashes, it is high time you bring your problems to the attention of a qualified doctor and a dermatologist.

A carefully thought out winter skin care routine can keep your skin healthy and glowing if you follow the tips and choose your skin care products diligently.

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care Routine
Winter Skin Care Routine
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Hot Shower Baths



Who does not love a hot shower bath especially in winter, Beware- however, hot water will leave your skin dry.




Hot or lukewarm water is good for relaxing the body when it is tense, after a tired work-out. However, best temperature of bathing water is your body temperature. Cold temperatures lure us into hot sauna and longer baths which is not good for skin.




Use bath salts and mild soaps that contain lots of moisturizer. Mild fragranced soaps that are organic can be a good choice. So not use medicated soaps unless it is absolutely necessary, they can be harsh to the skin.

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Moisturizing Your Body and Skin in Winter

Winter Skin Care Tips

Best way to keep your body and skin hydrated is through moisturizer. So when do you apply moisturizer? The best time is the one when you step outside the shower, when your body is moist and supple, it can absorb the moisturizer efficiently and keep the supply for a longer duration. Besides, the dampness allows the cream to be absorbed beautifully.

You can also apply moisturizing cream any time whenever you feel the dryness during the day. I would suggest applying lip balm in the morning, noon and evening and before sleeping. Lips are the most affected parts and they need to be moisturized often.

For oily skin, one should choose the skin care products diligently. Oily skin with open pores can burst into pimples when a cream based on oily base is applied. Hence look for moisturizers that are suitable for oily or combination skin.

Caring for Chapped Lips


Lips are the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body which are exposed to the harsh winter temperatures. Lips have fewer sebaceous glands and no pigmentation, which exposes them to UV damage and dryness.

Applying moisturizer to the lips daily is a good way to keep them healthy and soft. Products that are organic and natural will contain, aloe-vera, cocoa butter, petroleum products such as dimethicone, beeswax. Look for the presence of vitamin A and E in skin care products.

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Winter Skin Care on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner 28 days ago

Protecting oneself from supercold winds and subtle ultraviolet rays and taking hot baths are my favorite tips from your list above.

The blustering winds tend not to be forgotten even as ultraviolet-ray protection tends so often to be a -- big mistake! -- summer concern.

Would there be any materials -- apart wool -- that would be most moisture-retentive after baths and most wind-protective while outside?

Telesto on 01/16/2015

I have very sensitive skin so I always take care of my skin, but if it's windy and my skin starts to dry out, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, or even good old Vaseline, slathered on at night, seem to help. Of course, the right moisturiser in the first place helps.

Digby_Adams on 01/13/2015

I have used Dove soap for years. Just the plain old bar soap. I have it in the shower and at all of the sinks in the house. It keeps my skin from drying out. I do have to use the unscented version, the traditional scent gives me a headache

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