Top Winter Songs and Melodies

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With winter comes the most melodious winter songs that you would want to listen while watching the snow and sipping your cup of coffee.

Winter brings with it the joy of snow, hot chocolate and warmth of the fireplace. Relish the delightful snow and the winter, savour the warmth of your cozy home and woolen mittens listening top winter songs. Winter is one of the delightful times of the year; you cannot but either hate or adore it. Of the four seasons, I love winter most. I love the autumn and the snowfall; watching the milky weather from the window is a delightful experience for me.

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The Magic of Winter


 Every season has its own charm. Whether it is the freshness of a charming spring dawn, the blissful, coziness of a magnificent summer day, the freezing pinch of a fog filled, soaking autumn nightfall or the piercing cold temperature of an icy winter breeze; for everything there is a time and season. For winter season, you have the melodious winter soundtracks- listen to the music and get immersed in the flow. 

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Melodious Winter Songs


And to the very chilling autumn season, there is an experience, an experience that you need to feel with the music. The joy of listening to the falling snow is peaceful and relaxing. Most entertaining winter songs come with beautiful lyrics and music.


An experience of winter melodies and winter albums captured by many top artists is felt only when you experience the magic of winter. Listen to the lyrics and the tunes, they describe the winter in best possible way. They are like the flow poetry which is never ceasing. It is as if the songs wanted to capture the beauty of snowfall in the icy tunes, the magic of snow clad mountain, the wonderful mist and the blurred reindeers and bears in the hazy fog.



Winter songs capture the magic of winter season. Listening to these winter melodies is like bringing to your palate a delicious dessert after a gratifying meal. Listen to these songs when you are nervous and depressed, music is healing. Music makes your nerves super cool and relaxed.

Top Songs of Winter

Melodies of the Season


When winter season arrives, with it comes the snowfall, hail and storm. What best way to describe them than the winter songs. They are just around the corner and always there to warm the soul of youngsters and grownups alike with unforgettable melodies.


For most of us winter songs are our companions of the winter and a means to forget the loneliness of long winter nights. Enjoy the holiday season of heavy snowfall and the frost with pieces of music that resurrect the amazing, bitter and sweet memories of childhood.


These popular songs are something you want to hear again and again. Some of the unforgotten sweet winter melodies are Winter Wonderland, Winter Songs, Jingle Bells, Frosty and the abominable Snowman “Yeti”. 

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How do you like to hear winter songs?

Winter Festivals and Yuletide Songs


Yule time or Yuletide is a legendary winter festival famous as a pagan festival that was formerly celebrated by the historical Germanic people. Later this pagan religious festival was absorbed and became analogous to the Xmas festive event of Christians.  

Winter songs never failed to enlighten the hearts of kids and the senior citizens as well. Western culture have the schools, churches, communities, shopping malls and residences fill the winter with the musical vibes of these yuletide relaxing songs.

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Popular Winter Albums

Melodious Soundtracks of Snow

Here are some of the top winter albums that contain unique and diverse melodies from many of the famous singers. The winter album reflects and embarks the distinct style of the various singer artists, not to forget the many examples of masterpieces that stand out.

You ought to hear Fiona Apple's version of Frosty.  Sara Bareilles does an enchanting tune with her winter songs. Who can ever forget the “Silver Bells” soundtrack which contains the never ending fun and a chorus of amazing rendition? In fact, all of these winter songs offer music that you want to dance.

Making a glorious performance of winter album is popular Sara Bareille’s winter Song with Ingrid Michaelson and the Lenka song.  As is natural, the blend of the pitch of different artists have resulted in putting their own spin and twist in these songs. It is a must buy if you are looking for top winter songs and albums to preserve.

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Winter Song on YouTube

Song by Ronan Keating
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katiem2 on 11/12/2014

The holidays just wouldn't be the same without winter songs those familiar melody's ringing in the season with the fondest of memories and joy.

AngelaJohnson on 11/12/2014

I love all winter songs, even silly songs like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." I must confess, though, that I'm tired of the "12 Days of Christmas."

Mira on 11/12/2014

Winter songs would be a great gift for the holidays.

VioletteRose on 11/12/2014

Great collection of songs, I love melodious songs. Thanks for sharing :)

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