BEING LIMITLESS (For Real) Part 6: Smart Drug Health Benefits

by Jerrico_Usher

Smart Drugs actually work in the opposite way caffeine does... By enhancing your body and brain to support cognition and energy!

Nootropics feed the body nutrients it needs that we aren't likely getting in our foods. The better your nutrient intake the better you work. Nootropics go into an area where many people find themselves deficient in and repair the damage while fueling the body with nutrients that can make that happen.

Smart drugs don't generally come from the basic vitamin section of the store, they are more powerful and work directly on specific things. They are artificially created in a lab with natural nutrients in foods but in such a way that the body can use them more readily for cognition and other things. One of the most powerful Nootropics on the market today is Noopept and this is a derivative of Piracetam which is a derivative of Gaba (found in many foods and naturally occurring in your brain).

Limitless Health Benefits

You should be getting the basic nutrients the body needs (because you use it up fast when you think) like Choline, even vitamins a-zinc. The nutrients should come from foods and only need the other tier of smart drugs in the Piracetam realm for cognition enhancement WHEN you need them, not necessarily everyday. Nootropics work best in a healthy body so get exercise and eat healthy BEFORE you start taking them for optimal effects. Piracetam can help you get motivated to move around and thus help you put a plan into action. Noopept can do this too and actually more powerfully. Both of these have neuro-protective qualities as well as the ability to repair broken or damaged brain cells!

If your not getting your nutrients from foods this means you will need to take them in supplements and that means MORE pills. A good diet can eliminate the need for as much as 90% of the pills/ nootropic stacks you'd need to reach your "limitless" goals. Taking any kind of pills gets old very fast. Your best bet is to eat healthy, give the Nootropics a playground to work in, and resources to tap into to enhance your brains health and optimize your thinking.

Things like Piracetam that you can't get in foods, although they come from derivatives of foods (Piracetam is a bi-product of GABA and Ginko Biloba but in the form that Piracetam its in is where it's "Power" comes from), can be taken in shakes but are pretty bitter so you may want to take them as supplements instead. You buy them in powder for lower cost, then "cap" them into empty capsules you can buy and a 30.00 machine that does it for you 80% automated.

When I started stacking/taking supplements I took as much as 20-30 supplements a day (vitamins, amino acids, Nootropics) based on research I did. I came to realize that I couldn't bare taking more than 2-4 pills a day so I started to amp up my food supply. Most of what I was taking could be better ingested in high potency foods from the health food store (not the grocery store).

Removing toxic foods, drastically lowing sugar intake, drinking more water, eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. I completely changed how and what I ate and drank to coincide with my nutritional requirements. Today I'm only taking a few and only when needed. It's much more appealing to eat more good foods (organic) and taking a small handful of smart drug supplements or better adding them to a smoothie in powder form and taking NO pills but getting all your power naturally.

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Smart Drugs Work Intelligently - So They Don't Take You Hostage, Your body keeps doing what it was doing when you stop taking them!

One nice side effect of smart drugs are that their very nature is to enhance and enhancing naturally "trains" the body to maintain the status quot of working the way it's used to and that is safe and works!

If you take Piracetam for several months, for example, you won't feel the jolting euphoria you feel at first, but it's still working. The reason you stop feeling that "high" is because your body/brain has synced up with what used to be "enhancement" which is now the "norm". In other words you've evolved into healthy and your brain has taken what worked and ran with it, forged new neuropathways (habits in the physical sense), grown new dentrites (neuro-on ramps to other neuron freeways) and physically is running better even without the Piracetam.

Unlike drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol and anything like these "artificial sweeteners" of mood and function (or slowing down of function relaxing stress etc...), the smart drugs effects are rippling through you with evolving effects- you grow from them and can function even without them at some point.

This is not to say you can't continue to use them in your new state to enhance it even further. Like earning more money you get used to that income bracket and start to live your life better and eventually even there want to earn more to enhance your life even further- smart drugs can keep your upswing going!


Smart Drugs Can Give You A Starting Point Motivation... By Making You FEEL better within 7 days- enough to take action!

Think of it like this- being motivated often makes people try harder, makes them “want” to learn, be patient, and grow- it’s all the things that make things harder like fatigue, cloudy thinking, and constant bumping your toe, so to speak, that poltergeist that follows those people who don’t learn from their mistakes.

Like Bart Simpson they keep burning their hand on the stove then trying it again without changing the approach - that makes people quit, not try, and ultimately fail at everything they do endeavor. When your in a hard spot, motivation wise, smart drugs can give you that "coffee" boost cognitively and enhance creativity fast (Piracetam) without the crash.

Smart drugs help you remove the baggage so you can think better and one of Noopept's amazing features is it can remove anxiety with incredible precision and speed. I used to get anxious (which is unhealthy) all the time but since I started taking it I haven't stressed about anything really, that alone gives you a good feeling and much more motivation!

Smart Drugs Work WITHOUT Prejudice

Positive or Negative Results Get The Equal Rights Treatment!

Smart drugs are like coffee, helping you to push forward at mach speed, but pushing forward without prejudice. This means an idiot on a caffeine high will be an alert idiot who will cause more problems than he solves. If your mindset is damaged, negative, self inflicting-ly damaging, then smart drugs (and coffee) will just help you be more efficient at damaging yourself, frustrating yourself, and growing backwards (counter productivity).

If you have a bad habit of rationalizing everything- smart drugs will make you better at it- but this will cause a crash much like lying makes you lie to cover up that lie then it rolls into a snowball of hell. Mindset, again, is vital to your success. Smart drugs won't make you smarter, but they will give you the tools and fuel to get there if you're willing to try.

If your not ready, I plead with you to avoid them, they are amazing and wonderful things that make you truly feel “Limitless” but only if your mindset is tuned correctly. This isn't to say you have to be perfect or enlightened fully- I’m not even fully enlightened yet (and if I was why would I even exist in this plane?), but rather to say you have your own thoughts in check to one degree or another. Negative mindsets in conjunction with smart drugs are counterproductive. The exception are things that naturally help you with negative moods like 5-HTP, SAM-e, and other NATURAL anti-depressants (that do so much more, the antidepressant effect is a side effect!).

How do you know if your ready? If your mindset is in check? Simple.

You know when you make mistakes and can cop to them- even to yourself. You know how to forgive yourself and others instantly to release the negative effects of disdain  animosity, jealousy, hatred, and all the other nasty terms that mean- self inflicting wounds.

Like barney fife kept shooting himself in the foot and had to keep that bullet in his pocket- not in his gun, smart drugs are defensive bullets that can free you or damage you- most people walk around with a loaded gun in their consciousness and just because they don’t bear an obvious weapon in their hand or look like a warrior- people think they aren't dangerous. Take a look at worlds stupidest criminals TV show and you'll see stupidity is dangerous when acted upon.

Not being aware of how you affect people and adjusting to compromise is acting ignorant and being irrationally mean- it’s not about anyone being below you- it’s simply them at different developmental stages not necessarily cohesive to your development state.

Most people are developed in certain areas and less in others, it makes nobody smarter or better than anyone else, but rather means that your developed in one area and can help others in that area, while others can help YOU in areas your not developed in. This is the exact premise of a real, loving, cohesive relationship be it friends or lovers or boss and employee etc…).

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Updated: 12/02/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 08/19/2013

They have numerous amazing uses, including repairing the brain and body from toxins

Smart Drugs on 08/19/2013

smart drugs are great to increase our metabolism in our body.

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