Super Hero Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

Super hero party supplies and ideas for having a fantastic Super hero party including games and activities.

Planning a Super Hero Party?

Kids love Super Heroes don't they? My two boys are fascinated by all sorts of Super Heroes and love pretending they can fly or are really strong. A Super Hero party is great fun, I've included some ideas for party games and activities. 

Super Hero Fun Party Supplies Pack

Super Hero Fun Deluxe Party Pack for 8 Super Hero Fun Deluxe Party Pack for 8

This super hero 3D party pack is lots of fun. If you get the 3D glasses mask that comes in the party favor below then you can see a 3D effect popping out from the pafrty supplies!

This makes a super hero party activity in itself if you give out the 3D glasses during the party. 

You can get a pack that includes the favor boxes with 3D glasses too. 

Click to order: Super Hero Fun Deluxe Party Pack for 8


Super Hero Fun Favor Box Super Hero Fun Favor Box

This Super Hero party favor box includes several super hero themed goodies including a 3D glasses super hero mask. 

This mask gives a 3D effect to the party supplies in this range. You can give out the masks during the party and make an activity out of it. Tell the kids that it will give them a special super power to see things that the adults can't see.  (The adults can make a big deal about NOT being able to see the special effect.)

Super Hero Party Games

A few ideas for Super Hero party games to entertain the kids:

  • Pass the Cape. Like pass the parcel, but instead of passing the parcel you pass a cape. Each child puts it on then takes it off and passes it to the next child. A small prize is given to the child who has the cape when the music stops. At the end of the song the child wearing the cape gets a slightly bigger prize.  
  • Design a Superhero. Give kids blank paper (or a superhero outline coloring page) and colored pens and get them to design a super hero. Prizes for best, neatest, funniest super hero, etc. 
  • Spot the Bad Guy. At the beginning of the party introduce the kids to the bad guy - he can be a toy figure or a picture stuck onto card - get all the kids to boo at him. Throughout the party get an adult to place him when the kids aren't looking. Whoever captures bad guy gets a small prize. 

Super Hero Cape

Superhero Cape
Only $15.99

Decorate a Cape

Kids will enjoy decorating a cape and this kit includes everything you need to decorate 12 white vinyl capes. The kids will get a cool party favor to take home too. 

Color-Me Super Hero Cape Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Color-Me Super Hero Cape Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Super capes for super kids! Decorate white vinyl 30" tall capes with included fabric markers. Hook and loop closure. S; ; Help Kids Create with Color-Me! ; Every Color-Me kit ...


Super Hero Party Activities

  • Make a brick wall from cardboard boxes and let the kids take turns being super strong and knocking it down and then building it up again. 
  • Make a periscope to give kids the special power of seeing through (well over) walls. 
  • Make fake weights from cardboard painted black and let the kids lift them. 
  • Tell the kids that there are people or animals stuck in the sandbox that need to be rescued. (Bury some toy figures before hand that the kids can take home.) Tell the kids how many people or animals they should rescue each so everyone gets a share. 
  • Tell the kids there has been a bank robbery and they need to recover all the treasure and find the bad guy. (Hide chocolate coins around the room or garden, whoever finds the bad guy gets an extra small prize.)
  • Oh no, some of your fellow super heroes have been trapped in a net and need rescuing! Put small super hero figures in garden netting and tie it up with string - the kids need to untie the strings to make the netting fall and release the super heroes. (Party favors for them to take home - Super Hero ducks are good for this.)

Flying over the city

  • Get a city skyline wall decal or poster and mount it vertically on a wall. Have the children take turns standing next to it in a superhero flying pose. Take photos and when you turn them horizontally it will look like the child is flying over the city. You can either print the photos and give them as party favors, or print them aftern the party and send them with thank-you notes. 

Super Hero Rubber Ducks

12 Super Hero Rubber Duck Party Favors
Only $6.50

Super Hero Thankyou Notes - 3D!

Super Hero Fun 3D Thank-You Notes (8) Super Hero Fun 3D Thank-You Notes (8)

These 3D thank-you notes use the same 3D effect as the party supplies so kids will be able to get out their 3D glasses masks and remember the cool super hero party they went to. 


And Thank-You for visiting this Super Hero Party Supplies page. I hope you have a wonderful party. 


More Super Hero Party Ideas

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