Super Mario Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

Do you need Super Mario party supplies and ideas for hosting a cool Super Mario kids party? You'll find everything you need here in one place.

Do you know a Super Mario fan with a birthday coming up?

You'll find lots of ideas on this page for Super Mario party supplies and ideas for planning a Mario party that kids will love.

Don't miss the chocolate moustache molds or the Super Mario party favors.

Hosting a Super Mario Party

Super Mario Bros. Invitations (8)


Super Mario Bros. is a very popular party theme with kids at the moment. It's great fun and very colorful. 

I've put together a collection of great Super Mario party supplies and ideas for hosting a fun Mario party. 

We've been to two Mario-themed parties recently. Lots of fun and the kids definitely all knew who Mario was!

First things first. you'll need some Super Mario party invitations to let the players, um guests, know where and when the excitement starts. 


Super Mario Bros. Invitations (8)

Super Mario Bros. Party Supplies Pack

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Party Pack for 8 & 8 Favor Boxes


Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Party Pack for 8 & 8 Favor Boxes

This Super Mario brothers party pack has a very bright and colorful design, great for a kids party. Mario features heavily in the design and Luigi is there too. 

You can get the pack without or without filled favor boxes and in packs for 8 or 16 guests. 

You can also by extra matching items individually. 



Super Mario Filled Party Favor Boxes

Super Mario Bros. Party Favor Box Super Mario Bros. Party Favor Box

You can also get pre-filled Super Mario party favor boxes to match your theme. 

These can be bought separately or in a big bundle with a matching party supplies pack. 

Having pre-filled party favor boxes means one less thing to worry about. 

You can always add a little something extra to personalize the box if you have time. 


Super Mario Wall Graphics

Nintendo Wall Graphics - Super Mario Bros
Only $49.45

Decorate with Super Mario Wall Stickers!

You can have lots of fun decorating the party room with Super Mario wall stickers like the ones above.

These Super Mario wall decals are removable so they could be moved to the birthday child's bedroom or playroom after the party. 

You could also use these as a Super Mario party activity. The kids will have a lot of fun designing a Super Mario level layout on a blank wall!

A Super Mario Party Banner


"Super Mario Bros. Personalized Photo Banner Standard 18"" x 61"""

 A personalized Super Mario banner is a fun way to decorate for a party. You can choose from banners that just have a name on them to those that actually have a picture of the birthday child. 

I love making food for a kids party, but it is time-consuming. I find that you can get really good results with the right cookie cutters and cake / chocolate molds and cupcake toppers or food pick flags. 

Mustache Lolly Chocolate Molds

MUSTACHE LOLLY Dads and Moms Candy Mold Chocolate
Only $7.49

Chocolate Mario Mustaches!

Mario and Luigi both have big mustaches. Kids will have lots of fun pretending to be their favorite characters with a chocolate mustache on a stick!

These molds are easy to use, just melt some baking chocolate in the microwave and pour it in them pop them in the fridge to set. 

You can give out the chocolate Mario mustaches as prizes for Mario impressions. Or pop them in party bags as favors (but the kids will have fun if they get to play with them and then eat them at the party.)

Super Mario Toadstool and Gold Coin Sandwiches and Cookies

You can use mini cookie cutters to cut food into Super Mario themed shapes. 

You can use a mushroom shaped cutter to make toadstools - add colored fondant to decorate. 

You can also create hearts and gold coins. 

You can of course make shaped cookies, but lots of other ideas work well too. You can cut fondant shapes to decorate cupcakes. You can cut sandwiches into shapes. 

Super Mario gold coins made from cheese are good fun!

Or How about a Mario Cake Topper

If you have the time and skill to make your own Super Mario cake then I'm sure it will be appreciated. 

But, a Super Mario cake topper is a great alternative if you haven't collected the right power ups for cake decorating!

You can even give the cake topper decorations away as party favors or let the birthday boy or girl keep them as a momento. 

Super Mario Party Games and Activities

Super Mario Figures

Great Super Mario Party Prizes
Super Mario Brothers: 2" Mini Figures Set of 18
$44.99  $10.99

Super Mario Party Games

So what party games or activities fit well with a Super Mario party?

  • How about a Rescue Princess Peach treasure hunt. Princess Peach has been captured and the kids have to find her. You can use a Princess Peach mini-figure for this. You could also hide smaller gifts like chocolate coins so that everyone gets to find something. 
  • Get a plush version of of of the bad guys from Super Mario like a ghost. Have an adult make him appear at random points and places throughout the party and tell the kids to look out for him. Give a small prize to anyone who spots the ghost!
  • If you have the room then you can create a real Super Mario platform level and have the kids compete to see who can finish it fastest. Include some enemies to avoid (with penalties) and gold coins to collect or touch. Give prizes for fastest, funniest, most effort, etc. 

Super Mario Balloon Modeling

Balloon modeling is a fun activity for a kids party. You can make balloon animals, pirate swords, balloon flowers and lots more.

Make Mario from Balloons

The kids will be very impressed if you can make Super Mario from modeling balloons! 

Balloon modeling isn't as tricky as you might think, but this is quite a complex model so do practice beforehand!

If you think you might be able to give this a go, then check out this article for tips. 

Super Mario Party Favors

It's worth checking for Super Mario party favors on eBay. You can often find small Mario-themed gifts like stickers, pencils and candy at reasonable prices. 

Updated: 02/16/2012, TerriRexson
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