Superhero Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

Creative ideas for the best superhero party favors for girls

Girls can be superheros too. But unfortunately it's really hard to find superhero party favors that are for girls. This is especially true if you don't want to focus on a specific superhero character like Wonder Woman.

It's even harder if you don't want pink, pink or pink. So even though there's only a few superhero party favors for girls I've tried to get a few in different colors - not just pink. But if you do want pink - you're in luck.

Superhero Stickers for Girls

Stickers are one of those essential classics you need to add to any birthday party favor bag. 

Superhero stickers are easy to get - but superhero stickers for girls aren't. So the challenge of getting the right superhero party favors for girls starts with finding the essentials. You can get a few good ones though. 

I thought the Superhero Girl in the City Sticker was a great one if you don't want to go all pink. It was actually the only superhero sticker for girls I could find that wasn't all pink. But if you're happy with pink you'll get more choice in stickers. I've started you off with these two bright pink superhero stickers. Most definitely designed for girls.

Pink Superhero Blowouts

Blowouts are another classic party favor but are also very hard to find with a superhero theme for girls. This pink superhero blowout was the only one I could find. 

Again if you don't mind pink (or I should say if your daughter doesn't mind pink), you're in luck. If you really don't want pink favors at the party you might need to use a plain, brightly colored one instead. Using a nicely colored blowout that's not a special superhero design will add to the fun. It's even better if you can get one with stars to make it a little more superhero like.

Superhero Jewelry

Jewelry is a fun idea for a girls birthday party favor bag. You just need to find something in the theme of your party. 

Now superhero jewelry is very hard to find - and guess what color it comes in. Yup pink! This means you need to be creative to find jewelry that will suit a superhero party that isn't pink. 

I've found two star shaped necklaces that would work well. Lightning bolt shaped or patterned jewelry would also be a good idea for a superhero.

Superhero Bubbles

Bubbles are another party favor that kids love. You can't get special superhero bubbles but I did find these fabulous star shaped ones that would make great superhero bubbles.

The star shape fits into the superhero theme really well because stars are one of the shapes that appears in superhero comics and on superhero costumes.

As necklaces these bubbles could also be used as your party favor jewelry item. Which makes it easier because you're getting two for the price of one. They come in packs of 12 too which is even better!

Superhero Art Supplies

I couldn't find any superhero art supplies but I found these colorful star crayons.

These crayons are a real novelty for kids because they're a fun star shape and multicolored. 

These star crayons come in packs of 3. You can give each child a full pack or you can give them one each. If you're giving just one make sure you wrap it in colorful cellophane and mark it with "superhero crayon" though so they know what they're getting. (They probably won't have seen one of these novelty crayons before and might just give you a puzzled look when they see it if it doesn't have a label on it.) 

Superhero Treats for Party Favors

Superhero Cookies

It's very easy to make superhero themed cookies with a lightning bolt or star shaped cookie cutter. You don't even need to make your own dough to create the cookies from. You only need to buy your favorite cookie dough to use. 

So how do you make these cookies good for girl superheros? By decorating them in a way girls will like. So keep an eye out for girly icing colors and other decorating supplies that you can use to decorate these superhero cookies with.

Superhero Chocolates

You can also make chocolates for your party favor bag with molds like this star one. I couldn't find any lightning bolt ones - but a star one will work just as well. 

I've never made chocolates - but my friends have and it doesn't seem hard. You can decorate these if you like too - as part of the chocolate making process. Or you can just tie a ribbon around the stick (near the chocolate at the top) or wrap them in colorful cellophane and tie that with a ribbon in a matching color.

Superhero Lollipops

Lollipops are always a fun choice for a birthday party favor and I thought these star lollipops were a bright and fun idea for a superhero party. 

These lollipops are a great mix of colors and patterns. Not too much pink. They will look good as a single lollipop in the bag. They will also look great if you give every child 2 or 3.

These lollipops will also add extra color and brightness to a superhero birthday party favor bag for girls if most of your other favors are pink. So it's a lollipop that can help balance out a party bag that's becoming too much of one color. 

The lollipops come in a pack of 12 so they're easier to pop in your party favor bag than the cookies or chocolates too because they're a no-work and no-mess option.

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Another Superhero Idea for Girls

Pink Supergirl Child's Costume, Medium
Updated: 12/27/2013, SusanM
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