The Hunger Games Districts

by SeanMac

There are 13 Districts in Panem, plus a controlling Capitol. The Hunger Games, where kids fight and die, is the fictionalized, future North America, created by Suzanne Collins.

Panem, like the Pheonix, rose from the ashes. In this case a nuclear war destroyed the land leaving just the Capitol and the surrounding districts. District 13 was destroyed as the Hunger Games began. Two children from each district are selected as tributes to fight in deadly annual games by the cruel administration. There can be just a single survivor. Former Hunger Games winners must mentor new tributes. All citizens must watch live recordings of the fights. The Capitol is posh, with little regard for citizens living (or dying) in the districts. The dictator is President Snow. Katniss represents District 12 in the Hunger Games. Movie released March 2012.

District 1

Tributes Glimmer, Marvel, Gloss and Cashmere

District 1 supplies luxury goods to the Capitol. Many former winners of the Hunger Games are from this district. They tend to affiliate themselves with kids from Districts 2 and 4 when fighting. Kids here volunteer themselves, unlike poorer districts whose kids are terrified of getting picked as tributes.

District 2

Tributes Cato, Clove and former winners Lyme, Brutus and Enobaria

District 2 lies close to the Capitol and its citizens are stonemasons and builders. Receives special treatment from Dictator Snow and looks after the defense of the Capitol. Such is their success rate, children even train themselves from a very young age in preparation for battle in the Games. This is the birthplace for many of the Peacekeepers.

Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games

Mockingjay symbols of rebellion and hope
Katniss of the Hunger Games Trilogy
Katniss of the Hung...

District 3

Tributes Wiress and Beetee (also known as Nuts and Volts) are past Hunger Games winners

District 3 has many electronic factories and is the engineering district. Perceived as weak by some, and often ignored by Districts 1, 2 and 4 when in combat. District 3 is not so well connected to the administration as 1, 2 and 4. Perhaps this is a deliberately wise move.

District 4

Tributes Mags, Annie and Finnick Odair (all former winners of HG)

A wealthy fishing area closely aligned to Districts 1 and 2 as well being favored by the Capitol. Primarily a seafood provider. Katniss finds some friends there. 

District 5

Tribute known only as Foxface (not real name)

District 5 is all about power generation but little else is known of its citizens other than their representatives in the Games.

District 6

Little is known about Tributes from this region, one of whom was called Titus

Transportation is the business of this district. Again, Katniss finds friends there. Both she and Peeta are helped by people from D6. Rumored to be a drug district, but not confirmed, despite mention of morphine use by tributes who are morphling addicts.

District 7

Tributes Blight and Johanna Mason (former Hunger Games winner)

District 7’s speciality is wood and paper. Their fighters are expert at handling an axe as one would expect from woodcutters. Katniss meets yet another ally from this district.

District 8

Tributes Woof and Cecelia

The uniforms of the police enforcers are manufactured here. As with other districts characters are named after their craft so it is little surprise to see a person named Twill from this district that manufactures fabrics. Commander Paylor originates from here.

District 9

Tribute names unknown

Little is known of District 9 other than the fact that it has granaries and its main product is grain. Almost cannon fodder for the stronger districts.

District 10

Tributes are dressed like cows

District 10 specializes in cattle and other livestock. Some of the District 10 tributes are attired as cows when presented at the games, but to what purpose little is known. Most of the districts dress their tributes to reflect their core enterprises. The refugee Dalton is an Cattle Expert.

District 11

Tributes Thresh, Rue, Chaff & Seeder

Crops and agriculture are what District 11 is all about. Herb lore is the skill of many who live here.  Sunburned dark skinned people are the main inhabitants and the entire district is ruled with an iron hand by the Peace Force. Shares the same level of poverty as District 12.

District 12

Tributes Katniss Everdeen, Peeta, Maysilee Donner plus old timer Haymitch Abernathy (a previous winner)

Apart from the coal mines District 12 is the home of  Katniss, Peeta, and many characters from The Hunger Games books including Gale, Madge and Primrose Everdeen. It is a very poor district with a thriving black-market which is held in The Hob (an old coal shed). Has an abject level of poverty, like their near neighbors in District 11.

The Hunger Games movie has proved to be a big hit and a new tie in board game has been launched. 

District 12 Strategy Game

The Hunger Games Board Game
The Hunger Games Movie The District 12 Strategy Game
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District 13

The lost district

District 13 is thought to be non existent, having been destroyed and bombed during the war. Knowing a little about all of these districts (and some of their characters) is a great help when reading the books or when to go to see the movie version. Your enjoyment of The Hunger Games movie will be much enhanced if your read book 1 first and get familiar with the many characters involved in the story. Look out too, for the Mockingjay symbol which is closely related to the Hunger Games story line and to Katniss herself.

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SeanMac on 07/21/2012

My kids read it too, we had to buy separate copies but we all enjoyed it very much. Thank you katiem2 for visiting this hunger games article.

katiem2 on 07/20/2012

The Hunger Games is amazing, both my daughters read it in school before the movie came out and they gave me the heads up on it. They both give both the book and movie a solid 100% Great Stuff!

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