The Most Romantic Valentines Gift

by katiem2

For the very special someone in your life who you hope to spend the rest of your life with give the most romantic valentines gift ever.

Who doesn’t have a love song? I’ll tell you nobody and those who don’t yet have one secretly long for that special song connecting them to their lover.

A song sparking special thoughts of you anytime the song is heard. The song reminds you of the special things unique to your relationship those magical moments of love and special secrets only you two know, like your song.

Gifts That Say I Love You

Giving a gift that makes a special moment become an unforgettable moment may best be captured through a love song.

I have long since thought about what the perfect gift would be for my lover this Valentines Day. I pride myself on being creative and caring and for this reason the standard candy, cute stuffed singing animals and cards is so played out.  I want to blow my Valentine away.

Yes I set out to give it some careful thought and come up with a new and original gift idea for my valentine this year.  I think it's so good I'm sharing it with the world, kinda reminds you of screaming it from the roof tops aye?

The Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

Taking the love song one step further I hatched a plan that would make cupid blush.

While thinking of love, and relationships that last the one thing kept coming to mind, our love song. Suddenly It hit me, I’ll give my valentine our love song for the special day.

Not just any love song, as when I searched through iTunes I found many love songs that brought up special memories of us. This is when I got the idea to buy my valentine a iPod and load it with these love songs. He doesn't have a touch yet and I thought this is perfect. First I bought the iPod and set up an account for my valentine and wrote the account information in a valentine’s card. I then proceeded to download all our favorite love songs onto the iPod.

The Perfect Gift

An iPod loaded with Our Love Song
Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) - Black - Current Version
Only $193.1

Pleasing Gifts for Lovers

The love song idea went over big, it was very well received gift getting you the reaction you want.

This was so much fun for me, I knew how special it would be to him as well. I found many songs we shared a love for that weren’t love songs and added those as well.

I Couldn't Wait

Needless to say my valentine loved the gift and has mentioned to me on several occasions details about the songs I downloaded, which ones he likes best and lines and verses that remind him of me. This has been the greatest gift ever as it’s created a secret bond only the two of us share.  He takes it to the gym, to the office, on trips, he takes it everywhere.

My valentine listens to his iPod as the world goes by all the while building a stronger more intimate bond with me. This is hands down the best valentines gift ever. It's made every year after it easy as  I’ll be buying my valentine an iTunes gift card for adding more songs.

The iPod has made a lasting impression and is still around to be enjoyed; it did not wilt like flowers or add inches to our middle like candies would have. I get a huge smile and a wink every time I’m near when he takes out the iPod to enjoy the favorite music that's unique and special to us.

Music is a vital part of our lives; it creates a setting to all the special moments in life. Music connects us to feelings of love, empowerment and motivation. It’s easy to understand why music makes the best gift anytime. 

Much Love and Happiness, Katie


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katiem2 on 02/07/2012

Aw thanks Angel, lol I hear that :) Love the new profile pic, that's a keeper!

Angel on 02/06/2012

You are the Love Goddess! Great idea for V-Day. I just need to get my husband to slow down long enough to listen to an ipod.

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