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by JoHarrington

Checking out gift ideas for fans of True Blood's Sam? The internet has exactly what you need in stock, come on in and let us serve it up!

There may be a wild streak shifting in there, but Sam Merlotte is Mr Dependable. No matter what's thrown at Sookie, you know that her boss will drop everything to make things right.

Fans of Sam Merlotte know a good man when they see one. If the world was a good, just and righteous place, then the waitress would be his lady. Even Sookie knows that. But then there's the whole 'dating your employer' thing, and the fact that she tends to go for men who lust after her blood above all.

While there's a chance that she'll see reason, we have Team Sam gifts for those cheering him on.

True Blood Premiere Edition Sam Merlotte 3D Shadowbox Card

In 2012, Rittenhouse finally got around to releasing a True Blood Trading Card Collection. With 96 base cards and several rare goodies thrown in, this became a quick draw for collectors and True Blood fans alike.

The rarest elements are the Shadowbox cards. Only four characters ever featured in one of these, and they were inserted into just 1.72 packs. Fortunately Sam Merlotte was chosen, along with Sookie, Bill and Eric. The 3D True Blood Sam trading card is for true collectors only.

Sam: "You ok? Are We Going Too Fast?"

All About True Blood's Shifter Sam

*Spoiler Warning! Skip if you haven't seen to the end!*
  • Melinda was only sixteen years old when she became pregnant with Sam. Unfortunately her boyfriend Joe Lee Mickens was in prison at the time, so she gave her baby up.
  • Mitch and Sue Ann Merlotte adopted Sam. He had a happy childhood, until...
  • ... puberty hit and the Merlottes had a shock. Melinda hadn't told them about her genes, and her shape-shifter nature.
  • After Sam Merlotte shape-shifted into the image of the family dog, his adoptive family abandoned him. He came home from school to find the house stripped of furniture, but for his bedroom.
  • Just a teenager, Sam was left to accept and learn about his shape-shifting abilities for himself.
  • He broke into the home of Maryann Forrester. Surprised in the act of stealing money and other items, she forgave him immediately and seduced him.
  • When Sam discovered that Maryann was a maenad, he fled the house. But he'd spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder waiting for her to catch up, and claim him as a sacrifice to Dionysus.
  • In adulthood, Sam embarked upon a life of crime, stealing money and jewelery, using his shifting abilities to open doors.
  • With his amassed wealth, he finally settled down with his own bar and restaurant business.

True Blood Sam Signed Photographs

HBO True Blood Sam Merlotte Stickers

Sam Merlotte Pinback Buttons and Key-rings

Sam Merlotte Bar and Restaurant Owner

By the time True Blood began, Merlotte's Bar and Grill had been established in Bon Temps for years. Its owner Sam was a respectable member of the community, and Sookie Stackhouse was a waitress there.

Sam had a definite crush on her, but never did anything about it. It took the arrival of Bill Compton for the shifter to finally make his move. By then, it was a bit too late.

Nevertheless, Sam and Sookie have tested their waters with the occasional snog. Unfortunately for him, their relationship has never strayed too far from a great friendship.

Which isn't to say that there haven't been other love interests. Team Sam might be better off pushing for Tara or Luna, than waste any more time on the whims of telepathic waitresses.

But throughout it all, Sam has proved that he's loyal and steadfast. A true woman's best friend.

Sam: "I Prefer Dogs. People Like Dogs."

Enjoy again the great moment when Sookie finds out that Sam is a shapeshifter. NB: Strong language in one instant.

True Blood Team Sam T-Shirts

Team Bill, Team Eric, Team Alcide... or Team Sam?

Anybody who's on this page has probably already made their choice, and it's the sensible way to go.  Vampires ultimately only want blood and werewolves have all that pack politics to contend with, not to mention the propensity to get a little rough.

But Sam is human. Ok, there's that whole turning into a dog thing going on - or whatever other animal he wishes to become - yet nothing here is shifting the fundamental fact that he's human.

Team Sam is all about not crossing species in this love match.  Especially when the human option is so yummy!

Reasons to Join Team Sam

  • He's Sam Merlotte!
  • Sookie already knows that she can count on him. He's always come through her for over years of fond friendship.
  • Sam would be willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends and community. Just think back to the whole maenad situation.
  • Sookie's friends and family already know and respect him. There would be definite cheering in Bon Temps, if they ever got together.
  • Sam has a good steady income.  He not only has his bar and grill, but owns several houses in the Bon Temps area too.
  • He has a great sense of humor ("Nobody likes an angry bunny.."), and he's great with kids (actually turning into a bunny to amuse Emma).
  • He's had a crush on Sookie since forever, and it's always lovely to see dreams come true.

More Sam Merlotte T-Shirts

Sam: "I'm So Sick of F&%$ing Fighting."

Sookie and Sam get philosophical in a hospital waiting room. NB Strong language throughout.

Team Sam Gifts on Zazzle

These funky Sam Merlotte merchandise have been created by Team Sam for Team Sam. They are the perfect presents for those who see the worth in their favorite shape-shifter.

  • This True Blood key-ring reads: 'Sam makes me growl'.
  • I love the baseball cap, which advertizes Merlotte's Bar and Grill, with a hint in there about the shifting nature of its lovely owner.
  • The Team Sam mug bears the legend, 'I like a man who can be his own best friend.'

That last one...!  Bless him!  Shifting into a dog might not be as rock-n-roll as a werepanther or a vampire, but it's certainly cute.  Plus it's much safer to have him around the house than some of the creatures knocking at your door.

More True Blood Gift Ideas

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JoHarrington on 06/17/2013

I can't argue with that! And I've seen him season 6 episode 1 now - awww! Poor love.

Jenny on 06/17/2013

Very pretty man in a rugged kind of way

JoHarrington on 06/16/2013

It's quite easy to keep shifting allegiance as time goes on too. I want ALL of them to succeed, which, of course, isn't quite the done thing! Poor Sam does deserve to get the lady though.

And I thoroughly recommend True Blood. The sixth season begins in the US tonight. Us in Britain will have to wait a little longer though. *sad face*

kimbesa on 06/16/2013

Haven't yet looked into True Blood, but it's looking interesting as I read your articles. And the kinds of goods that are made for fans of a series, some creative ideas lurking there.

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