Turquoise and Black Bedding and Comforter Sets

by HomeArtist1

These turquoise and black bedding sets have a fun and funky vibe that promises an amazing, yet affordable start to your girl's to teeen's new bedroom theme.

Turquoise and black are two hues that play off one another in striking contrast. And what an amazing start to transforming your space from 'yawn' to YES! in no time.
Whether you're decorating for yourself or tween to teen girl's bedroom, turquoise and black or turquoise's neighboring color: teal and black betray an aura of energy, clear blue skies, electricity, drama ~ life. Indeed, turquoise and black a great color choices for your space's focal point. Scroll down for a fabulous selection of turquoise (or teal) and black comforter sets and other bedding along with my start-to-finish decorating suggestions that promise to WOW! you ~ and your bedroom's ambiance.

Starting with Your Bedroom's New Style:

Your Space's Focal Point Needs Contrast

Getting That 'Oh, Wow!' Focal Point

Turquoise and Teal are fabulous contrasts with black, so the color duos you choose will be the eye-catcher you're after when you start with great bedding.

Opting for a matching set like those I've included here will lay a nice foundation, introducing your bedroom's theme and color palette from the get-go. Ideally, your bed set should seemingly leap from the wall, so if you're stuck with white walls or you just want the uber-versatile white, turquoise and black bedding will work for your focal point's success.


Keeping Your Turquoise and Black Wild Design Under-Control-Tame


Using Busy Animal Print Bedding Wisely

Animal prints are a fun way to decorate for tween and teen girls ~ especially when the exotic design melds with the ever-popular turquoise and black bedding sets like those I've included here.

But like any busy print, those convincing stripes and spots can fast become a confusing splatter of wild spots-and-stripes-gone-wild if you're not careful to corral the urge to splurge on the design. Indeed, too much of one design can overwhelm your space, resulting in a chaotic look you don't want in a bedroom.

Notice the zebra stripe in the turquoise and black model room (above left); all the look-alike coordinates take away from your room's star attraction: the bed. The result is a diluted focal point.

Allow your bed to stand out from the rest, attracting the eye from the get-go.

Ideally, you want your bed to steal the show and any ensuing accessories should support the theme, not take from it.

The Science of Color:

Either Turquoise, Teal or Aqua: Blue the Calming Hue

Blue is such a soothing color; hence, turquoise and its cousins, teal and aqua are ideal for bedrooms.

Did you know that many medical facilities use blue in their decor for its calming effects on patients?

I've even had the 'pleasure' of witnessing this practice in an operating room.

Color has an important impact on our feelings and activity.

Reds and oranges have an energetic effect, so you'll see these shades in fast food restaurants were the idea is to get people moving out quickly. Who knew?

So, it makes good sense to bathe walls in a shade or two lighter or darker than your bedding.

If you prefer a bit more black, accentuate with black throw pillows to bring out the black in the bedding.

With or without the added pillows, this duvet has the makings of an amazing focal point.

Manipulating Color for More Turquoise or Teal


A Play On Color: 'The Visual Sway'

Sometimes we happen upon a gotta-have decorative piece, even if it's missing the color mark you're pining for.

Often times you can trick the eye into perceiving a different shade; I call this the 'visual sway'. While not a technical term, it works in explaining the process.

Since, teal, turquoise and aqua are very similar shades that differ in the addition of either white or a conservative sprinkling of green. If a bedding set is a bit off you can add nearby accessories or wall art that best mirror the color you want. If the bedding is several shades off, you can 'graduate' from the lighter/darker shade little by little with accessories that move from the off-color to the correct hue. This way, the eye moves from the off-color bedding to your ideal choice.

These bedding sets have either teal, aqua or turquoise that can easily be perceived as each other using this gradual, 'visual sway'.

Going for a Boutique Look in Your Girl's or Teen's Bedroom

I've included the Florentine frou-frous design done up in turquoise and black as well as aqua and teal if you're leaning toward a chic boutique ambiance that's popular with girls of all ages ~ even us adults.I'm seeing any of these bedding sets ideally paired with white furniture.

Mix these comforter sets with accessories like a wire dressmaker form and a cute milk glass lamp with a frilly turquoise or teal shade for added drama and a convincing look that's all-girl. You might want to top your decor off with a chandelier in black or clear crystal for a stunning crowning jewel in your new room

Solid Turquoise Bedding Sets = More Choices for Bedroom Decor

Don't discount 'plain 'ol' bedding like these solid turquoise comforter sets; they can offer you the most freedom when choosing decor, acting as a blank slate where the sky's the limit, especially with the bedding above left.

You'll have the option for choosing accessories and wall art without having to go for a particular design.

For the turquoise and black you're after opt for black pillows and window panels with a cool pattern in turquoise and black.

Really, plain can be your friend when you're undecided and have wall art or other substantial piece you must work into your decor.

While plain may seem your least fave it can turn out to be a diamond in the rough.

Ageless Design: Decor for Now & Later

Modern & Classic Turquoise and Black Bedding

I love to decorate but I'm not keen on having to invest money again and again in redecorating the same space ~ especially kids' and teens' bedrooms were they can awake a changed person as far as their tastes are concerned. I often refer to this enigma as the "Bambi to Bieber" phase where yesterday's cute deer is abandoned for a cute dear.

Bedding sets like these that sport the houndstooth and geometric triangles promise you a long term payout, earning their keep far longer than those cute kid-friendly motifs. Plus, when you child opts out of their puppy posters you'll only need to change out your wall art and a few accessories; the bedding can stay.

Pair up a turquoise and black bedding set like these timeless treasures with those standard size posters (24"x36"). You can make an impressive-sized finished piece of art using cheap poster frames. I buy mine at those big box craft stores where I can download a weekly coupon on my phone; no printing is necessary. And I enjoy usually a 40% off discount.

By using standard sized posters, you simply change out the poster and you've another great piece of art! Just keep to the 24x36" size, as most posters are available in this size. Using frames really makes the artwork dimensional and sharp.

Bedding that lasts is your first step to saving your on decorating budget. Smart!


Color Conundrum: Turquoise, Teal and Aqua:  What's the Difference?

There's no bigger color confusion than the turquoise, teal and aqua trio. With such subtle differences it's no wonder we're stymied but here's an easy reference to make the three hues more recognizable:

Turquoise: More green in the blue

Teal: more balanced blue/green

Aqua: Paled turquoise (turquoise with white)

And there you have it!

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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HomeArtist1 on 09/11/2015

Thanks CruiseReady! Writing about what I want and sharing my love for decorating, keeps me busy while hopefully helping others who have a room to decorate. I like your posts very much and recommend them to anyone who loves the ocean and decor (hint to readers everywhere) and anything tropical.

CruiseReady on 09/09/2015

There are some really nice choices here. I really like the boldness of the one with polka dots and damask.

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