Venetian Masquerade Masks for Women and Girls

by TerriRexson

A selection of masquerade masks for women and girls to wear to a prom, masquerade ball, mardi gras, sweet sixteen or any other masquerade themed party or event.

Modern masquerade masks to be worn at a masquerade-themed event are typically very pretty with vibrant colors, feathers and sequins. They can be made from fabric including velvet, silk or leather. Intricate laser cut metal designs are also gaining popularity.

Most modern masquerade masks cover just the top half of the face although many have elaborate feathers and design details that extend far beyond the mask to create a striking display. Masquerade masks can be fixed to a stick which the wearer hold up to their face or attached to a band or ties to keep them in place.

These masks are sometimes referred to as Venetian masks, in reference to their history and the modern day Venice carnevale.

Masquerade Masks for Prom, Wedding, Ball, Fundraiser or Party

Masquerade Masks on Sticks

The masquerade mask on a stick is very theatrical. The stick itself becomes part of the costume and creates a very dramatic appearance. 

A masquerade mask is fun for dramatically revealing your identity. And if you won't be wearing your mask for the whole event, it's less likely to smudge your make up that masks that are tied to your face. 

If you do take your mask off, make sure you remember to take it home with you at the end of the evening. 

A venetian mask, or a collection of them, looks wonderful on display in your bedroom and will be a lovely reminder of the event you attended. 

Red Venetian Mask with Feathers on a Stick

Venetian Mask
Only $36.93

Masquerade Masks on Sticks

Masquerade Masks at a Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls became popular in Renaissance Italy. They were elaborate events for the elite of society often to celebrate weddings. At a masquerade ball the guests wear a masquerade mask to protect their identity. Historically, this allowed discussions to flow freely between guests who might not have spoken had their identities been public. Sometimes it was a pretence that gave some freedom in a rigid society. And sometimes there was real mystery. Masquerade balls spread throughout Europe. 

Today the masquerade is a popular prom theme. Masquerade balls are also popular for fundraisers. And wedding masquerade balls have also made a comeback. There are lots of gorgeous masquerade masks available if you are lucky enough to have been invited to such at event. 

Masquerade Masks with Feathers

Feathers were a popular decoration for historical masquerade masks. You'll  find some gorgeous masks featuring peacock and ostrich feathers particularly. Often the feathers are died to match the rest of the mask. 

Vibrant colors like red, purple and royal blue are very popular for masks and the feathers that trim them. 

Some masks just have a few feathers to add detail while other have elaborate plumage. It's common for masquerade masks to be asymmetrical is their design. 

Spanish Peacock Feather Mask

Spanish Peacock Feather Mask
Only $20.99

Peacock and Ostrich Feather Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Masks at Carnivale and Mardi Gras

The wearing of masks in Venice predates the popularisation of masquerade balls. Masks were worn during festivals such as the Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia.) The Venice Carnival was resurrected in the 70s and is very popular today. Masquerade masks are also popular at modern Mardi Gras carnivals and celebrations. 

Laser Cut Metal Masquerade Masks

Gold and silver have always been popular in masquerade masks - the more luxurious the better. But laser cutting of intricate designs is a modern touch. 

You can find beautiful intricate laser cut metal masks in a variety of designs. Some feature animals such as butterflies, foxes and cats. Others resemble tiaras. 

Crystals and rhinestones are also popular on these designs for a bit of added sparkle. 

Venetian Purple Mask w/ Gold Metal Laser-cut and Crystals on Eyes

Venetian Purple Mask w/ Gold Metal Laser-cut and Crystals on Eyes
Only $22.0

Historical Venetian Masks

You may have seen traditional Venetian masks such as the plague doctor and bauta which are often quite ugly - although they can have elaborate designs. Many of these masks are for men as they come from the theater traditional. However there were women's masks too. 

The Columbina is said to have been popularised by an actress in the Commedia dell'arte (masked theater) who did not want to cover her whole face. The Columbina is therefore a half mask. 

Many modern-day female mask wearers will feel the same and will choose a half mask. 

Columbina Masks

Read more about the History of the Venetian Mask

Venetian masks are a centuries-old tradition of Venice, Italy. The masks are typically worn during the Carnevale, but have been used on many other occasions in the past, usually as a device for hiding the wearer's identity and social ...

Commedia dell'arte

Commedia dell'Arte is a form of theater characterized by masked "types" which began in Italy in the 16th century and was responsible for the advent of the actress and improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios. The closest ...
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TerriRexson on 03/08/2012

@lakeerieartists Wearing masquerade masks is very popular, but many people collect these masks and display them in their homes.

lakeerieartists on 03/08/2012

I am not very fond of masquerades myself, but I love the beauty of the costumes, and the masks here.

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