Wake Up Rhapsody - How I Wake Up Motivated Everyday

by Jerrico_Usher

A Poem About The Mind Storm Of Writing wizzles, lenses, hubs, articles, or anything else- and the battle of staying motivated every day... (written in 2008)

I don't remember when I wrote this but Its theme is that we make our reality. We need to own our choices and consequences there-in. It's about the struggle in your mind when you first wake up with your thoughts pouring in often all your worries and the days struggles trying to bring you down. But it's up to you to convert your day, to build it from scratch in your mind, see it happen and execute it through your days choices.

We are the product of our own making. Personal responsibility starts from the moment your eyes open in the morning, but before you make any physical moves. Your mind can play tricks on you. It tends to store things you worry about and release them the moment you fall out of the initial wake mode and start thinking purposefully again.

This is the moment when you can't let those thoughts invade. You have to take charge and force the right thoughts in until your day's theme is set. If you don't set a positive theme and a lot of frustration, stress, drama, or all around everyday problems happened all week, month, year?.. THAT will be what sets the tone for your day. Auto-pilot sucks in this respect. I wrote this as an affirmation poem of the daily struggle many take battling their own mind at 6 a.m.


Wake Up Thinking In The Right Direction!


I Wake Up Tilt My Eyes To The Ceiling

Thoughts Flowing Through My Mind

Thinking About My Day, I See The Future, Then Rewind

The Day Is What You Make It, But You Must Make It Not Take It,

See The End Result, Build From The Beginning And Fake It Till You Make It,

Till The Dream, Gleam In My Eye, Becomes Ambition My Energy Source -

Make It Or Break It. There's No Other Way- Of Course.

Each New Stream I Seam Into My Wizzley Digital Quilt

Is Opportunity Incarnate...

Proof Of How Far I've Built

With All These Things Just Flowing At The Tip Of My Mind,

I Take A Moment To Ponder The End

Then Take My Day And Rewind,

Cause And Effect, Take The Effect And Reflect, Build The Cause Be The Cause And Not A Day I Regret,

I Put The Pen To The Paper, The Finger To The Keys, A Click Of The Mouse, My Mind Starts Flowing With Ease,

My Day Is Not New, Its Already Happened To Me, I Designed It In My Head And Now I Make It To Be,

Before I Even Start To Think Of My Game Plan, I've Already Met My Goal, The Only Thing Left Is To Do Is Let My Day Take It's Toll- Learn From Mistakes, Grow From It All,

Help All You Can, And We All Stand Tall.


I Wish You Much Success!



The Seventeen Second Miracle
Updated: 12/29/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 12/30/2012

Thanks! Nice to see you here!

BrendaReeves on 12/30/2012

We sure do make our own reality, Jerrico. Great poem.

HollieT on 12/29/2012

Ahh. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 12/29/2012

That is me as a baby :) people kept thinking I HAD a baby when the picture was of ME :)

HollieT on 12/29/2012

You're welcome! It's incredibly thought provoking. And I have to add, the baby on your previous avatar is not only unbelievably bonny and pleasant looking, but just so cute. Can we have that avatar back please? :)

Jerrico_Usher on 12/29/2012

Awesome! thanks Hollie. I wrote this all in like 30 seconds one day and stashed it on hubpages (lol), forgot about it for a year, found it (someone commented), read it and was like wow, I wrote that? just sounded 3rd party cool you know? I found it again while transferring more hubs to the upgrade site wizzley :) thanks for reading!

HollieT on 12/29/2012

I enjoyed this Jerrico. I can certainly identify with the opening my eyes in the morning. And interestingly, I've been setting a lot of goals lately, each day. And it works! :)

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