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Wall mounted fold away laptop desks like these, make any small living area a home office space in an instant; just fold down the unit and you're in business.

Foldable desks mount directly to your wall and promise to deliver with their various constructs. Some desks have drop leafs, where you simply fold out the brace and you're good to go, while other wall desks fold-away. For uber-small spaces, wall mount laptop shelf units feature leg braces, locks, writing platforms and mallet wall brackets. What's your style?
Scroll down to see several fold out and away wall mounted laptop desk designs to determine what's best for your home office, computer or laptop needs.

Home Office Anywhere: Fold Down/Away wall Mount Laptop Desks Make Great Use of Space


these wall desks fold away the clutter

Hanging desks on walls is a novel approach when your home's floor space is at premium and space-saving measures are a must.

Too, if you tend to be a clutter bug like me, fold out wall mounted laptop desks keep your saved paperwork folded away and at a minimum, with only space enough for housing a sensible amount of files and accoutrements.

Then, when business is done for the day, fold up shop and you've one, tidy space for your next task.

Determining your work habits, required desk area and wallspace is the first order of business when looking for wall mount desk.

While not rocket science, you should measure these variables to realize the most favorable outcome for your work habits, space and decor needs.  .

Where Floor Space is at a Premium These Uber-Small Wall-Mounted Laptop Shelves Are the Answer


locking brackets make this fold up laptop shelf a space saver
Metal Folding Desk 17" X 14", Laptop Wall Mount Shelf
identify your work habits

Here's a look at several wall mounted laptop shelf and desk designs, all fold up and away but their features vary widely, otherwise.

Determining what's most appropriate for your needs, make note of your 'must-have' desk or shelf features throughout your day as you are working; this way, you'll get a play-by-play of your needs, making it easier to identify your needs with a particular wall desk.

Don't forget to make note of where you'll need to mount your desk. Since these desk shelves don't need floor space, you can mount these laptop shelves anywhere, and you've a workstation in an instant. You might want two--one  for daytime use (especially if you'll be watching your  kids), then nighttime work in your bedroom or wherever. 

I love folding up my desk mess and leaving my work 'at the office.'

Corralling the Clutter:

Wall Mount Laptop Desks with Storage Keep Work in its Place

These wall mount laptop desks play into the adage, "a place for everything and everything in its place." Indeed, you'll have one great home office setup in your kitchen, bedroom or any place that's short on space.

While the smaller metal laptop wall shelves are on the conservative side (crafty word for 'small'), their size can really work for you, not against.

If you're the type like me, who'll spread everything far and wide if space allows, these fold out wall desks will keep that small pile on your desk today from being the clutter of 'kudzu' proportions tomorrow (enter visual, here). There's 'just enough' here to make this fold down desk unit a practical, yet well-proportioned/appointed piece.

I love it.

 My #1 Pick: Budget-Friendly Wall Mounted Fold Away Desk

Drop Leaf Laptop Computer Desk

This wooden fold-away wall desk will give you the space you need for your laptop, looks great in any decor genre and with its low price tag, I can appreciate its simplicity even more.

These desks can be mounted in kids' rooms for homework, too as their small size and versatile style can meld well with any wall color and will take on a low profile when folded away. It's drop leaf-type bracket makes this desk uncomplicated and easy to use.

For anywhere you need a wall desk, these units will give you the workspace you need without taking it.

I noticed several helpful pictures to give you a better idea of it size and uses.

Setting Up Shop--In the Shop:

Metal Fold Out Wall Mount Desk for Laptops or Writing Workstation


a wall-mount laptop workstation for busy workspaces

It makes sense to opt for a metal wall mount desk for your shop. Its small desk area is ideal for writing out or studying plans for your shop projects.

The wall desk at left has a combination lock, which you can appreciate if you're one to leave laptops, files and sensitive information secure when not in use.

But if you prefer a lock and key mechanism, the wall laptop stations above will serve you well in your workshop.

The uses are endless, obviously but if you've shop going for a metal wall desk is your best bet.


Simple Drop Leaf Design Laptop Shelves and Workstation Tables Make Downsizing Easier

Drop Leaf Wall-Mounted Desks Fold Down Easily
Fold Up Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table or Laptop Shelf

As a fan of downsizing and de-clutter our lives, I love this wall desk arrangement. It takes great advantage of an otherwise, small closet, creating a very useful and well-appointed home office with plenty of room for everything.

While the actual wall mounted desk is offered, here, there's a plethora of options for additional shelving from IKEA. You've the ability to repurpose a space within your own confines--be it closet or awkward wall configuration--even if its a mean sloped ceiling you've been battling.

As I've mentioned about planning your desk and home office needs, plan as you go along throughout your work day and take accurate measurements. Conversely, with this wall mounted desk unit from IKEA you can add as you go along if you prefer. Start with the wall desk and evolve your space as your home office business grows.

How easy is this desk?

Bringing Multi-Purpose Functionality to Your Space


#1 Pick for Fold Down Drop Leaf Shelf Desk & Tabletop

I'm none too happy with the image above but this fold up wall mounted table best illustrates a great use of space, so this shelf/table for laptop use gets my vote.

Wooden fold-away wall desks can be as simple as this table model, where you’ll have more desktop area than the small fold out desks below.

Sometimes your best options for saving money means thinking outside product’s definition, repurposing it to suit your need for aesthetics and space.

This fold out wall mount table can serve you well as a desk in your kitchen while doubling as a table on your off days.

As with anything repurposed and/or budget-friendly you may have to forgo a place for files but if its work surface you need, this wall mounted table can serve you quite nicely as a desk.

And for such a budget-friendly price, I can clearly see a desk, can’t you?


 I wish I'd had this writing desk in my kitchen when my twins were small. The desk can be mounted high enough on the wall it's out of reach by little hands but perfectly placed for us moms and dads.

I'd suggest this desk be used wherever you need an instant writing surface for recipies, important phone calls or beside a podium when you need your extra reference material be open and at-the-ready for your presentation.

Too, if you telecommute, taking orders by phone, you can take care of chores while wearing your headset, then hurry to your position--talk about multitasking!

"Ms Dirk, Lil' Zak made chicken noise while in the lunch line today."
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Mommy Mayhem Mug and Home Office Products
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