Cheap Wassily Chair Reproductions

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The Wassily Chair is a modern classic, now available in cheap reproduction versions for sale online. Own a classic piece of history at a great price!

This enduring piece of furniture, designed in the 1920s by Marcel Breuer, has become a modern icon, seen in Bauhaus-influenced architecture all over the world, and now available from a number of modern design studios, so you can enjoy its early-century, industrial style in your own home.
The original design is now readily available in cheap replica form, so you can buy a cheap Wassily Chair reproduction at a great price, and build a modernist apartment paradise.

Marcel Breuer and the Wassily Chair

A brief history

Marcel Breuer designed the chair, also known as the Model B3, in the mid 1920s at the Bauhaus facility, an institution which gave rise to an entire style fitted with the name of the school.

Though not designed with Wassily Kandinsky in mind, Marcel Breuer gave Kandinsky one of the chairs, a story which was popularized decades later when other manufacturers started reproducing the chair, and nicknaming it after its most famous fan.

A few different versions of the chair were designed over the years, with different materials and features. The chair was famous for its unusual use of materials, particularly bent steel tubes, which was relatively new at the time.

Buy a Wassily Chair Reproduction Online

...where you can find the best price

Although the trademark is owned by Knoll, the design itself has entered into expired patent territory, which means the design is readily available from a variety of manufacturers at reasonable prices, so modern design enthusiasts can buy the chair online, where they can generally find it for sale for a few hundred dollars, compared to its "authentic" version which can go for thousands. The Wassily Chair reproduction versions are generally identical, though different finishes and materials are available as well.

Those who enjoy the authenticity of the "real" thing can still buy the Knoll version, which is the official trademarked production model of the chair, though remember that Knoll never designed it, but rather bought the rights to sell it decades later. But for those who view this as "real," it's for sale too.

White Leather Reproductions

For a little bit of variation on the class Wassily design, you can find a white Wassily chair for sale in leather or synthetic leather, adding a different visual texture to the piece. Or instead, you can collect them all and do a good and evil, heaven and hell sort of thing. Maybe a yin and yang design with black and white carpet too!

The "Authentic" Knoll Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Get the "real" trademarked Knoll-owned chair

Alright, so for those who want the "real" thing, technicalities aside, the Knoll chair is the only way to go. They own the trademark to the Wassily Chair name, which is why the other reproduction models might say "Wassily-Style" Chair instead. Each Knoll production model is stamped with a production number for identification, so if authenticity is your thing, or if you just feel like the other ones aren't for you, you can always pick up the "real" version. Just know it won't be cheap.

Knoll manufactures this model in black, white, red, and light brown. Collect them all!

Authentic Knoll Wassily Chair for Sale

For those who want the "real" thing
Wassily Chair by Knoll - Black Cowhid...

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The Wassily Chair, also known as the Model B3 chair, was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1926 while he was the head of the cabinet-making workshop at the Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany. Despite popular belief, the chair was not designed ...

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