What a 3 Year Old Wants for Christmas

by TerriRexson

This is my 3 year old's Christmas list. I think he made some great choices that would work well for a preschooler boy or girl.

A 3 Year Old's Christmas List

This morning I asked my 3 year old what he wanted for Christmas. I explained that he wouldn't necessarily get everything on his list (I was half expecting him to ask for a real house built from Lego ...), but actually he did pretty well and made some reasonable requests. 

I thought I'd share his ideas in case they work for a toddler or preschooler that you know. 

African Wild Dog Cuddlekin 12"

African Wild Dog Cuddlekin 12"
Only $15.97

A Plush Animal

First on his list was an African Wild Hunting Dog plush toy. His older brother has one so that's where he got the idea. 

My boys are both animal mad and absolutely soft about cuddly toys. They play with then all the time and each have a 'pack' of their favorite animals. 

I know this toy won't just sit of the shelf. It will be well loved. I think it's a reasonable request. 

I think most preschoolers like soft toys. Though most would probably choose a lion, bear, monkey or other more common animal!

Melissa & Doug Birthday Cake

Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Birthday Cake
Only $17.99

A Wooden Birthday Cake

Next on 3 my year old's list is a toy birthday cake so he can pretend to have birthday parties with his animals (see above!)

We already have the Melissa & Doug wooden pizza set from this range and the Melissa & Doug birthday cake is in bold primary colors so it works well for a boy or girl. Lots of the cakes are pink and pastel colors. He's not a fan of pink! 

Play food in general is a great gift idea for preschoolers. They love to pretend. 

Playmobil Lion Pride with Monkeys

Playmobil Lion Pride with Monkeys
Only $157.87

Playmobil Lions

Next up was a Playmobil Lion set. His older cousin has this set and he loves to play with it when we visit. He must have remembered. 

My boys play with Playmobil all the time. They pretend to be on Safari and to be animal rescuers and animal explorers. 

We have the Hyena set in this range and lots of zoo animals, but we didn't have any lions. 

Playmobil is recommended from age 4. And some younger kids may find the small pieces fiddly (or just lose them) I guess. But both my boys have really enjoyed Playmobil from age 3. 

Lego Star Wars Pajamas

Lego Star Wars 2 Piece Fleece Pajamas For Boys - 6
Only $29.99

Darth Vader Pajamas

Next up was Star Wars pajamas. Yes, he's 3 and he's already Star Wars mad! One day when I was out my boys and their Dad watched selected clips from the Star Wars movies and there was no turning back - 2 new Star Wars fans!

Now he does have a pair of Lego Star Wars Pajamas, but they are now far too small. Not that that's stopping him wearning them!

I like the traditional of Christmas pajamas, so this was a great choice. (No prompting involved, honestly.) 

He's fascinated by Darth Vader ("he's good, then he's bad, then right at the end he's sort of good again") so these Lego Star Wars Fleece and Flannel PJs are perfect. They start at age 4. 

Star Wars Lego with Yoda

Next up was Star Wars Lego with Yoda in it. (Fortunately he's not just interested in the darkside.)

This sounded easy enough, but actually it wasn't easy to find a small Lego set that included Yoda. I could buy a Yoda minifigure on it's own but it was quite expensive for just one minifigure. 

Then I found this Lego Star Wars Yoda watch that comes with a Yoda minifigure which is much better value even if the watch is just used for dressing up. 

He's been asking what time it is since he was 18months old (though of course not understanding the answer!) and often asks to try my watch on. He'll definitely like this. 

LEGO Kids Star Wars Yoda Watch

LEGO Kids' 9002076 Star Wars Yoda Watch
Only $29.64

Maxim Deluxe TreeHouse with Accessories

Maxim Deluxe TreeHouse with Accessories in Natural
Only $85.76

A Boy's Dollhouse

The next request was very sweet. "I'd like a little house and little people in it and one of them should look like you so I can pretend it's my Mom." Cute!

He does love the wooden dollhouse that his cousin has, he heads straight for it every time we visit. He likes playing with the people and all the little accessories and has a great imagination for making up stories for the dolls. 

I think this treehouse makes a lovely dollhouse for a boy. No pink in sight!

It has ladders and a pulley system too. Very cool. 

Lego Ultimate Building Set

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)
Only $149.95

More Lego

After his initial list, my son made a late addition to his list. He was playing with his older brother's Lego and said "I'd like some Lego, just like this, so I can make these things I'm making". 

Um, don't we already have Lego just like that? "Yes, but I'd like it to be my Lego." 

Oh I see! Well I'm not sure we'll be getting him exactly the same Lego bricks as his brother has already got. Although I'm really not certain you can have enough Lego! Especially when I join in and play too. 

We'll have to think about that one!

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Updated: 11/26/2011, TerriRexson
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Linda on 11/25/2011

I appreciate you sharing it. Thanks.
I too love the treehouse. I have never seen that before.
It was amazing you provided links as well.

Jimmie on 11/24/2011

Oh, that tree house is incredible. I want that!

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