Wizard's Wizzley Wizzography ~ Fargy

by Fargy

Fargrist here, bouncy and perky and just a tad annoying. :) A Wizzography was recommended, so I comply happily. *bounces perkily*

I am unfamiliar with many things but am always happy to become overly familiar. Boundaries don't exist in my existance so what you see here may sear your eyeballs until they are too sere for a seer.
I kid. :)
Nothing too startling will be revealed here. *bounces enticingly*
OK, perhaps I'm undecided in that respect.
Let's see, I shall chat a bit about myself, a bit of my past and present and what I hope will happen with my future and Wizzley.

Apprentice wizard here, where's the sorting hat?

Many years ago, in people time, a scant 45 rotations of a planet in Universe time, there was a little boy.

He was me!

IJakob aka Fargy had the eternal cry of  "I'll fix it!".

A few years later I put aside this childish fixation with healing all the wrongs of the world and decided to settle down and be a wizard.

It's been a long and winding road, especially in long robes.  Along the way though I did learn some wizardry, and fix a few things.

Although I did learn, the problem was that I learned by making mistakes.

I'm sure I made more than my share, so if you feel like not making mistakes, go right ahead, I've got you covered.

I love.  Love the world and see a soft delicate sadness in it.  I could gaze at the night sky forever, except I get a sore neck after a few minutes.

I've always talked about things and I've had the pleasure of talking to marvelous people.  One success I helped with was a project to renew a steel-making plant, it involved about 2000 staff, and $250 million.  And kept a small town of 20,000 happily thriving.  It was like magic.

As to the words of power, that we struggle with to find meaning, or to find a dollar, for whatever reason I never got around to doing this.  Yet I always wanted to.  Teachers told me that I should and I didn't.  Despite loving reading all my days.

So it is now that with grim determination and a firm grip on my quill that I write this intro.  

Actually the last few days of writing have left me feeling light with happiness, I think I may finally be doing what is good for me.

Thanks for listening.  You can wake up now.

I enjoy the musical word too.

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Why is a safety match called a safety match? Why should we not play with matches? Fire is the embodiment of the dual nature of Safety/Risk.
Updated: 09/27/2013, Fargy
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