A Dragon Hoodie for Kids or Adults

by TerriRexson

A dragon hoodie is a fun gift for kids or adults who like dragons. You can get fun hoodies that make the dragon breath fire when you wrap your arms around.

Dragon Hoodies

If you're looking for a dragon hoodie for a child or adult you'll find some fun designs on this page. We'll look at the fun wrap around fire-breathing dragon hoodies and a few alternatives too. 

These dragon hoodies make great gifts for kids from toddlers and preschoolers up to big kids and tweens. It's a fun mixture of cool and dress-up fun. These shirts are very popular with boys but plenty of girls will like them too. 

Teens and adults are having lots of fun with them too - they make great gifts for college students and big kids of all ages. Who doesn't like to pretend to be a fire-breathing dragon now and then!

Kids Dragon Hoodie

Age 2-12
Dragon Kids' Hoodie Shirt, 12

Dragon Hoodie for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Big Kids and Tweens

This dragon hoodies is great fun for kids. When wearing the shirt you see a dragon on the front (see below for picture.) It's a fun design with lots of fire and a scary looking dragon. 

But the magic happens when a kids wraps their arms around  themselves - each hand goes on the opposite shoulder. And hey presto! A fire-breathing dragon. 

This is a fun effect that kids of all ages will have great fun with and it just doesn't get old! It's so much fun to wrap your arms around and raah! at people!

This dragon hoodie comes in a full range of child sizes: 2T, 4T, 6, 8, 10 and 12. 

Dragon Hoodie - Front View



Here's the front view of the Dragon Hoodie shirt without the arms wrapped around.

You get to see the dragon's head. But his mouth is closed so you just get a hint of fire.

The design is the same for the Adult and Kids hoody shirts.

Adult Dragon Hoodie

Size Small to XXL
Dragon Adult Hoodie Shirt, Small

Dragon Hoodie for Teens and Adults

Dragon hoodies aren't just for kids! They're proving very popular with adults too. They're great for anyone with a big sense of fun. 

A dragon hoody makes a good gift for a college student, or someone who loves dragons. And it's not just the men - these hoodies can look great on a woman too:

More Dragon Gifts

I always like to give gifts that go together. Here are a few ideas of gifts that go well with a Dragon Hoodie.

There's Dragonology a gorgeous pop-up book about dragons that will appeal to kids from around 6-12. There's a lovely Schleich toy dragon for kids from around age 4 up to older collectors. And a dragon necklace for girls and ladies who love dragons.

More Dragon Toy Ideas

Dragon toys are very popular with kids who love the stories and legends of knights and castles. Let's look at some of the best toys for kids who love dragons.

More Dragon Hoodies

Next an extra layer to keep warm over your dragon hoodie shirt? How about a dragon hoodie sweatshirt. 

Updated: 11/29/2011, TerriRexson
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Jimmie on 11/29/2011

I'm glad I clicked over. In the thumbnail view, the children look like they don't have ARMS! :-o But they do. I am much relieved.

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