A New Way To Look At Winter

by SPB

I was never a huge fan of winter. Quite honestly, I was quite happy to close the door in the fall, grab a good book and hibernate until spring. That was not such a great idea!

My Plans for This Year

It's nearly October as I plan this article and I'm determined to make the most of this winter. When you think about it, we have a lot more winter months to contend with than summer months so it just makes sense to make the most of them. This year, that is my plan!!

Thinking about Winter

... a few things that we could do!

1. I now try to go for a walk every single day. When I was volunteering at our local public school, I did yard duty every day and was amazed at just how gorgeous a winter day could actually be!

2. We have a huge park across the street. Might be a good time to take up snow shoeing or cross country skiing. How badly can you hurt yourself on horizontal surfaces. Downhill... we just won't go there.  And the calories that you would burn... that's definitely a perk.

3. The kids are all grown up now but there is no rule about going sledding and with a brand new granddaughter, we have a new reason to go outside and play!

4. Make snow family to greet everyone as they walk past our house during the colder months. If you can put a smile on the faces of passerbys, we have done our job.

5. Go hiking in the woods. It's so quiet and peaceful.

6. Put out bird feeders. Honestly, I don't know how those little guys survive out there without a little bit of help!

Now Here Are Some Ideas!!

These works for Ella ;) and some would work for me too lol!

How Do You Feel About Winter... HONESTLY

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My Location for This Winter...


Wasn't Expecting This!!

We left the Toronto Ontario area nearly three years ago for business purposes and I never dreamt that winters here in Chicago could be worse that Toronto weather. I was definitely in for a surprise. To be fair, it could simply be a fluke. Fingers crossed that winters this year coming, won't be so bad!!

Winter Fun

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Winter Bliss

Winter Sunset

Winter Memories

The good, the bad and the ugly lol

1. I can remember sledding with dad down old roads in the dark. Of course the roads were used anymore?? I can't remember ever seeing a car.  I must ask my mom about that! (the best)

2. I can also remember standing out on the side of the road in a mini dress... waiting for the bus. We weren't allowed to wear jeans to school, but I could have changed once I got there. What was I thinking? (bad) 

3. I must have been about twelve years old. The entire neighborhood would head down the street to go skating in the neighbors back yard.  (very good) except when I had to take my little sister with me ;) 

4. And, then I got older and sledding with boyfriend in a Oshawa golf course was of course...(very good)

5. One of my favorite memories were the mall visits at Christmas time. I just loved the busyness of it and oddly enough, everyone wore smiles on their faces and said "Merry Christmas" to everyone. (very good)

6. Sadly enough, those mall visits just aren't the same any more. Everyone rushes around looking exhausted and just wishing that the holidays would soon be over. Now how sad is that?? (bad)

Building a Snow Fort

On my list for this year!!
Updated: 01/03/2012, SPB
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terrilorah on 04/05/2012

Winter in PA was very mild this year and I'm so glad. The older I get I can see myself as one of those who's flight to sunny Florida sounds appealing.

BrendaReeves on 03/29/2012

You probably know by now that your Chicago weather is not a fluke.

Jimmie on 09/28/2011

I'm not a lover of winter either because I'm so cold natured. Taking an aspirin each day helps me to stay a bit warmer. And wool socks! They are essential to surviving winter!

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