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Unpaid Internships
Internships are a great resource for homeschoolers! (And others, too.)
tandemonimom, on 06/01/2011
Ten Ways to NOT Make Money on Zazzle
Thanks Deb! Some jewels of wisdom from a Zazzle Pro!
mandeesears, on 06/01/2011
Posing Guide for Better Portrait Photography
Great tips...portraits are not my strong suit so I appreciate the advice.
mbgphoto, on 06/01/2011
How to Google Adsense
It can be pretty confusing.
lakeerieartists, on 06/01/2011
How to Google Adsense
Thanks for the explanation, Paula. In my opinion, google documentation is sorely lacking (and I'm being kind). I appreciate your clarifying some things for me.
Susan52, on 06/01/2011
Tips When Moving
These are great tips for moving. I have not moved in over 30 years now. But I sure moved around plenty before then!
petunia, on 06/01/2011
Dotee Dolls - Make and Trade Them for Fun!
What adorable Dotee dolls! I'd never heard of them before. I would have loved making these when I was little. In fact, I might just have to pull out some scraps and give it a try - they're so cute!
Susan52, on 06/01/2011
Me! Tandemonimom
I loved reading this, Carma. I really enjoy your sense of humor and your creativity. So happy to call you a good friend!
Susan52, on 06/01/2011
The English Lake District
Delighted to see that you have created this wonderful page which pulls together so much of your amazing work. I love the Lake District and whilst not able to live there currently it is a short drive away and we get there whenever we can
pkmcr, on 06/01/2011
Low Carb Ham and Egg Pie
"Carbs: negligible. Calories: who cares." YES! :-D
tandemonimom, on 06/01/2011
Homeschooling Socialization: An Oxymoron?
Lesley - welcome to homeschooling! We're glad to have you. ;-)
tandemonimom, on 06/01/2011
NanLT and Her Hats
I love hats, but my husband doesn't, so I usually don't wear one. Nice hat collection, Nan - nice to see you on Wizzley!
tandemonimom, on 06/01/2011
Ten Ways to NOT Make Money on Zazzle
Excellent advice! Every newbee should read this first!!!
Linda Rusinko, on 06/01/2011
How to find your lost Keys, Purse and Glasses
A deep, calming breath can be the best assistance in finding things sometimes!
tandemonimom, on 06/01/2011
Topics and Subtopics on Wizzley
Ron I'm glad I didn't try getting all 3,000 categories. Pulling these together was challenge enough, but it helps me to see the categories and what types of topics have 'niches.'
HealthfulMD, on 06/01/2011

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