Astronaut and Space Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

Astronauts in space is a brilliant theme for a party. Here's a collection of my favorite space party supplies and ideas for planning a fun space party.

Planning a Space Birthday Party

Are you planning a space birthday party or other event? Space exploration is a great theme for a kids birthday party. 

Lots of little kids are interested in space and many older kids get fascinated by the history of space exploration and the possibility of becoming an astronaut.

In this article we'll look at some of the really cool space party supplies you can choose from. I've included ideas for the whole party from invitations through decorations and party food to party favors. 

Space Party Invitations

You can get personalized space party invitations printed with the details of your party - launch time, shuttle bay, etc. These high quality space invitations then come pre-printed with all your details, saving lots of time and getting your party off to a very professional start. 

There are lots of space-themed invitations to choose, from, just click on one of the invitations above and you'll also be able to look at others. 

Note that the party tableware packs below also have matching party invitations (ones you fill in yourself) if you want your invitations to match your tableware and decorations. 

Space Mission Party Pack

Space Mission Deluxe Party Pack


This Space Mission party pack is great for kids who love pretending to be an astronaut. Maybe they're getting a kids astronaut costume for their birthday?

You can get this pack with various combinations including matching decorations and filled space themed party favor boxes. 

Buy: Space Mission Deluxe Party Pack

Space Purple and Blue Birthday Box

Space Deluxe Birthday Box


Younger space enthusiasts will enjoy this bright cartoon style space-themed birthday party box. 

It features a cute silver, purple and blie rocket and all the party supplies match. 

Again you can choose which pack you want or buy items individually. 

Buy: Space Deluxe Birthday Box

Space Shuttle Party Supplies

Space Shuttle Party Plates


Another option we really like is this Space Shuttle themed party tableware from the Space Store. They have a whole range of matching party supplies including invitations and party bags. 

And if you have a child who loves space you're sure to find some really cool space themed gifts there too. 

Buy: Space Shuttle Party Plates

Inflatable Solar System

Inflatable Solar System


This inflatable solar system is a great way to decorate for a space party!

I always like decorations that you can keep and use after the party. A kid who loves space will really like this inflatable solar system in their bedroom or playroom afterwards. 

The set made in proportion and you get a really big Sun, 9 planets including Earth and also Earth's moon. 

The sun measures 3 feet across. Earth is 12", the moon is 8 inches. And the planets vary in size from the largest Jupiter at 22" down to Pluto at 8". What a great way to learn about the scale of the planets. 

Make sure a knowledgeable adult is on hand to give a tour of the solar system as one of the party activities. You can tell the kids they are astronauts and move them around the room giving them fun facts about the planets and giving a small prize to the first person to identify each planet. 

Buy: Inflatable Solar System

Inflatable Space Shuttle

Inflatable Space Shuttle Orbiter


An inflatable space shuttle in orbit over the party also works well, especially if you have the inflatable solar system hanging from the ceiling. 

This inflatable space shuttle is 20" long and is a good quality one which can be moved to a child's bedroom after the party if you keep it for display only. 

It also comes with historical and educational material. 


See: Inflatable Space Shuttle Orbiter

Inflatable Astronaut

Astronaut Inflatable Toy


And I just can't resist this cool inflatable astronaut. He makes a brilliant centerpiece for a space themed party. 

He's 2 feet tall and stands up. He's dressed for a space walk. 

Kids will love it if you have this astronaut out on the floor (He does come with a patch kit.)

Why not include him in a space obstacle course? Tell the kids their fellow astronaut has got into trouble on a space walk and they need to navigate an obstacle course of space junk to rescue him and bring him back to the shuttle. 

Buy: Astronaut Inflatable Toy

A Cardboard Space Shuttle

I always like to have a cardboard playhouse of some sort for a kids party. They always have fun exploring it and you can let them decorate it as a party activity. You can buy a cardboard space shuttle that is ready to assemble and decorate. 

Or you can make your own space shuttle. We've had lots of fun making our own cardboard play structures. See the article below for some ideas. 

Crafty Kids Shuttle Imagination

Ready to assemble and decorate
Crafty Kids Shuttle Imagination
A cardboard house, castle, rocket or other playhouse is great fun for a kids party or other event. Get ideas to make your own cardboard playhouse or choose a kit.

Space Party Dress Up

NASA Badge

It's always a good idea to give kids a small dress up item of some kind as they arrive at the party to get them into the mood. 

For a space party, a NASA Badge works really well (it's just a good quality sticker.) Tell them that they need this sticker to gain access to the space station. 

Space Party Food

Mission Pack Space Food Sampler with Astronaut Ice Cream

Mission Pack Space Food Sampler with Astronaut Ice Cream and Space ...

Real Astronaut Food!

Real astronaut food is great fun to try at a space birthday party. 

This is more of a fun party activity than the main party food, but it's great fun. 

The sampler pack includes a variety of space food snacks including space treat sticks and three kids of astronaut ice cream!

Make sure you have a plan for how you are going to share out the treat so everyone gets to try. 

You can talk to the kids about why astronauts eat food like this - small and light, no gravity. 

USA Flag Food Picks

USA Flag Food Picks (144 pc)
$7.24  $5.99

Space Food Picks

US Flag food picks are perfect for theming food for a space party. Show the kids some pictures on footage of the moon landing with the US flag so they'll make the connection. 

You can put the food picks into sandwiches, pizza squares (what planet is that?) and other snack foods. 

Cubes of cheese should get a laugh. You can talk about what the moon is really made of - definitely not cheese!

Space Chocolate and Candy Mold

A space-themed chocolate and candy mold is a quick way to create some space-themed treats. 

Just pour chocolate into the molds and let them set in the fridge. You can use white chocolate for the astronauts and add a drop of red food coloring for the rockets. (You can use candy too.)

You can use them as cupcake toppers on top of a cupcake with frosting. 

Spaceman & Rockets Chocolate Mold

SPACEMAN & ROCKETS Kids Candy Mold Chocolate
Only $7.49

Space Shuttle Cookie Cutter

Space Shuttle Cookie Cutter


And of course a space shuttle cookie cutter is a great way to make space-themed food. 

You can use it to make butter cookies and then add white frosting and pipe some detail on. 

Shuttle-shaped sandwiches are fun too. 

Buy: Space Shuttle Cookie Cutter

Space Mission Patches

When astronauts go on a mission they get a patch. As each child leaves, tell them they have earned their 'patch' by completing a space mission. 

These triangular space shuttle stickers work well. 

Space Shuttle Triangle Stickers

Space Party Favors on eBay

Another good source of space party favors is eBay. You can often find cheap space stickers, space-themed candy and small toys. See: space party favors on eBay. 

More Space Ideas

A collection of our favorite space toys for kids. Lots of ideas for kids who are fascinated by astronauts, space shuttles and exploration of the planets.
Do you know a kid who wants to dress up as an astronaut? Take a look at our collection of the best space suit costumes for kids.
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