Space Toys for Kids

by TerriRexson

A collection of our favorite space toys for kids. Lots of ideas for kids who are fascinated by astronauts, space shuttles and exploration of the planets.

Space Toys for Children

Space toys make a great birthday or Christmas gift for boys and girls (yes there have been lots of lady astronauts - it's not just guys who go into space.)

There are fun space exploration toys and models that let kids learn about space history and the science of space though play. 

Space is a theme that many kids get interested in as toddlers (blast off!) and continue with through preschool, and as bigger kids, tweens and teens too. As they get older they tend to get more interested in the facts and details of the space missions and the science behind space travel. 

I've included space toys and models for kids of all ages on this page. 

A Kids Astronaut Suit

A Space Toy that works for children of all ages
Do you know a kid who wants to dress up as an astronaut? Take a look at our collection of the best space suit costumes for kids.

Space Shuttle for Little Kids

For toddlers, preschoolers and little kids who like space, the Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower is a great option. 

Imaginext is sturdy and designed for small hands. It's also packed with things to do. 

There are lights and sounds, things to move and turn. And you get two astronaut figures with the set too. 

The space shuttle detaches from the tower for lift-off and its doors open. Lots to do here for little kids who like space adventures. 

Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower

Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower
Only $58.6

Melissa & Doug Space Puzzle

Melissa & Doug make excellent quality puzzles for kids. This Solar System puzzle is gorgeous to look at and educational too. 

It's a 48 piece puzzle for kids aged from 3 up. Perfect for preschoolers. 

The puzzle has accurate representation of the planets with their names printed on the puzzle so you'll be able to teach your child to recognise the planets. 

Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 pcs Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Solar System 48 pcs Floor Puzzle
Only $13.59

Space Play Set

You can create a great space play set by getting the Neat-Oh! ZipBin Mini Space Play Set and adding a Safari Space Toob of figures and vehicles. 

The Neat-Oh! ZipBins are great, be have one. They unzip and open out into a play area and then they zip back up into a box for storage when playtime is over. 

The Safari Space Toob sets are great value for money. It includes small versions of the saturn 5 rocket, gemini capsule, apollo, space shuttle and other space hardware. You also get astronauts and other space figures including Private Ham the astrochimp!

Although inexpensive this set is very good for kids who want to learn all about space and are ready for some space history. It's good idea to also get a space book or DVD to help kids understand the pieces in this set. 

The Space ZipBin and Safari Space Toob are suitable for kids from age 3, but kids a bit older than that will get the most from them as they learn about space history and space exploration. 

Safari LTD Space Toob

Safari LTD Space Toob
Only $14.99

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Mini Space Play Set

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Mini Space Play Set
Only $22.99

Space Toys for Bigger Kids - Age 6+

Lego Space Set

The Lego Space Center is a great Lego set for kids who are interested in space flight and how a space center operates. There's lots of opportunity here for role play and learning about real life space missions and reenacting them. 

This set is for children aged 6-12. There are other sets in the Lego Space theme so you can build a collection.

Lego Space Center 3368

LEGO Space Center 3368
Only $120.0

Space Board Game: Planet Quest

Space Board Game

Planet Quest is a space board game for kids aged 7-11, though reviews suggest that younger children have enjoyed it too.

The game is full of facts about the solar system and you have to give true / false answers. The board is four feet long! 

Planet Quest Game

Planet Quest Game
$14.99  $24.99

Space Toys for Older Kids and Teens

Space Shuttle Model

4D: Space Shuttle Model

4D: Space Shuttle Model

Incredible realism and astounding detail will have space enthusiasts, modelers and hobbyists fawning over this 20 4D Space Shuttle Model. 143 pieces snap together without ...

Only $119.46

Accurate Space Shuttle Model

The 4D: Space Shuttle model is a  20.5" long recreation of a space shuttle at 1:72 scale. This is a big model!

It has lots of transparent sections so you can view the internals of the space shuttle. 

You build the model from 143 pieces that snap together - no need for glue. The model has movable landing gear and comes with astronaut figurines. 

You also get an illustrated guidebook and a swivel stand to put the completed space shuttle model on display. 

This is definitely a gift for older space fans. The intricate pieces are not for little kids. 

More Space Toys

Still didn't find the right space toy for your child? Here are more amazing places to try:


Shop The Space Store for Toys and Games

DVDs, Toys and Fan Gear at the Discovery Store!

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BrendaReeves on 02/08/2012

Your tweet isn't showing up, but I gave you one.

BrendaReeves on 02/08/2012

You just gave me some great suggestions for my grandkids. It gets a wizz and a tweet.

katiem2 on 02/07/2012

Really nice page on space, my eldest daughter is in love with all things space, she's been so sad about the government cancelling the moon programs. She's destine to be a space scientist of some sort. It's a delightful area of interest for kids of all ages.

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