Barefoot Running and Adidas Adipure Adapt

by FitnessG

Adidas is about to release the barefoot running shoe Adipure Adapt. What does it mean to run with bare feet?

What is barefoot running? It seems to be the most recent craze for runners all over the developed world. Obviously, in underdeveloped countries, running barefoot is a given as who can afford trainers when running after their meals or running away from a predator?

We, in the developed countries, have now chosen to go back to the native ways of running/jogging. There are trials that detail the fact that running in bare feet somehow is healthier for the feet. And unsurprisingly, there are people who have actually seen the benefits of running barefoot.

What do you think?

The Bare Feet Running Saga

Running or Jogging are a weird blend of pleasure and pain.  Some people love to do these activities and yet the injuries that can sometimes result from all this exercise can be debilitating.  This propensity towards injury is the reason that people started to look for a safer way to run.  Some of the injuries were assumed to arise from the shoes being worn, that is, trainers.

The thing about our feet, is that they are designed to carry the weight of the body without too much protection.  Running bare foot would lead to runners landing on the ball of the foot; This is the way it is designed to work.  When trainers are worn, runners end up landing on their heels.  This then puts pressure on the knees and hips – pressure they are not designed to take. This leads to injuries and all because of the design of the trainers.

Now some circles do not believe this theory so really it is probably up to the individual runner to decide if their injuries (assuming there are any) could be improved by changing their footwear.

Are you a Bare Foot Runner or Traditional Runner

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Traditional Runner because...
FitnessG on 07/15/2012

Yes, I can see how that might happen, especially with the pressure being placed on your feet as you run on what could be uneven ground. Thanks for your input!

MHeart on 07/09/2012

I'm a traditional runner because barefoot running is just too painful for me! I have tried it and it was a really unpleasant experience. I think I need more practice.

The Adidas Adipure Adapt

Bare foot shoes for running have become a part of the norm.  They are sometimes called five finger shoes as they are designed to fit the feet like a glove.  There are shoes like the Vibram five finger shoes.  And in June, the most recent addition to the barefoot running shoes will become available.

It claims to employ the natural mechanics of the body as explained above.  It allows the runner to land on the ball of the foot exactly as it is designed to do.  It belongs to the family of lightweight running shoes as it weighs in at a very light 4.5 ounces so the runner hardly feels it on their feet as they sail through on their jog. 

It also falls into the category of minimalist running shoes.  This is where the runner wears the minimum amount of shoe that they can without sacrificing safety.  Runners who follow this mentality attempt to get used to running without trainers so as to strengthen the foot and improve the stride.

Overall, runners are waiting with baited breath to purchase the Adidas Adipure Adapt.

Adidas Adipure Adapt

Adapt in the UK

This is the Adidas Adipure Adapt for women available from Amazon UK.  There is also a red one to be found on the site.

Updated: 07/15/2012, FitnessG
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