Best Running Socks for Blister Prevention

by eslevy17

Tired of getting blisters while running? The best anti-blister running socks will keep your feet perfectly comfortable, and ready for another marathon.

Blisters are the bane of every runner's existence, cutting short the best efforts of even the most seasoned of athletes by causing enough discomfort that continuing becomes all but impossible.

Fortunately for beginners and experts alike, readily available and inexpensive solutions abound, so your feet can stay healthy and ready for anything. Check out the best running socks for blister prevention, and pick some up in time for the next run.

How you get blisters

And how to prevent blisters from running

As any athlete has discovered at the end of a long run, blisters can form pretty easily, and once they show up, it's only a matter of time before they expand into a massive gaping wound that will keep you off your feet for weeks.

Blisters form when a surface continuously rubs back and forth against the skin, separating one layer from another. Running or even long-distance walking can quickly lead to blisters as the sock rubs against the skin repeatedly, causing even worse damage as moisture accumulates in the fabric, creating even more friction, and more damage. This can easily destroy what would otherwise be a perfectly productive run, whether it was a mere exercise or a high-profile race, and potentially sidelining athletes for weeks.

So, what is the resourceful athlete to do? Well, luckily there are several low-cost, highly reliable methods of preventing blisters from forming in the first place. You simply have to get the right kind of socks.

Wrightsock Double-Layer Coolmesh Running Socks

Dual-layer running socks to prevent blisters

Wrightsock has devised a highly successful design by combining two separate layers into the same sock; the inner layer hugs the foot and wicks moisture away, while the outer later provides protection and further speeds moisture dispersal. Since the two layers move separately from each other (though they connect at the toe and ankle), any friction against the skin is eliminated entirely; friction occurs only between the two layers of fabric, as they move against each other during a run. In other words, they use the old trick of using a liner sock and a regular sock, but combine them together into a single package.

Wrightsocks are popular with runners due to their blister-preventing design, plus their wicking and quick-drying polyester fabric, which helps manage moisture during a long run. Plus, they're fairly inexpensive compared to many other brands of athletic sock.

Wrightsock Double-Layer Blister-free Running Socks for Sale

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Wrightsock Unisex 3-Pack Coolmesh Quarter Socks

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Injinji Toe Socks

Individual toes for blister-free running

Injinji has made a name for itself as the go-to brand of choice for high-performance toe socks, practically owning the entire market and offering a wide variety of choices from size to color to fabric and other options.

The advantage of toe socks for runners is that because each individual toe is encased in its own protective bubble, the fabric can't move anywhere, preventing it from rubbing back and forth against the skin, thereby eliminating hot spots and blisters. Any friction occurs between the sock and the shoe, so your skin is saved, making blisters all but impossible. It also makes them the best socks for Vibram Five Fingers anywhere to be found.

The design also ensures that any moisture is immediately transported away from the skin, even between the toes, where moisture can easily accumulate and become uncomfortable.

Injinji toe socks can be used with or without an additional sock for extra cushioning, which is advisable if backpacking in heavy boots, as the socks themselves are not intended to provide any cushioning.

Two major types are available, either in Coolmax polyester fabric or merino wool, the latter of which is generally preferable for cooler runs, though popular year-round as well.

Injinji Toe Socks for Sale

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injinji Performance Mini Crew Toesocks

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injinji Performance Micro Toesocks

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injinji Quarter Length Toesocks

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"Regular" Anti-Blister Running Socks

All-in-one blister prevention socks

While the above designs all but guarantee a blister-proof experience, it's still possible to avoid getting blisters simply by exploiting the wonders of modern engineering by using socks whose proper fit and moisture-managing fabric reduce the appearance of hot spots and the likelihood of blisters.

If blisters are a chronic problem and you're looking for a magical solution, go with the options listed above. If you're not too worried about them, regular running socks can still work quite well, due to moisture-managing fabric, which will speed sweat away from the foot. Remember, a dry sock will produce a great deal less friction than a damp one, thus making high-performance fabric a fairly reliable way of achieving blister-proof socks.

Below are some of the most beloved blister-resistant running socks available.

Blister Prevention Socks for Sale

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Thorlo Men's Lite Running Mini Crew Sock

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Wigwam Men's Ironman Flash Pro Sock

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SmartWool PhD Running Ultra Light Mini Sock

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More Blister Prevention Tips

Because everyone hates blisters

The above options, especially the Wrightsock and Injinji socks, will drastically eliminate the likelihood of blisters when going for a run, by eliminating fabric-on-skin friction entirely, and by using performance fabrics to speed moisture away from the skin, keeping everything as dry as possible to eliminate friction even further. Quick-drying fabrics are a major way to ensure that blisters have trouble forming, as damp fabric is far more damaging than dry fabric, creating more friction, and more blisters. Cotton is an absolute deal-breaker in this regard.

Beyond that, proper fit is important. All of these socks include some amount of elastic content to ensure a form-fitting shape, and a snugly-fitting performance sock will prevent extra folds or loose areas from appearing. The same should be said for shoes, which of course need to fit properly too.

So peruse the above options and pick up a pair of the best running socks for blister prevention, and enjoy your newfound comfort on your next run.

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