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by BardofEly

Singer-songwriter, author and poet Anthony Reynolds has written a biography of Leonard Cohen. This book on the life of the Canadian legend is published by Omnibus.

A Leonard Cohen biography
My good friend the author, singer-songwriter and poet Anthony Reynolds has just been published with his third biography - Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life. Published by Omnibus Press in hardback it follows on from Anthony's past works that were about the lives and music of The Walker Brothers and Jeff Buckley.
I am honoured to be included in Anthony's new book with my thoughts about Cohen and my memories of seeing him live at the Isle of Wight Festival way back in 1970. Cohen made such a big impression on me then that he is the act I remember best from all those years ago.
I was interviewed as a Cohen fan, but in this very well researched book the author got in touch with and quoted from many other people who actually have worked with or have known the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and novelist.

Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life reviewed

Review of a biography of Leonard Cohen's life

Anthony Reynolds takes the reader from Cohen's early beginnings as a Montreal poet back in 1956 and his first novel in 1963 through all his many years as a very highly acclaimed singer-songwriter and musician, which all began for him really with his album Songs of Leonard Cohen back in 1967, but has continued up until this present time with 11 studio albums to his credit.

The book starts though with the author's experience of witnessing Cohen collapse on stage in Valencia, Spain, in 2009, just a short while into the performance. It was the first and only time Reynolds had been able to see Cohen live and this was how it turned out.

So whilst the author cannot claim to have had much experience of seeing Cohen perform on stage or to have personally known him he nevertheless makes up for this with the fantastic amount of research he did for this book. Details of Cohen's early background are included, his family, the women in his life such as Marianne, who became immortalised in song in So Long, Marianne , his time spent on the island of Hydra, the making of each of his albums, his books and poetry, his business associates and recording and touring deals, the highs and lows of his life, his time spent as a Zen monk, and his recent achievements and how he has attracted a lot of renewed attention - its all inLeonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life .

Reynolds brings his account vividly to life with numerous quotations from Cohen himself and from friends and associates. There is also a selection of black and white photos of Leonard Cohen taken at various points in his career, and for fans it is almost worth getting the book just for these pictures alone!

Phil Spector

A chapter that stood out for me was the one about all the madness that went on in the making of Death of a Ladies' Man. This was the album produced by Phil Spector. Two musical geniuses but the project was a mess and a recording Cohen is not proud of.

It is worth considering when reading Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life that the author is an accomplished poet and singer-songwriter himself. I found it of great interest to see what Anthony would say about Cohen as one artist writing about another.


I discovered a lot of information about Leonard Cohen that I didn't know before reading this book. For example I found out that Cohen was obsessed with Nico at one point in his life. So was I so I can fully understand why!

Leonard Cohen - A Remarkable Life by Anthony Reynolds

Latest book title by Anthony Reynolds
Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life - Revised And Updated Edition

Omnibus Press
$14.12  $7.3

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Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life (German Edition)

Bosworth GmbH
Only $32.79

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Leonard Cohen at the Isle of Wight

Sing Another Song, Boys (live)

Anthony Reynolds book about the Walker Brothers on Amazon

The Impossible Dream: The story of Scott Walker and the Walker Brothers

$19.95  $8.09

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Anthony Reynolds personal website

The official Anthony Reynolds site

Welcome to the ANTHONY REYNOLDS :: Official WebSite ::
The Official ANTHONY REYNOLDS , Jack and Jacques Web Site. News, Biography, Discography, diary and many other sexy things.

Anthony Reynolds and his musical background

More about Anthony Reynolds

Anthony Reynolds came to fame with his band Jack, a band that recorded two albums for Too Pure after signing a deal with the label back in 1993. The albums were highly acclaimed and the band became regulars in the music press of the time such as the NME and Melody Maker.

I knew Anthony from his earlier bands in Cardiff where we both played on the local circuit of venues. I remember when he left Cardiff for London and how he told me he was sure he would find a deal up there that he couldn't find in South Wales. He was proved right and I was very impressed not only with the music but with his achievement.

Jack was followed by another musical project called Jacques that recorded a lot more songs on two albums for the Setanta label.

Anthony Reynolds has produced many more recordings including his most recent solo album British Ballads that was released in 2007. He has also had his poetry published in These Rose Taste Like Ashes, an anthology of poems, lyrics and prose.

For details of all of Anthony Reynold's music, poetry, books and other creative projects please see his website in the links section above.

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BardofEly on 01/19/2014

Mira, there are less and less venues for live music now in the UK and it has been getting worse in recent years. Bucharest sounds much better for musicians such as me!

Mira on 01/19/2014

I am listening to him now on YouTube. Do you not have cafes in the UK which look for this kind of music? There are lots here in Bucharest and I only wish I had the money to pay for the cover charge and some coffee and a sandwich. It's not much, but it's still money, and it allows this kind of thing to continue (musicians to play in these cafes). I can't wait to make more money this year and enjoy this scene more. It truly is wonderful, and some of the places have a lot of character (the houses, the interior decoration, etc.).

BardofEly on 01/19/2014

Thanks for listening to my songs! It is very hard finding gigs that pay. I have been recently shocked to hear that Steve 'Boltz' Bolton who has an incredible musical CV having played on tour with The Who, worked with Keith Richards, David Bowie, Paul Young and many more big names cannot find work in the UK. I know Steve and he was moaning about this on Facebook.

Mira on 01/19/2014

I listened to them all :) I liked the blues one and Girl Singer and Harvest Home best :)
Thanks for the music! :) And good luck in the UK! It sounds like you will be getting gigs in many places, given that you can do so many genres!

BardofEly on 01/19/2014

Thank you! I am in the process of moving back to the UK and putting a Kickstarter campaign together to record a new album. You can hear some of my old and current songs here:

Mira on 01/18/2014

Yes, that's what I was thinking, too, after seeing her site, that it's a big deal she wrote that about you! I'm happy for you tonight. Hope you're still doing your music out there :)

BardofEly on 01/18/2014

Yes, I have found her in Wikipedia and it is the same one. I am honoured having had her comment on my music because she is really well known it appears!

Mira on 01/18/2014

Now you made me curious about her! Ha, here's what she has on her Web site: "Sylvie Simmons is a petite, pretty, soft-spoken Londoner who makes grown rockstars quake in their boots. "
I'm surprised I didn't wonder about her. I always look up the authors. I guess she disappeared in this book, made me feel that her account was the voice of reason, objective and from the horse's mouth (horses' mouths -- she does quote people a lot) almost.

BardofEly on 01/18/2014

I just recognised her name which I knew because I used her quote on posters and flyers for a gig in London many years ago. I don't think there will be that many Sylvie Simmons in the business of writing about musicians.

Mira on 01/18/2014

Wow, that's rather good, Steve! :) I have no idea who the woman is, but she writes well. She has woven many stories into a pleasant account. There's lots of info but the book doesn't feel heavy, and she also writes with sensitivity. I feel she was a good writer to approach Leonard Cohen. I really liked the book.

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