Camouflage Cake or Animal Print Cake - Easy and Very Cool

by TerriRexson

This camouflage cake or animal print cake depending on the colors you use is great for an army or safari party.

This three color cake is a bit like a marble cake or a zebra cake but the use of three colors creates a cool patchwork effect.

This works well as a camouflage cake for an army birthday party. You just use green food coloring and cocoa powder to get the right colors. You don't even need to decorate it and the cake will have a cool camo pattern all the way through.

It also looks like an animal print cake. I made this cake as an African wild hunting dog cake for my son's African safari birthday party. The African wild hunting dog was his favorite animal at the time and he loved the cake.

Camouflage Cakes Ready for Decoration

Or Animal Print Cakes
Camouflage Cakes Ready for Decoration
Camouflage Cakes Ready for Decoration

Add Green for an Army Camouflage Cake

I made this cake as an African Wild Hunting Dog print cake. So I used yellow and brown colors. To get a muddy camouflage cake effect you just add some green food coloring. 

Depending on the colors you choose this cake can be used for:

  • Army cake - desert or forest camo colors for a kids army themed party, or a military going away or coming home party for a soldier. 
  • Animal print cake for a jungle, safari or nature party. You could try a cheetah or leopard print and using two colors and stripes gives you a zebra or tiger cake. 
  • A pink camo party - just use pink food coloring a white cake mix to get three shades of pink. 
  • 3 color marble cake using favorite colors, school colors or the colors of a flag. Swirl the mixture a little to create a marble effect. 
  • Country or map cake - the splodges look like geographic areas! Just use my how to make a cake from a template page to shape the cake. 

Camo Gear Deluxe Party Kit Camo Gear Deluxe Party Kit

You can match the cake to the colors of your party supplies!


The African Wild Dog or African Hunting dog is a beautiful animal. Sadly now endangered, there are only a few thousand of these animals left. Learn all about the African Wild Dog.

You'll Need Two Sponge Cake Mixes

You're going to need two sponge cake mixes to make this camouflage cake: one white and one chocolate. You could use packet mixes. I used this 4 egg sponge cake recipe and for the chocolate version I replaced 2oz of flour with 2oz of cocoa powder. 

We had a lot of guests coming to the party including parents so I made a large cake with two 4 egg cake mixes - half chocolate, half white. 

Camouflage Cake | Animal Print Cake

Camouflage Cake | Animal Print Cake

Prep time 30 min  -  Total time 60 min
Ingredients for 20 servings
1 white cake mix  • 1 chocolate cake mix  • Green food coloring  • Cocoa powder

Make Cake Mixes

Make up a white cake mix and a chocolate cake mix in two separate bowls. For camouflage cake add a few drops of green food coloring and half a teaspoon of cocoa powder to the white cake mix to turn it a muddy green color - but make sure you keep a good contrast with your chocolate cake mix.

Make the Third Color Cake Mix

To make the third color of cake mix, take a third bowl and put one third of your light and dark mixes in and mix them together to get a color that is in between the other two. You might want to add a drop more green food coloring to this mixture.

Spoon the Mixture into a Cake Pan

Spoon the Mixture into a Cake Pan

Now spoon the mixture into a cake pan. I used one square and one round cake pan because I was making a shaped cake. But a large rectangle will work well for a camouflage cake.

You want to create a camouflage or animal print pattern by adding a spoonful of cake mix at a time and cycling between your three different colored cake mixes. This will create a patchwork effect which will stay in the cake when baked.

Bake the Cake

Bake the cake according to the instructions of your cake recipe. This will depend on how big your cake is and how deep.

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Decorating your Camouflage Cake

Your camouflage cake doesn't need much decoration! Kids will love that the camouflage effect goes all the way through the cake - not just on the frosting like other camo cakes I've seen. 

You could add some soldier figures as cake toppers and of course candles. You could write the birthday child's name on the cake in frosting. 

I used the cake to make an Africa shaped cake which was covered and decorated - in this cake the animal print cake inside was a fun surprise. 

You could do the same with a camo cake and use an army cake topper and have the pattern inside the cake as a surpise. 

Military Robot Tank Cake Topper

Military Robot Tank Cake Topper
$12.2  $9.48

Camouflage Party Supplies

How to Make a Cake from a Template

If you want to make a shaped cake
Here's how you can easily make a birthday from a template when you have an image or outline you would like to use. I recently used this approach to make an Africa cake.

How to Make an Africa Cake

How to make an Africa shaped cake using a template and decorate it for an African safari party or other Africa-themed event.
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Mladen on 03/22/2012

I bet kids would love this cake. And it is so easy to make it. Great idea for parties.

Angel on 03/18/2012

So glad I found this. My son will love this for his birthday. He is obsessed with military stuff and wants his room painted camo etc. Everything he has is camo. Thanks for sharing ... I will use for sure.

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