Chocolate Bar iPhone 5 Cases: Good Enough to Eat

by SusanM

A chocolate bar iPhone 5 case is the perfect choice for chocoholics !!

Chocolate must be one of the all time favorite sweet treats. It's loved by children and adults alike.

Although it was once just a seed on the cacao tree it became something totally different when it was created into chocolate bars, boxes of chocolate and other chocolate desserts.

If you have'n't guessed already I admit I'm a chocoholic. So it makes sense I would check out what's available in chocolate bar designs when looking for iPhone 5 cases.

Turning your iPhone into a chocolate bar is a fun novelty. Your phone becomes a conversation starter and certainly attracts attention (at least from other chocolate lovers). A chocolate bar iPhone cover is also something quite different from the usual cases you can buy.

Surprisingly even though chocolate is so popular I was only able to track down a couple of good quality chocolate bar design iPhone 5 cases. But these all have that fun novelty factor to satisfy any chocoholic.

Turn Your iPhone 5 into a Chocolate Bar

chocolate bar iphone 5If you decide you want to turn your iPhone into your own portable and long lasting chocolate bar you'll have three versions to choose from: 

  • The basic bar of chocolate.
  • The chocolate bar that still has some silver foil attached to it (for artistic effect).
  • The unwrapped bar of chocolate. 

These each have a different mood and look to them. So now let's have a look at what's available.

An iphone is the perfect shape and size to be turned into a novelty chocolate bar. This basic design is the one that focuses on the chocolate itself. 

This iPhone 5 case has the packaging already removed. So the pieces look ready to break off and eat. This puts everyone's full attention on the chocolate itself. This makes it simple and chocolate-y. 

Although many iPhone 5 cases don't come in earlier formats this one does. This means you can get it in the earlier iPhone versions 3G/3GS and 4/4S if needed. So chocoholics who haven't upgraded to an iPhone 5 yet can still indulge. 

Need the iPhone 4 Version?

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The Artistic Chocolate Bar iPhone Case

This chocolate bar iPhone 5 case still has some of the silver foil wrapping featuring on it. This makes it look like someone has just ripped the packing open and is ready to break off a piece from the top right hand corner. 

The use of the silver foil as well as the chocolate is an artistic approach that gives this phone more depth and interest than the basic chocolate bar. This one captures the imagination in an extra way by adding the idea of taking the rest of the silver foil off so it can be eaten. So I like this iPhone 5 case the best. But for many the focus on the chocolate itself seen in the basic bar case will be enough - hey it's chocolate! 

But if you want to go with the artistic style you can get this design in iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S and 5 formats.

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

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Need the iPhone 4 Version?

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The Total Chocolate Bar Case

Looking for an unwrapped chocolate bar? There's one you can get for iPhone 5. Being unwrapped the actual chocolate isn't visible. This may not suit many chocolate lovers who want to see the actual chocolate. (If I'm going to buy a chocolate iPhone case I want to see the chocolate - but that might just be me.) But this iPhone 5 case is still fun and a great novelty iPhone cover idea. 

This Chocabar comes in red and blue designs as well as orange. 

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

Unfortunately this design doesn't come in an iPhone 3G/3GS version. This is quite common with many designs. They just don't appear in the older iPhone formats. Sometimes you can message the designer to request 3G/3GS version but it doesn't seem possible with this designer. 

More Chocolate iPhones Good Enough to Eat

As you can see there aren't a lot of iPhone 5 cases that are chocolate bars. But because there are so many chocolate lovers out there I thought I'd add a few extra cases. These aren't chocolate bars but boxed chocolate. They're still a fun and chocolate-related iPhone case for chocoholics. There's also some great designs for iPhones in this range. 

One of the great things about chocolate box designs is that they have more color and detail than the chocolate bar iPhone cases. Although they lack the novelty feel that the chocolate bar cases have. 

More iPhone 5 Case Ideas

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Sunflowers have a brightness and joy that make them a fun idea for an iPhone 5 case cover.
You can get some beautiful seashell cases for your iPhone in differing styles
Flower iPhone 5 cases are a popular choice - but it can be a challenge to find high quality cases with bright flower photos on them.
Updated: 10/07/2012, SusanM
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