Choose a Cloak, Cape or Robe

by TerriRexson

Cloaks make a gorgeous finishing touch to lots of costumes. Highwayman? Jedi? Vampire? Medieval Maid? Choose from an amazing selection of cloaks.

Costume Cloaks

A cloak is an impressive addition to many costumes. If you're going out trick or treating in October then it adds an extra layer of warmth too! 

Historically cloaks were worn by both men and women. Robes have also been adopted for lots of fantasy characters too. Cloaks are great for CosPlay and SCA. 

Join me for a tour of the best costume capes. 

Superhero Capes for Kids

The modern descendent of the cape!

Superhero Capes for Kids
Try here if you're looking for a superhero cape for kids.

Velvet Cloak: Red, Black, Brown, Evergreen, Wine

For men and women
Red, Std Size Adult - The Perfect Completion Cloak
Only $34.92

Medieval Cloak

First up it's the classic medieval or renaissance cloak. It has a big hood and is made of velvet to keep you warm. 

This robe is available in a number of deep and warm shades: black, brown, red, wine and ever green. 

You could wear this cloak over any medieval costume - ideal for SCA. You could dress up as a medieval maid or princess. Or a renaissance prince or gentleman. 

The Black Cloak of Death

Next up it's the black hooded cloak of death. It's a necessary part of any Grim Reaper costume - we all recognise death by his hooded robe. 

It works well for any kind of ghoul or zombie or skeleton warrior costume too. 

Be careful around small children. These costumes really can be scary!

Black Hooded Cloak

Death or The Grim Reaper
Cape 68 Inch Hooded Black
$10.18  $9.98

Pirate Cloak or Robe

Peasant Renaissance Medieval Costume
Pirate Peasant Renaissance Medieval Costume Cloak Cape Robe
Only $195.95

The Pirate Cloak

Now this is a luxury pirates cloak. Only for pirates that have been doing some serious plundering or have found riches in a hidden treasure chest. 

It's made of heavy cotton velvet with fur trim at the neck. 

This cloak works for a pirate or a medieval traveler costume. 

Deluxe Hooded Jedi Robe

May the force be with you
Star Wars Super Deluxe Jedi Robe Adult Costume - Standard...
$129.99  $48.88

The Jedi Robe

The Star Wars universe draws on historical sources to dress the Jedi Knight in a Jedi robe. 

A Jedi robe can be worn over the costume of a variety of Star Wars characters including Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kanobe, Mace Windu and in a smaller size, Yoda. 

Great for keeping a Jedi a bit warmer on a cold night. 

Red and Black Vampire Cape

Vampire Cape (One Size Fits All)

The Vampire Cape

Another Halloween classic, it's the Vampire Cape. A vampire cape is black with a red lining a stiff collar, ideally standing up. 

Count Dracula is of course the most famous vampire and a good vampire cape really makes a Dracula costume. 

Royal Renaissance King or Queen Costume Cloak

Royal Regal Renaissance Adult King Queen Costume Cloak
Only $39.73

Royal Robe

Another instantly recognisable cloak is the royal robe of a renaissance king or queen. 

It's a red robe, trimmed with white fur with black spots. And some gold trim to show that they could afford it. 

Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility

Check out the humorous comments!
Cloak of Invisibility

Cloak of Invisibility

And I couldn't resist including Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility. The review comments for this cloak are very funny. 

One reviewer complains that it didn't actually make them invisible. Another reviewer had more success but has now misplaced the cloak and can't see it ...

Who Wears a Cloak

Or Robe or Cape
  • Wizards and Witches wear robes. Including Harry Potter characters. 
  • Vampires wear a long black or red cape. 
  • Pirates and Knights wear cloaks when it gets cold
  • Medieval or renaissance peasants and merchants
  • Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princesses often wear cloaks
  • A Highwayman outfit isn't complete without a black cloak
  • Jedi Knights wear robes
  • Superheroes like Batman and Robin, Superman and Supergirl and Thor wear capes. 
  • Little Red Riding hood wears a red cape. 
  • Characters from historical novels like Dickens. 
  • Monks
  • Death or Grim Reaper always has a black hooded cloak
  • The devil has a long red cloak
  • Pregnant women who can't fit into their coats - cloaks are very practical!
  • And a cloak looks amazing over an evening dress. 
Updated: 08/23/2011, TerriRexson
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barbarab on 08/24/2011

my favourite was one I made for myself after reading Connie Willis' The Doomsday Book! and my daughter gave the one I made her a thank you so much mom (like is there another color?) and wore it not only for Halloween but for every major event thereafter!
I was glad it held up...uuuhhh glad she enjoyed it! :)

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