Cute Owl Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

Cute owl party supplies are very popular. There are some lovely designs to choose from here, plus some ideas for owl party activities.

I love these cute owl themed party supplies! These retro modern owls are very sweet.

You can get cute owl party tableware and decorations. I've also included ideas for owl-themed party food to fit with the party theme.

And ideas for cute owl party favors for your guests to take home after the party.

Owl Blossom Party Supplies

Cute Pink and Yellow Owl Design

Owl Blossom Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Owl Blossom Deluxe Party Pack for 8

This cute pink and purple Owl Blossom party supplies pack is gorgeous. 

The deluxe party pack includes owl party tableware for eight guests plus matching decorations so you can decorate the room to match the theme. 

You can also get lots of other matching party supplies to go with the Owl Blossom theme. 

Cute Owl Party Favor Boxes - Filled

Owl Blossom Party Favor Box Owl Blossom Party Favor Box

These filled cute owl party favor boxes make planning an owl party much easier!

You get the party boxes plus lots of owl-themed and matching goodies for the party guests. 

You can also buy the owl party boxes on their own to fill yourself. And there's a pack available that includes party supplies and filled party favor boxes which is good value. 


This gorgeous owl wall sticker decal makes a lovely decoration for an owl party. The owl scene decals are removable so you can take them down afterwards - or carefully move them to the party girl's bedroom. 

The tree with the owl in is 68-inches wide by 58-inches tall so this makes an impressive display. 

Owl Sucker Chocolate Mold

CK Products 3-Inch Owl Sucker Chocolate Mold
$6.99  $3.0

Owl Cookie Cutter

Owl Cookie Cutter
$7.99  $1.99

Owl Party Food Ideas

An Owl Shaped cookie cutter is a great way to make owl-shaped party food. You could make owl sugar cookies and then let the kids decorate them with frosting and candy shapes. You can make owl-shaped sandwiches or owl pizzas. Cutters can also be used to cut fondant to decorate a cake. 

Chocolate owl sucker molds are a fun treat too. If you use white chocolate and a little food coloring you can get some really pretty effects. 

And mini owl cake pans can be used to make cute individual owl cakes. Individual cakes are a popular alternative to a large cake. 

Owl Small Cake Pans

Owl Small Cake Pan Set of 6

Cute Owl Food Picks

Cute Owl Food PicksHere are some printable cute owl party picks. You can print these out on your home printer and then attach food picks to them. 

Use them to theme party food like cupcakes, sandwiches, pizza squares, and other items. 

It kind of feels like cheating when I do this! But it's a really effective way of creating lots of themed party food without a lot of effort. 

Printable Cute Owl Party Picks

Make Craft Owls

You can make gorgeous craft owls quite easily as an owl party activity. You'll want to cut out the owl piece shapes in advance so the activity can be done more quickly - this is much much easier if you have a craft cutter. 

Here's my craft owl activity with the template, it's designed to be used with a craft cutter:

Make a cute owl from cardstock for a birthday card or gift bag or as a party activity.

Cute Owl Coloring Page Activity

Cute Owl Coloring Page

A coloring page is a good extra activity to have on hand at a party. You can set up a table or a spot on the floor for kids to color in a picture as you are waiting for everyone to arrive, or if they finish another game or activity early.

Here's a cute owl coloring page that will fit nicely with this party theme. 

Get the Cute Owl Coloring Page

Make Balloon Owls

Owl Balloon Animals

Kids love balloon animals. You can use them to decorate the room and as party favors and you can make them in front of the kids as entertainment. You could hire an entertainer who can make balloon animals, or you could have a go yourself - it's easier than you might think! Do practice beforehand though. The article below will help you prepare if you think you could give balloon owls a go. 

Balloon Modeling for a Kids Party

Balloon modeling is a fun activity for a kids party. You can make balloon animals, pirate swords, balloon flowers and lots more.

Go on an Owl Hunt

A treasure hunt is always a fun party activity for kids. You could hide little party favor owls around the party venue - this could be indoors or outdoors and let the kids find them.

Tell the children how many owls they are allowed to find each. Make sure some adults know where the owls are so they can give hints towards the end of the activity. 

Cute Owl Party Favors

You can find lots of lovely cute owl party favors on eBay. Look out for stickers, cute owl suckers and candy and fabric cute owl party bags. 

Updated: 02/17/2012, TerriRexson
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LizMac67 on 08/12/2014

What very attractive owl ideas.

betty martin-danner on 10/27/2012

how about owl mini bake pans

Marie on 01/03/2012

Very cute - I'd definitely like an owl cookie cutter seeing as I make so many edibles for parties and birthdays.

Lisa @ B&B Party Rentals New J on 01/02/2012

These owl party theme ideas are perfect for a kid's party! Love the colorful designs and surely the kids will love it!

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