Dinosaur Shoes for Kids

by TerriRexson

Dinosaur shoes for kids are a great option for dino fans. We've got a range of styles including slip-on and lace-up shoes and high top boots.

Custom Design Dinosaur Sneakers

Choose a design and customize it

If you're looking for dinosaur sneakers for a child, we've got a great selection here. The sneakers are printed to order and can be customized to be just perfect for your child. 

Dinosoles Dinosaur Shoes

With flashing dinosaur eyes and dinosaur footprints

Dinosoles Dinosaur Shoes
These shoes come in lots of designs featuring T-Rex, Stegosaurus and more.

Best Dinosaur Shoes

Our favorite design

These Dinosaur BOOM! shoes are our favorite design. 

 The BOOM! shoes to the right are brilliant for dinosaur fans. They have an erupting volcano on the front with a Stegosaurus on one side and a T-Rex on the other. 

On the outside at the back are green brachiosauruses. And on the very back you'll see a very cool T-Rex skeleton! Kids will love these shoes. 

Click on the shoe to the right to view it from all angles. 

Dinosaur Island Boom! Shoes

Volcano with Stegosaurus and T-Rex

Customize your dinosaur shoes

The dinosaur shoes at Zazzle can be customized to get just the right look for you child. This is brilliant for getting the perfect design. My older son loves red, while yellow is by younger son's favorite color. Not a problem! We can adjust designs to their favorite colors. Let's take a look at how this works. 

Awesome Dinosaur shoes

Pink for girls

Very Pink Dinosaur Shoes

Very Pink Dinosaur Shoes
Very Pink Dinosaur Shoes

First we choose a dinosaur shoe design

First we choose a dinosaur shoes design at Zazzle, we've included our favorites on this page.

These hot pink awesome dinosaur shoes are great for girls who love dinosaurs. But what if they aren't quite pink enough for your daughter? Not a problem, we can go in and change the colors of the uppers, laces, binding and even the lining and the sole!

This is very easy to do, just by selecting colors with drop-down boxes. At every step Zazzle shows you what the design will look like. 

The design on the right is what we got when we customized the Awesome dinosaur shoe to be even more pink. You can click on the link to buy the extra-pink version of the shoes. 

More Dinosaur Shoes

More of our favorite designs

Let's take a look at more of our favorite designs. First we'll look at slip-on sneakers then more lace-up designs. 

Slip on Keds Dinosaur Shoes

We've chosen a few of our favorite slip-on design shoe designs. Slip On shoes are great for little kids who can put them on my themselves and for bigger kids in a hurry to get out and play. 

More slip on dinosaur shoe designs

A Paleontologist Vest

Makes a great gift for a child who loves dinosaurs
Choose a palentologist vest or safari vest for kids. Also great for explorers and as a fishing vest. Great for Dino Dan, Diego and Dinosaur Train fans.

Kids Keds

The sneakers are made by Keds so you are getting quality kids shoes as well as a very cool design that's just right for your child. 

The Keds come in two kids styles: Champion Lace Up and Champion Slip On. Keds are comfortable and well-designed. The design you choose will be professionally printed onto the shoes with Zazzle's quality fabric printing technology. 

Keds Shoes Sizes


Keds sneakers come in a wide range of sizes from 7T through to 5Y, including half sizes. So you can get just the right size for toddlers, preschoolers and big kids. 

Kids Lace Up Dinosaur Sneakers

Champion dino sneakers

Lace Up Dinosaur Sneakers

The Keds lace up dinosaur shoes are very cool. Constrasting laces make for some very cool designs.

More Lace up dinosaur shoe designs

International Shipping

Get your dinosaur shoes shipped to most worldwide locations. Go through the order process to see shipping costs.

Do you know which was the biggest dinosaur?

Are you wondering which was the biggest dinosaur ever? Dinosaur came in all shapes and sizes. Some were as small as chickens, others were much much bigger!

More Dinosaur Gear

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AJ on 06/05/2011

My kids would have loved these shoes when they were younger - but with a new baby in the family, it wont be long before she will be able to wear them!

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