Fantasy Swords

by SeanMac

Fantasy fiction novels feature great characters like Hobbits, Elves, Lords, Dwarves, Magicians and Earls. They all have special swords and fantasy fans can buy beautiful replicas.

I have prepared my choices of Fantasy Swords from across several different fantasy novels and characters. The swords are great collectibles and fans and collectors just love these collectibles from their treasured, and loved, fantasy characters. The mix of sword owners ranges from Captain Jack Sparrow and Gandalf to Lord Eddard Stark and Harry Potter. The sword blades, guards and pommels are exact replicas of the swords as described in the novels in which they appear. Many of these fantasy blades actually have their own names too. They are not cheap, nor are they toys, and they need to be cared for. They are supplied with scabbards and/or wall mounting hardware.

LOTR and Hobbit replica swords

The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien featured several swords and perhaps the most famous one was ‘Sting’ which was the Hobbit sword wielded by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Gandalf’s Glamdring is also a popular choice for collectors and the third chosen sword is the lesser know sword of King Elessar, called Anduril.

George R.R. Martin's character’s swords

GRR Martin is believed by many to be the equal of the great Tolkien. It is hardly surprising that his epic saga A Song of Ice and Fire’ features heroes and villains with named swords. The swords from the now televised first book called ‘A Game of Thrones’ are called Ice, Longclaw and Needle. They are the weapons of Lord Stark, Jon Snow and Arya Stark respectively.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s sword

Caribbean Pirate Cutlass

The pirate’s blade is the famed Cutlass and a replica of the Sword wielded by the Caribbean Pirate is very collectible. The lesser known blade, used by Hector Barbossa is also available. There are 2 versions of the Jack Sparrow’s sword by different manufacturers (so you have to chose which you think is the most realistic) and the middle sword featured is the Hector Barbossa replica weapon. 

King Arthur, Highlander and Harry Potter swords

Excalibur, Connor MacLeod and Gryffindor

Excalibur is probably the best known of these three weapons as it is the sword that King Arthur, of Camelot, used after removing it from the stone. The Highlander replica blade is the blade used by Connor MacLeod, aka Highlander himself. The Harry Potter one is called after his house of Gryffindor. The wizard’s sword first belonged to Godric Gryffindor.

Famous Excalibur Sword

King Arthur was the owner of this weapon
Excalibur Sword Gold Inlay
Only $189.00
United Cutlery-HIGHLANDER KATANA-Swor...
Only $300.00
Harry Potter Godric Gryffindor Movie ...
$49.99  $49.95

Display swords

Nearly all of the collectible swords come with a Wall Plaque and/or mounting hardware to enable the owner to display the weapons to best effect. The blades are made from stainless steel and the pommels, hilts and guards are usually gilded or cast metal. The scabbards (if supplied) are made from leather. These wonderful fantasy fiction swords and blades are great display items for a collector and are superb conversation starters and ice breakers. 

Other Collectibles

Apart from the obvious fantasy fiction novels themselves (as collector items) there are many other things of interest for the collector pertaining to the fantasy genre. You can but replica outfits of almost any character from Superman to Hermoine Grainger. If you liked Harry Potter you can buy replica wands of all the main characters. New movies can spawn whole new ranges of items and even jewelry too. This fact is borne out by sales of the Mockingjay Pin and earrings from the new movie 'The Hunger Games' starring Katniss Everdeen.

Replica dolls and pewter figures of the stars like Katniss, Harry, Frodo and Gandalf can all be found online. Lego collectible figures are available in likeness to the new movie stars and a range of new Hobbit Lego is in the making so expect to see a toy Bilbo miniature soon.  

Entire chess sets have been constructed with scenes from historic battles and themed chess sets are available featuring King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, HP, The Simpsons and a whole host more. Suffice to say there is a plethora of goods available (bed linen, bags, clothes, wallets, posters and even wall paper) concerning fantasy fiction characters. Go get 'em.

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SeanMac on 07/23/2012

Great sword collectibles, I would like to own one of each. Still, I can always dream. I am a big fantasy fiction fan and my hero is Gandalf whose sword is called Glamdring. Thank you katiem2 for your visit.

katiem2 on 07/22/2012

A great collection of fantasy swords, these are so popular for so many. Great product reviews of sword collectibles. :)K

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