Fun Cupcake iPhone 5 Cases

by SusanM

Cupcakes are a fun design for an iPhone 5 case - and these cases are the best you can find...

Cupcakes are a cute and dainty type of cake that work really well as an iPhone 5 case design. Their smaller size fits well onto the case area and their cuteness gives lots of fun ideas for designs.

The better cupcake iPhone 5 designs aren't always easy to find though. This is especially so if you're looking for something eye-catching or different. So given I'm a fan of these little cakes I thought I'd spend an afternoon seeing what I could find.

iPhone Designs with Real Cupcakes

Sprinkle Cupcakes Design

This is a gorgeous iPhone 5 design. I like the realistic photos of cupcakes because the real thing looks so colorful.

Now these cupcakes are chocolate ones with vanilla frosting and rainbow sparkles. I think the swirls of icing on top of the cupcakes are what make this design something special. The intricate pattern the icing naturally creates give a feeling of depth and interest to the design. The rainbow sprinkles add a nice color balance against the white icing. 

A great iPhone 5 case pick for a cupcake fan.

For Chocolate Cupcake Fans

This is another iPhone case that uses a real photo of a cupcake. There's some great detail in it too. The texture and shades of color of this cupcake are easy to see. This gives a depth of color to this chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.

The chocolate coloring has also been given great contrast by placing it on a totally white background. This really gives full attention to the cupcake. (Making it the perfect choice for anyone who loves chocolate and cupcakes.) 

The rainbow sprinkles have also been used in this design. These provide a nice balance of color to this cupcake too. 

Cupcake Pattern iPhone 5 Cases

Cupcake Happy Pattern

This is a fun iPhone 5 case. Each cupcake in this pattern is a single color but the shading used (lighter and darker) gives each one detail and depth. This makes the design far more interesting than if they had only been cupcake silhouettes. 

The way the designer has used eight different colors gives a festive feel to this design. This effect has been made even more effective because bright colors have been used. This gives the iPhone that happy feel that it's named after. 

So this is a nice choice if you want something bright that's not a realistic photo of a cupcake.

Lotsa Cupcakes iPhone Case

This cupcake pattern design is more subtle than the bright design of Cupcake Happy.

In this design the differing colors of the cupcake and added cherries create the color and interest. Each cupcake seems to fit with the others in shape and color though so the effect is softer than the other case. 

This cupcake design is still fun even though it's not as bright. I think this is because the cupcakes are turned every which way. Whereas the cupcakes in the other design are all lined up. Each way balances out case design in the best way for that phone.

More Fun Cupcake iPhone 5 Designs

Keep Calm iPhone Cupcake

You've probably seen the Keep Calm range around the place. If you're a fan you'll be pleased to find this range also has a cupcake iPhone design. Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes (good advice if I say so myself.) 

This design comes in different colors. I liked the yellow one best because it was the brightest choice so I've featured it here. But if you're not a fan of yellow you can get it in other colors.

The cupcake on this is a nice and simple design that adds extra color to this iPhone.

Bright Cupcake iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case is simple yet eye catching because of its colors, as well as the bright contrast between them. 

Color has been the focus of this design so there's less detail than in the photo or patterned iPhone cases. But too much detail might have made this case too "busy" looking. So this works well. 

This case has a high energy feel. This is partly from all the color. It's also from the use of stripes going in two different directions. The horizontal background stripes in lots of colors and the vertical pink stripes on the cupcake wrapper. This creates an eye catching, colorful and high energy design.

Cupcake Cow iPhone 5 Case

This cow iPhone case was so cute I had to add it to this list of fun cupcake iPhone 5 cases. The longing look on the cow's face just makes this iPhone too gorgeous. You know the cow is dreaming about eating the cupcake.

This is an original design of a cow eyeing off a yummy cupcake. The pinks in the cow and cupcake design go nicely with the swirled pink background. The bright pink cupcake wrapper gives a nice bright balance to the softer pinks that are used. 

If you're not a fan of pinks you can get the same design in different colors like purple and green too.

More Fun iPhone 5 Designs

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Updated: 11/26/2012, SusanM
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