Fun Halloween iPhone 5 Cases

by SusanM

Looking for a Halloween iPhone 5 case that's fun but not too macabre or creepy? Check out these quirky cases.

Halloween is a fun time of year. It's spookiness and creepiness are great and can be a wonderful springboard for imagination.

If you'd like to change your iPhone case to suit this major holiday season you can get some great Halloween inspired covers. But many of these can be quite scary for kids. So if you have young kids at home or work with young kids you might want to steer away from the scary iPhone cases. You also may want to focus on the cute and fun side of Halloween yourself rather than the macabre side. Either way not everyone wants the scariest Halloween iPhone 5 case.

So I thought I'd feature some of the best cute Halloween cases. These are all a good choice if you have kids at home (or work with kids) and don't want scary images around them. They're also a great idea if you just want a cute and fun cover for the Halloween season.

The Jack O Lantern Smile

This is a quirky case that just makes you smile (well it makes me smile). It's a fun, bright case that has a great symbol of the Halloween season - a Jack O Lantern. But it's a creative design with just the classic features of the pumpkin shown. 

This is a good case if you have very young children about - toddlers and preschoolers. It's also good if you have older children who tend to get spooked easily at Halloween. With this case you can have all the fun of the Halloween season without scaring the kids.

This iPhone 5 design also comes in black with an orange background but I think the orange with black background is more impressive in look.

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

This Halloween design doesn't come in an iPhone 3G/3GS version unfortunately. Although you are able to contact the designer. So if you're really desperate to have this Halloween pumpkin design on your iPhone 3G/3GS you can always contact the designer and ask for the iPhone 3 version to be added to the available options. 

If you're looking for a Halloween pumpkin iPhone 5 case that's a little scary but still G rated try this one. Older children won't think it's babyish but it's not one of the very creepy cases either. Some Halloween iPhone cases could create nightmares in kids because they are made to scare. But this one is unlikely to do that. 

So this case should be okay for kids 7 or 8 years and up to see. (But each child will be different so it's best to make your own judgement on this.) It's also a fun one for adults who work with kids and want to avoid a scary case. But don't want one of the cartoon designs either. 

A Grumpy Monster iPhone Case

This is a monster iPhone 5 case that isn't scary. This cartoon Frankenstein has personality for sure but scare factor - not so much. This makes it one of the better monster iPhone 5 cases for children to see. 

This iPhone 5 case is also a fun choice if you're looking for something quirky and fun without the macabre mood that some of the iPhone Halloween cases have. This one has enough personality to make up for the lack of scare to make it a good choice for adults not into the macabre side of Halloween.

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

This is another one that isn't currently available in an iPhone 3G/3GS format. But the designer's contact details are available so you can always ask for this design to be added to the list of available iPhone 3 cases.

Cute Ghost Friends for an iPhone

This iPhone 5 case is definitely cute and has no scare factor at all. This would make it a good choice for parents with toddlers or younger preschoolers. You can certainly have this case lying around the house without giving your kids nightmares. 

This phone is also good if you're looking for an iPhone case for a child. It's fun to be able to dress up their iPhone with a seasonal cover. But many of the Halloween cases available aren't suitable for a child's phone. Now all the iPhone designs in this article would be suitable for a child depending on their age - but this Halloween design is one of the best choices for a child.

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

Unfortunately this design is only available in the iPhone 4 and 5 case formats. The sellers contact details don't seem to be available to request other iPhone formats. 

Halloween Black Cat's Eyes iPhone Case

This iPhone 5 case has great intensity without a macabre feel. Some children's imaginations might think of scary creatures that could have eyes like this but you can usually prevent scary flights of fancy by making sure children know that these are cat's eyes. 

This iPhone case is not only a good choice for a cat lover at Halloween - it's also a cleverly designed iPhone 5 case. This is because it's eye-catching (actually it's very striking looking), It's intense, has a great Halloween mood too. But it lacks any real scare factor that might make it unsuitable to be around kids or less appealing to those who aren't after a creepy Halloween. 

Need the iPhone 3 Version?

This cat's eyes Halloween design isn't currently available in an iPhone 3 format. But the designers contact details are available so you have the option of seeing if they would add an iPhone 3 version to their products.

A Cute Little Ghost iPhone 5 Case

This is another great iPhone 5 case for kids. This is the sort of picture you could easily find in a children's Halloween picture book. 

Ghosts are a classic symbol of Halloween. Some can be scary and macabre looking. But not this one. This little ghost is cute and friendly looking. He (or is it a she?) looks like he's flying off for a night of haunting on Halloween. But it's not an image that's likely to create scary dreams for children. 

I also think this is a fun one for adults looking for something cute for Halloween. The black and white design gives it a stylish look and the cartoon character isn't too childish. Just cute! 

Need the iPhone 3 or 4 Version?

Unfortunately this iPhone cute ghost design only seems to be available in the iPhone 5 format. The designers contact details are available though so you have the option of asking if another iPhone format could be added to their products.

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Updated: 10/07/2012, SusanM
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