Fun Things for Toddlers to Do This Summer

by katiem2

This summer is packed with great advancements in stimulating developmental toys toddlers love. Follow along as we review the best in toddler summer fun for countless hours of fun.

The best in toddler fun this summer is a refreshing and stimulating list of great activities to keep any toddler happy and fulfilled. Toddlers are excited about textures, molding, creating and finding new ways to interact with and change the world around them. The top three activities toddlers love best include water, sand and the great outdoors. Although the beloved activities of toddlers don't change much the toys used to explore these curious favorites are constantly advancing. Follow along as we take a look at this seasons favorite toys and developmental advances in the area summer fun for toddlers. You will enjoy countless hours of family summer fun oh and don't forget your camera, have it charge and ready to capture the many fond childhood memories.

A laid back summer creates a challenge to keep your teen busy and engaged while you're busy at work. Copy this great list of both fun and helpful things teens can do this summer.

Arctic Splash Water Table

Includes glacier mountain, ice slide, tunnel, water dumping bucket, multi-level wells, squirt toys and more.

Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table

Our toddlers never cease to amazes us when it comes to creative and fun ways the invent to explore the world of summertime.

Toddlers know how to enjoy themselves and summertime offers so many stimulating and wonderful ways to do just that.  The lazy days of summer are anything buy lazy when it comes to keeping your little brilliant minds stocked with ample toys, creative outlets for fun and developmental play.

Most every toddler loves water fun and the arctic splash water table offers a safe and creative way for toddlers to play, share and develop new skills as they enjoy countless hours of fun. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and or protective clothing anytime your child goes out for playtime.

There are many safe and easy ways to avoid getting sunburned. Get the facts on the simple ways to avoid getting burned and damaging your skin and eyes.

Step2 Adjustable Sand Water Table

This summertime fun exploration fun for toddlers brings two top toddler favorites together, both sand and water.

This advanced fun summertime sand and water table creates hours of fun development for toddlers. The step2 summer fun table is great for play dates or for keeping toddlers happy at play alone.  This two part table is easy to clean fun to use and is also fun without the sand or water.  Many parents find their toddlers love this play area so much they play for hours with it alone, no water or sand.  Its a great place for them to bring their smaller toys, dolls and animals to play make believe endlessly.  

Step2 Sand and Water Table

This table is adjustable to grow with your toddler.

Little minds are so creative and love this play-set regardless. This great play set is great for rainy days inside, it is light weight, easy to clean and move from the yard to playroom. This is a fun favorite you can expect to allow your child enjoy inside and out, water need not be included inside and yet it can with a little creative thinking.  But honestly your child will love it with and without water.  

Summers here and you need a fun list of things for your daughter to do this summer that will keep both you and her happy and feeling good about your choices. We have the list of..

Sand and Summer

Summertime and sand go hand in hand, its hard for adults and older kids to stop playing in the sand box, it is just so fun.
$69.99  $65.79


Sandboxes, beaches and any other place sand can be found equals hours of fun and creative adventures for toddlers.

Toddlers love sand play when given the right toys the things toddlers and little hands create are limitless.  The only problem with this fun activity is pulling your toddler away as they never grow tired of playing, creating, excavating and building in the sand.  If you have your own sandbox you will want to have all the latest sand toys available to your toddler.  The little genius in your child will bloom as they learn to manipulate the building toys, make their own world, towns and villages in their own back yard.

Sand Summer time Fun

Development soars when toddlers enjoy building and creating sand creations.
International Playthings Sandmill Dum...
Only $18.99
Beach Set
Only $15.99
Beach Toy Deluxe Set - 10 pieces incl...
$14.95  $9.95
Large Heavy-Duty Sand Castle Molds, S...
Only $17.98
Sand Castle Kit
Only $29.95
Beach Toys Deluxe Playset for Kids - ...
Only $9.93
It's Summer, schools out and you need fun ideas for teen girls. We've got a great and safe web page you're gonna love.

Sprinkler Fun

Water tops the charts of toddler favorites this summer and sprinklers have never been more fun.

The latest in sprinklers designed with toddlers in mind are fun and colorful with safe sprinkle fun in mind. The gentle water offers fun for toddlers as they enjoy the cool mist of water fun alone, with siblings or friends.

Sprinklers are a great way to exercise your toddler but do be prepared for a great nights sleep as summertime play really makes toddlers sleep well. The busy days of summer packed with fresh air and the fun of outdoors creates a tired sleepy toddler. Be prepared for nap time as this keeps toddlers from getting grumpy.  The most active toddlers who might otherwise miss nap time may well need one now.

Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler

A boys favorite for sprinkler fun.
Only $21.99
Little girls and boys can spend hours at dress up fun developing interpersonal skills and more. Take a look at the best dress up collections for girls and boys.

Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

A girls favorite in sprinkler fun.
Only $22.59
Schools out what's the fun thing for teens this summer? We have a fun list of things for teens to do this summer check it out!

Gardening Fun

While toddlers love digging in the dirt and helping you garden adding their own tools and fun toys to the mix makes for an easy going gardening experience.

Little hands love to get involved with the gardening and landscaping fun.  While this is often a difficult task for parents to manage adding toddlers to it can be done easily.  Adding some fun toddler tools your child can take charge of keeps them focused and busy with their own contributions.  They will have fun doing their own gardening thing while you more easily tend to yours.  All the while happy toddlers play peacefully close by. Simply adding these fun colorful gardening touches geared especially for toddlers can often spark enough creative distraction to keep your toddler happily playing with their own gardening toys as you get on with the grown up chores.

Keeping Toddlers Happy Gardening

  1. Toddlers love hauling things around in their cart, they can pick daffodils adding them to their cart while you work.
  2. Toddlers can pick up any rocks they find adding them to their cart.
  3. You can provide tots with paper cups and soil to add their own seeds to.
  4. Section off a plot of dirt for toddlers to dig, rake and plant their own garden. 
  5. Add your child's favorite dolls or action figures to the gardening cart for toddlers to ride around in their cart.
  6. Add dried bread crumbs to your toddlers cart so they may break them up and feed the birds.
Summertime is a great time for family fun and bonding. Make sure your family's summertime is fun and memorable by creating fond memories using our guide to great summer fun.

Toddler Pool Fun

Toddlers love the pool and yet they have special needs, enjoy these fun and safe pool toys just for toddlers.

Babies and toddlers take to water naturally all the more reason why we parents want to take advantage of this development opportunity encouraging water safety and fun.  Toddlers soon move on to swimming lessons. The best way to continue toddlers love of water is to advance their movements safely and securely with you the parent.  Enjoy countless photo opts and fun moments utilizing these great toddler pool toys and developmental tools.

Enjoy a fun filled summer as you watch your toddler grow and develop by leaps and bounds.  Do have the camera charged and ready as summer offers so many wonderful photo opportunities.  Never has summer offered so many wonderful ways for toddlers to learn, grow and have countless hours of fun as now.  Enjoy your family this summer, they grow up so fast!

Much Family Fun, Katie

Resources for Family

A bicycle basket you and the entire family can make good use of as you have fun, run errands, saving money on gas and help the environment. Check out these great bike baskets
Do tangles have your daughter running from you with the brush in hand? There is a simpler way to brush your daughters hair, ease the pain and stress of brushing her hair.

Learning and Development

There are many simple things anyone can do to speed up the learning process making it easier to get it quicker. Learn how to get smarter easier and faster.
If you wanna have fun this summer you know it takes money to do it. Learn how you can have fun and earn money right in your own home.
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katiem2 on 02/05/2013

2uesday, I agree, my daughters and I have spent some of our best times out of doors actively engaged in nature. :)

walking dog balloons on 05/17/2012


katiem2 on 05/17/2012

Great to hear from you walking dog balloons

walking dog balloons on 05/17/2012

Good post on some fun things toddlers could do during the summer months. Toys involving water does seem to be a popular choice.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

Valeed, Great to here from you thanks for visiting and offering feedback. I appreciate it.

Tehreem on 05/08/2012

You have managed to arrange some fabulous ideas for this summer. Parents will surely be bookmarking this page to get back to it, when ever they feel the need for some fun summer activities for their toddlers.

katiem2 on 05/02/2012

kinworm, Ah yes countless hours of building and digging in the sand. My daughters and I all love building and digging in the sand as well. Its such fun especially with all the creative sand toys. Hey thanks for the great tip on the do it yourself sandbox, great idea.

Marie on 05/02/2012

Great ideas, Katie. Most toddlers love sand and water play as it's so much fun. When my little girl was a toddler, we could not afford to buy her a sandpit. So we found a huge, under-the-bed plastic box and filled that with sand instead so she had a diy sandpit. And she loved it. Now she's bigger, we've been able to purchase a large sandpit and it's one of her favorite activities seeing as we live a long way from any beach.

katiem2 on 05/01/2012

Tolovaj. Great point toddlers need to get out and go. The ease of added structured play benefits we the parents.

Tolovaj on 05/01/2012

It really depends. I guess toddlers like everything when they are in the right mood: sand is for creation, water for partying, gardening for some contemplating...
Best of all: kids don't need much to have real fun!

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