Great Gifts for Kids: Science Kits

by TerriRexson

Science kits make a great gift for kids. Educational and lots of fun. Lots of options for boys and girls of all ages.

Science Kits for Kids

Science Kits are brilliant gifts for children. They can be fun, messy, and educational. Maybe you'll encourage a lifetime interest in science or even a career that will lead to a scientific breakthrough! 

Kids can grasp lots of scientific ideas at a pretty young age. Kids are full of questions about how things work. It's important to encourage that interest and find activities that all children to explore how the world works. 

If your science is a little rusty (mine certainly is!) then these kits will give you lots of ideas for experiments to do with younger kids, and for older kids to do on their own. 

You'll find science kits for younger kids first and science kits for older kids further down the page. 

Science Kits for Kids Age 4-8

Preschoolers, Little Kids

Uncle Milton Dinosaur Train Old Smoky Volcano

Age 4-8
Uncle Milton Dinosaur Train - Old Smoky Volcano

Erupting Volcano Kit

This Dinosaur Train Volcano science set makes a great gift for little boys and girls who love dinosaurs. Dinosaur Train is a brilliant kids TV show for preschoolers and little kids that teaches the scientific method. 

The erupting volcano is a classic science experiment and this kit makes it very easy to do. It includes recipes that use common household ingredients. 

A fun way to further a small child's interest in science. 

Sid the Science Kid Kits

More Science Kits for Little Kids
A selection of Sid the Science Kid Science Kits. Learn more science at home with these hands on kits for kids who love Sid the Science Kid.

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping into Science

Age 5-8
Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping into Science
Only $41.45

Science Kit for Younger Kids

This Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Science kit comes with a 48 page guide book that teaches the scientific method and five key areas of science: nature, physics, chemistry, air, and water. 

The kit includes 25 fun experiments so kids can learn lots of science in a hands-on way. 

This kit can be used for homeschool purposes. But I think it's also a great way for kids in regular school to further their interest in science. My older son is fascinated with science and enjoys science experiments long before they are taught in school. 

Primary Science Set

Age 4+
Primary Science Set
$25.63  $19.76

Kids Science Set

This primary science set is brilliant. The set contains real science equipment in bright colors and designed for smaller hands. 

The set includes:

  • 12 piece lab equipment 
  • Laminated experiment cards

This is a good quality set that can be used for lots of experiments. You can start with the included experiments and then come up with your own. 

This makes a great gift for any child who has a Mom, Dad or grandparent who is a scientist. 

Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12

Smart Lab Squishy You Explore It Human Body

Age 8-16
Smart Lab Squishy You Explore It Human Body
Only $24.99

Human Body Model

The Smart Lab Squishy You Exlore It Human Body is getting great reviews. 

The set includes a 12-inch plastic human body model. The body has nine removable squishy vital organs and skeletal, vascular and muscular systems.

You also get forceps and tweezers plus a tray to organize your organs when doing a dissection. 

There's a 32-page fully illustrated book which teaches kids how the human body works. Kids will learn how food passes through the body and gets digested. 

Laser Pegs

Age 7-12

Laser Pegs 3-in-1 Build KitClick to order:

   Laser Pegs 3-in-1 Build Kit

Laser Pegs Light Up Construction Set

The  Laser Pegs 3-in-1 Build Kit teaches the basics of electricity in a very fun way!

Kids can build 3 different vehicles using this kit or come up with their own designs. 

The Laset Pegs set includes:

  • 72 laser peg pieces in various shapes 
  • power unit
  • instruction booklet
  • plastic storage tray

Once you've built  a model and connected the power supply, the vehicle will light up. 

You can get more science out of this kit by discussing how it works with kids. Why does the whole thing light up? How do the LEDs work? 

Watch Laser Pegs in Action

Sci-Fi Slime Kit and Disgusting Science Kit Set

Discovery Store

Sci-Fi Slime Kit and Disgusting Science Kit Set Sci-Fi Slime Kit and Disgusting Science Kit Set

This is a double set with both a Sci-Fi Slime Kit and a Disgusting Science Kit set. 

There are lots of fascinating and yucky science experiments to do including making color-changing slime (Sci-Fi Slime Kit) and growing fuzzy molds, and coagulating fake blood (Disgusting Science Kit.)

This is a good kit for older kids. It works well for kids who are already interested in science, but it's also a good set for kids who need a bit of encouragement and something that will capture their imagination and get them interested in science. 


Snap Circuits

Age 8+
Snap Circuits SC-300
$41.92  $41.5

Electronics Set

Snap Circuits is a hugely popular electronics set for kids. This set gets glowing reviews. 

You get 60 snap-together pieces and instructions for making 300 cool projects including a radio, doorbell and burglar alarm. 

Definitely a great set for kids to learn how electricity works and get some insight into some of the everyday electronics devices they use. 

Milestones in Science

Age 10+, Discovery Store

Milestones in Science Milestones in Science

Milestones in Science is a deluxe scientific discovery kit available from the Discovery Store. 

The set teaches kids about the history of science and scientific discovery as well as scientific principles. 

The kit teaches children about 140 scientists and their discovers. You get more than 94 pieces for recreating legendary science experiments. 

Oh wow, I would have loved this kit as a child! It gives a great grounding in science that will be useful throughout life. 

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sheilamarie on 10/31/2011

Not off hand, but I've always loved to give these kinds of presents. Nice article!

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