Sid the Science Kid Science Kits

by TerriRexson

A selection of Sid the Science Kid Science Kits. Learn more science at home with these hands on kits for kids who love Sid the Science Kid.

Sid the Science Kid at Home

Science Kits for Little Kids

I'm Mom to toddler and a preschooler boys who love Sid the Science Kid. The show is perfect for my 4 year old son who asks questions all the time about how our bodies work, how we know all about dinosaurs and how the world works in general. And my nearly 3 year old son is at the 'Why why why' stage. It's great to have a show that answers their questions in an accurate way, but made simple and fun so they can understand it and stay interested. 

Of course when the kids have watched the show they love to try some science at home. There are a range of Sid the Scientist kits that make great gifts for little scientists in training. 

More Sid the Science Kid

Looking for Sid the Science Kid toys and kits? Excellent! We've got a great collection of toys for fans of Sid. Maybe you've got a young scientist in the making.
Sid the Science Kid Party Supplies for kids who love the PBS Kids show. We've got Sid the Science kid party decorations and tableware and science-themed favors and games.

Sid the Science Kid How do Plants Grow Kit

Age 3+

The Sid the Science Kid How do Plants Grow Kit includes 3 pots, 3 soil pellets, seeds and a little shovel. It also includes a journal so kids can record their observations. 

The kit also includes instructions for 6 science experiments which you can do with your kids and learn all about how plants grow and about dirt (kids love dirt!) Encourage your kids to ask questions. I'm afraid I've forgotten a lot of the biology I learned at school so I get to learn along with the kids. 

Sid the Science Kid How Do Plants Grow?

Sid the Science Kid How Do Plants Grow?
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Sid the Science Kid Why Are Wheels Round?

Kit to Make a Toy Car

The Sid the Science Kid Why Are Wheels Round? kit is a great set. Kids carry out experiments to learn about movement, friction and momentum. And they get to make a lovely wooden toy car. 

The set also includes 24 Sid the Science Kid stickers. 

Sid the Science Kid Why Are Wheels Round?

Sid the Science Kid Why Are Wheels Round?
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Only $11.99

Sid the Science Kids Why Do I need A Jacket?

Weather science kit

The Sid the Science Kids Why Do I need A Jacket? kit teaches kids all about the weather - sun, rain, temperature and the sun. 

It includes an outdoor thermometer, a rain gauge, UV beads, 2 cords and a 24-page Journal. It also includes a set of experiments to learn all about the weather. 

Sid the Science Kids Why Do I need A Jacket?

Sid the Science Kids Why Do I need A Jacket?
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We think Sid the Science Kid is great

Encouraging kids' interest in science

As a parent who understands what the scientific method and the hard work of scientists have achieved, I'm really greatful for a show like Sid the Science kid. Young children really are sponges and can often surprise us with how much they can understand if they are interested and entertained. 

I really want to do lots of science with my kids at home, but I'm afraid I seem to have forgotten a lot of what I once new about biology, physics and chemistry. It does come back if I start to look into it so I'm looking forward to rediscovering science with my kids. 

Kits like these are a great starting place. I know the experiments are age appropriate and scientifically accurate. They make great gifts for young kids too. My kids have plenty of toys, and a gift like this is always appreciated. 

Updated: 06/26/2011, TerriRexson
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