Halloween Candy Alternatives

by blackspanielgallery

Halloween candy alternatives is getting more important every year. In our current society, trusting people not to do harm is difficult.

Halloween candy alternatives are a good option to replace handing out candy. The problem of accepting candy from strangers has been around a long time. Sixty years ago we were allowed to only trick or treat if someone knew the people, and we would even be told which houses to skip.

The rule we followed was to throw away any unwrapped candy. By unwrapped, I mean from the manufacturer, so if a person took the time to wrap candy it would be discarded. A few years later hospitals began offering free candy X-rays to detect metal embedded in the candy. This helps, but cannot detect toxins.

Many schools now offer trunk or treat, where the parents park in the school yard and hand out candy from behind their vehicles. Some shopping centers have merchants participate in handing out candy. This has some control. But, how do you handle passing by that one, untrusted person without insulting them? And, once that person drops something into a pumpkin or bag, can you identify the item among all of the other candy? Then, there is the sugar high that can follow as the candy is consumed.

Inexpensive toys are a good alternative and make a safer Halloween without eliminating the fun.

Choosing Toys

A Safer Way

The first concern is safety.  If there are small parts, the item is not appropriate for very young children, such as toddlers.  Remember, a small child might be curious, and placing something into the mouth to experience its taste is not uncommon.  Even some rubber ducks are too small for very young children.  Another problem is sharp edges.

Halloween Safety

Halloween safety should be our priority, and a fun Halloween can be made safe using a few simple, inexpensive ideas, And, Halloween can still be fun.

Toys for Very Young Children

Halloween Candy Alternatives for Young Children

For very young children choose toys that are soft, and have no small parts.  Make certain there is nothing toxic about the toys.  This is the group that requires the greatest thought.

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Halloween costumes for toddlers should be cute, and not scary.

Toys for Children a Little Older

Halloween Candy Alternatives for Children

This is the easiest group to handle.  The smaller items that might be inappropriate for toddlers are quite appropriate for older children.  Just think what a child might like. 

Toys for Children in Early Teens

Candy Alternatives for Teens

Older children and early teens probably do not play with toys.  But, spooky items can be appreciated on Halloween.  Glow in the dark is a good option, especially if the item is Halloween themed.


General Age Appropriate Toys

Halloween Candy Alternatives Backup Plan

If you should run out of items for an age group, how can you hand out something to some of a group and not others?  The answer is to have some items that transcend the age groups you might encounter.  Inexpensive balls fall into this category.  Even teens might appreciate a useful item.

Halloween Costumes

Boys costumes can range from cute to downright scary, and much depends on where it will be worn, and what others are wearing. Here is a nice range.
Halloween costume ideas for girls can require careful consideration. Do you really know what your child wants in a costume? And cheap costumes often work just fine.

Candy for Friends and Relatives

If your family does not go out to trick or treat you might consider buying candy for your children.  The good thing here is you know the source.  But, if you package the candy in decorative bags, or wrap it in small portions, you can also control the amount of candy consumed at one time.  Remember, it is not about avoiding candy, but about trusting the source of any food your child consumes.  And, by handing out toys instead of candy you are helping other parents.

The Party Option

If there are to be children at your Halloween party, consider the toys above as candidates for party favors.  For these, a little higher price might be tolerable.  

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blackspanielgallery on 09/28/2018

Alternatives gained popularity after the Tylenol incident, I believe in the 80s. Tampering became a concern. Coupons for Icees and even fast food became popular, and were sold at great discounts.

AngelaJohnson on 09/28/2018

When I was young, I don't remember ever getting any treats that weren't candy. But it's a good idea these days because kids usually have candy quite often and a toy is a nice alternative.

blackspanielgallery on 09/12/2018

My favorite is the Halloween pumpkins, but they are loose in a bag, so not practical to and out.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/12/2018

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical suggestions and product lines. In particular, I favor the play-doh and the plush toys.
What candy is the most popular with at-home family and friend get-togethers? I remember the multi-colored candy corn and the orange circus peanuts.

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