Halloween Costumes and Masks for Adults

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Halloween costumes are fun, and can add to the party atmosphere. This article looks at different Halloween costume uses for adults, while you remain comfortable.

There are several reasons an adult might wear a costume for Halloween. One is to get into the spirit of the night by dressing in a costume to greet children who come trick or treating. Another is to walk with children who are out for trick or treat. And, the third reason is to attend a costume party.

These can all be done with a well chosen costume, but there are different things to consider with each costume use.

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Greeting Children at the Door

Dress to Say Happy Hallowen

Dressing to greet children might be fun if something scary, but not too scary, is worn.  Remember, before opening your door you will not know whether it is a very young child or not.  What an older child will interact with in a positive way might cause a younger child to go to tears.  And, adding a mask, or using only a mask, can work, since you can remove the mask between trick or treat groups.  A mask worn without taking a break can become hot and uncomfortable if worn too long.

Walking with a Trick or Treat Group

Joining in the Fun

Walking with a group of trick or treating children brings up the question of whether you will try to fit the theme set by their costumes, or not. 


One thing you do need to remember when choosing a costume is the climate.  In this area the temperature on Halloween can be in the forties, or it can be in the eighties.  It is about that time of year when the first front of consequence makes it this far south.  A heavy costume designed for cold winter temperatures may be a problem if it is too warm, but a light weight costume can become an outer layer in colder weather.  You can always add layers under a warm weather costume, and if you choose one with long sleeves no one will notice.

The Costume Party

A block party is outdoors, so consider the same climate considerations given above.  But, for an indoor party you will probably be in a climate controlled place, so a light weight costume is in order.  To get to the party you can wear a coat over your costume.


A mask might be uncomfortable at a party, and make eating and drinking difficult.  But, if there is to be a costume contest it may be essential, an integral part of the costume.  Find a place for it until the time comes for the contest, and enjoy partaking at the party.

Multiple Use Costumes

To wear a costume outdoors, then go inside to a party can cause a problem if there are layers of clothing under the costume.  So, to avoid buying a second costume make certain that you are able to change.  A stop home to remove layers of clothing and replace them with a coat might be in order.

Know the Law

Laws regarding masks in particular are getting stricter.  You may not be allowed to wear the mask in public.  If so, wait until you are on private property, and maybe even inside, before putting a mask on.

Making a Statement

Costumes, and in particular masks, can be used to honor or to lampoon politicians.  Political masks are always plentiful, and what that mask says might be a function or where the mask is worn, or a clue can easily be given by your actions.   A political mask can be used to express approval, and the same mask can be used to express disapproval. 

Costume Enhancement

Special Make Up

Special makeup can enhance your costume, and in so doing you can make it original.  Use your own imagination to make that costume special.  In fact, why not share it and have a couple made up I a similar style?  And, adding fake blood is a nice touch for certain costumes, so get a bottle or two and be creative.


Costume Accessories

Accessories can sometimes be carried in a belt or over a shoulder, but walking around a costume party carrying a fake sword and shield can inhibit your interaction with others, and with the food.  Look over the accessories that come with the costume and ask if they will get in the way at the party.

A Second Use for Your Costume

Depending on Where You Are

In some parts of the United States, and even other parts of the world, Mardi Gras might be a second opportunity for wearing a costume and a mask.  Having been to the parades in New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day over the years I have observed some people, but certainly not a majority of people, wear masks.  However, scary is not a Mardi Gras theme.   Lampooning politicians, costumes that are colorful or feather enhanced, or group themes are more in order.  And, using the colors of purple, green, and gold even in a simple shirt works.  Just be certain your costume is fire retardant treated, since smoking at parades is allowed.

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