Special Touches for Halloween Party Enhancements

by blackspanielgallery

Halloween parties can be fun, and if you are throwing one you certainly will want your guests to be impressed. This will make your next party the one to attend.

Halloween is a time for parties, and if you throw one of those Halloween parties you will want that party to be memorable. A memorable party is discussed at water coolers for days. And, when people start talking, the buzz is your parties are worth attending. If it is great you might just see the buzz n social media. This will assure that your next party will be well attended, and a well attended party is even more fun for all.

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Success Is in the Details

Choose the decorations for your party wisely.  Anyone can buy a hanging spider.  Get the items that people will find unexpected, and wonder where you found them.  It is in having appropriate, yet unusual, items, not about spending a small fortune on your party.  Many inexpensive items can really have an impact.  Just imagine some of the things you see here at your Halloween party.

Halloween Supplies

Halloween Coolers

Inflatable Coolers

Inflatable coolers are inexpensive.  For Halloween there are several from which to choose.  If you plan to separate the adult beverages if you serve them from the beverages appropriate for children, you can get both the skeleton and the vampire coolers.  That way, if a child goes to the wrong cooler it will be easily apparent to at least one adult.


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Inflatable Jack-O...

Toilet Seat Covers

Again, there are several from which to choose.  Some are really scary.  Just place one on the toilet seat and impress your guests one at a time as they make the discovery.  The shark mouth wide open can be fun, but so can others.  Choose consistent with your party theme, and get that toilet seat cover without going over your budget limits.


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Zombie Toilet Seat...


Door Covers

I like the skeleton reading on the toilet as a bathroom marker.  People will certainly know which door leads to the bathroom, avoiding you having to answer many questions.  And, it is really appropriate for Halloween.


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30" X 5'...


Glow in the Dark Bottle Labels

Glow in the dark bottle labels allow you to relabel your bottles with names appropriate with the theme.  And, the glow in the dark aspect is a big plus.  Strange, glowing things are spooky, so add a few sets of labels and liven things up.  It is a Halloween party, not a tame children’s birthday party.  Go for spooky.

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5 Ct. Halloween...


Special Light Sets for the Mood

Buy several strings of special, decorative light sets.  Halloween themes are available, and these can provide the subdued lighting you need.  A brightly lit room just does not scream Halloween like a poorly lit room does, but there must be enough light for your guests to find things and move about.  Halloween light sets accomplish this really well.


From Wholesale Party Supplies.

Spider Light String


Halloween Sounds

For a nice twist, play Halloween sounds from some obscure location.  Background scary sounds can really get the party off in the right mood.  These sounds are mood setters for a scary night.  And, people will wonder how you pulled the effect off.  

Special Balloons

Halloween balloons can contain inner shapes, like ghosts, or can glow in the dark, and float above the crowd using their special effects as a party enhancement.  And, some have LEDs flashing in them for a very special effect.


From Wholesale Party Supplies.

Spooky Bat Balloon...


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