Halloween Party for Children

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A Halloween party for smaller children should be fun, not scary. It is a fun time to be enjoyed.

A Halloween party can be fun, regardless of one’s age, but only if it is right for the age. Small children may not do well with scary parties. To a child, a party should be about eating and having fun. So, if you are entertaining small children, consider having a party that is full of games and treats, and leave the scary decorations for the adults to enjoy at another time.

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Trick Or Treat, Or Not

Trick or treat was a time to walk around and get candy.  Unfortunately, people often have difficulties doing this.  It could be a trust issue, and society certainly has given reason to be wary.  If you do not know well the people to whom your children will go, perhaps it is not a good idea.


In other cases trick or treating is impractical.  It simply does not work in a large apartment or condominium building, and even if you could figure out something it may not be allowed.  Then, if the area is rural walking house to house could be impossible. 


But, children expect candy and a good time.  Some want to show off their costumes.  A practical alternative is a party, where goodies are given out.  In fact, even if the children go trick or treating ending the night with friends at a party is something they will enjoy.

Costumes, Or No Costumes

It is a good idea, especially of the party is on Halloween night itself, to make costumes optional.  Some children will dress for trick or treating, and come directly to the party.  Others may opt to not costume at all.  Remember, some costumes, no matter how cute they are, can be uncomfortable.


If you wear a costume and greet guests at the door, make it something unthreatening. 




Simple Masks

Help get your guests into the party spirit by handing out fun party masks.

Type of Party

Theme. Halloween Inspired, Or Other

A theme party, such as Disney Cars or Disney Princesses, may work, but will every child like the selected theme?   This depends partially on the invited guests, are they boys, girls, or some of each?   Yes, some girls will like Disney Cars, and some boys will be fine with Disney Princesses, but you must consider the entire group.


A Halloween inspired party might do well, and finding decorations and supplies for such a party is easy, but some parents might object.  Halloween is not accepted by some people based on religious beliefs.


So, you must know the invited guests, and their parents, well enough to have a fun party.


Since this is a piece on Halloween parties the Halloween theme will be presented. 


Choose Party Decorations

Party decorations should support your theme, whether it is Halloween inspired or not.  Children’s party decorations might include balloons, and whatever other decorations you choose.  I would suggest cupcake toppers, and perhaps some hanging decorations.   Did you get the hint cupcakes are a good treat to include?

Party Supplies

You will need to have something to serve on, and it is best if the napkins, plates, and cups all match the theme.  Party packs make matching pieces easy, just determine how many packs you will need.  And, if you think plates or cups will be lost or thrown away early, buy additional items to replace them.

Halloween Party Supplies

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Party Favors

Party favors are a must.  The favors should be age appropriate, and do not be afraid to mix different favors for different ages.  Rubber ducks might work well with some, but not all.


Have Candy

On Halloween, candy is the center of attraction.  If the party is in lieu of trick or treating, a generous supply of candy is required.  Of course the consumption must be paced.  And always respect a child’s parents’ wishes on candy consumption by that child, without having the others enjoy that forbidden treat in front of a child not allowed to partake.

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