How to Decorate a Girls Room with Butterflies

by SusanM

Bring butterflies into your daughter's bedroom with these imaginative ideas

Butterflies are a lovely decorating choice for girls of any age. For baby girls they're a beautiful symbol of new life as the caterpillar is born as the graceful butterfly. For preschool and school aged girls they are bright, dainty, feminine and airy.

Butterflies work well as a bedroom theme themselves or as an addition to other themes likes fairies, garden or flowers. They also work with bedroom themes that are based on colors or patterns.

There's also a lovely belief that adds something special to decorating your daughter's bedroom with butterflies. If a butterfly lands on you it means good luck. What a wonderful way to surround a girl with good luck than to fill their bedroom with butterflies.

Why Butterflies are Great for a Girl's Room

Butterflies have some lovely symbolism attached to them. But beyond this butterfly symbolism they're also very feminine and girly looking. This means they're a nice decorating theme for a girl who doesn't want fairies or any of the other decorating themes often used for a girl's room.

Butterfly decor also comes in a wide range of colors. So you're not restricted to pink (although I do realize the first butterfly decor item I've featured here is pink). 

Finally girls love butterflies. They come across them in everyday life with delight. It's no great surprise either. Butterflies are magical. They evolve out of ordinary looking caterpillars. They have beautiful markings. They also have such a graceful movement as they flit through the air. 

All these things make them a lovely choice for a girl's bedroom.

You have a lot of choices when decorating your daughter's room with butterflies. If you decide to decorate her walls you luckily have a lot of good options. Not just in the butterfly design and color but also in the type of wall decor you use.

Removable wall stickers are a flexible option that's not too expensive. This type of wall sticker has many advantages. Apart from the price they can be used even if you rent. They can also be easily removed from the wall if your daughter becomes too "old" for butterflies. Plus if you rearrange the furniture you can update the sticker arrangement to suit the look of the room. All great reasons to go with this type of decor.

I cant' discuss wall decor without mentioning the classic choice - canvas art. 

Canvas art has become a popular choice in children's rooms. Now canvas art is usually more expensive than stickers. But there are advantages with canvas art that stickers don't give you.

Butterfly canvas art can be passed down to younger children in the family. It can even be sold on Ebay if your daughter grows out of it.

Of course canvas art can also be moved about easily too, especially if you use the new picture hook designs that aren't nailed into the wall. This lets you change the look of the room as needed. 

Canvas art gives any room a stylish look - and there's some great designs in canvas art that's perfect for a girl's bedroom. 

Butterfly Canvas Art

Available in different colors

There's also some nice canvas art choices that aren't in pinks (or similar shades of color). So if you don't want to create a pink butterfly room don't worry. You can get most colors in butterfly canvas art designs. These two canvases I've featured are from Amazon, which has a nice range of butterfly canvases in colors other than pink.

Light switch covers are a nice decorating idea that people often overlook when they're choosing decor for a child's room.

Butterfly design switch covers can be hard to find. It's easier if your color scheme is pink but it's not impossible to find butterfly light switches in other colors if you're dedicated to the search. 

I've gone with this pink butterfly light switch cover. Mostly because I like the design. I think brown and pink are a lovely color scheme and the butterflies on this are very sweet. I also wanted to give the idea of how you can decorate a light switch so you don't forget to think about including this sort of thing in your decor.

Decorating the Bedroom Door

The bedroom door is something else that can also be overlooked in decorating but it's a cute idea to add it to the decorating list. 

A door can be decorated fairy style with a poster, wall stickers or butterfly drawings and art your child has done. You can also use a formal door plaque - like this Melissa & Doug one. These give a finished touch to a butterfly themed bedroom if you can find one in a butterfly theme.

Butterfly Lighting for Girl's Bedrooms

Lighting is another important part of decorating any room, including a child's bedroom. 

A butterfly themed lamp or night light can be a nice choice. A lamp helps give a warm and cosy feeling to a room. A night light can also make a room feel much safer for a child who's scared in a dark room. 

Bedroom furniture can look very cute when it's in a butterfly theme. It can be expensive though so luckily it's not essential for making a great butterfly bedroom. 

If you would like to include some butterfly furniture to complete the look you don't need to outfit the whole room in special furniture. You can just choose one feature piece like a chair or table set with butterflies. 

I thought this table and chair set was nice for toddlers and preschool kids. It's bright and cute for a girl's room. It's also functional because having a child-sized table and chairs set makes playtime or craft time much easier than having  young kids sitting at a grown up sized table. The other good thing about a furniture set like this is that it can be handed down to younger siblings or family members. I think it would sell well at a garage sale or on Ebay too.

This rocking chair is from the same company as the table and chairs - and I just had to include it when I saw it. 

Rocking chairs are very soothing and peaceful pieces of furniture for a bedroom. There's also very classic and traditional looking (even when they're bright pink with butterflies). But if you decide to have one like this don't forget to tell your child not to put their fingers or toes under the rockers when it's being used. 

A piece of classic children's furniture like this is also something that can be passed down to younger kids or sold on Ebay once your child has outgrown it.

Classic Rocking Chair with Butterflies

Guidecraft Butterfly Rocking Chair

Sweet Butterfly Bedding

Butterfly bedding is another way you can quickly create a butterfly themed room. 

The many styles of bedding around let you choose a specific butterfly look to match your child's age and likes. You can pick something in their favorite color or style. It's easy to upgrade the butterfly theme to something else or to a more adult looking butterfly theme as your child grows into a teenager. Bedding decor is also suitable for any season as long as you remember to get a selection of butterfly bedding in sheets, comforters and pillow slips. 

Finally with bedding you can also buy a few different styles and colors. This means you can change the feel of your daughter's bedroom without changing the butterfly theme. This helps stop them from getting bored with their bedroom decor.

Butterfly pillows are a cuddly and comfy idea for a child's room. 

With butterfly pillows you have two choices. The first is to get pillows in the classic pillow shape. These are usually the best ones for comfort. You can also get classic pillows in lots of different styles and colors so it's easier to use them as decor as well. 

The second choice are pillows in the shape of a butterfly. These are cross between a pillow and a soft toy. They're very popular with kids although they probably aren't as useful as classic pillows and come in fewer styles and colors. 

Mobiles are a fun idea for any child's room. They give a feeling of serenity to a room as well as brighten up a drab corner. The traditional place to hang a mobile is over the bed, but you can hang them anywhere you want a little color. I like hanging mobiles near the window because it lets them dance and sway in the breeze of the open window. 

You can get some really lovely butterfly mobiles. I especially liked these two choices because their design is light and airy looking. This fits well with the butterfly theme and they won't need much of a breeze to sway and move about.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas about how to decorate a girl's room with butterflies. 

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